About Redway Runners...

During 2010 a group of runners who enjoyed running formed a running group, and this group entered teams in a few local events, i.e. the OU relay and Greensands Ridge relay race, we also met up for a number of events in the area. Then a group of us decided to go over to Palma to run in either the 10k or half marathon, by this time the number of runners joining our group had grown, so after a bit of soul searching and contemplating decided to put our 'unofficial' group on a more formal footing and applied to the Association of Running Clubs (ARC) to become an affiliated club.

Anyway one of the biggest decisions was what to call the club and yes we did consider ‘David Lloyd Redway Trotters’ which seemed a good idea at the time but common sense prevailed and we settled on David Lloyd Redway Runners’

Our worries about having enough people to join were reduced when we decided to organise a Christmas meal on a Saturday night, Only expecting a group of 10 or 11 to make it, we had a superb response with 38 enjoying a great social event and probably our official launch night, but officially David Lloyd Redway runners was formed on the 1 January 2011.

During 2011 the running club grew quickly and more trips happened to Berlin and Amsterdam. Team events have been undertaken with the OU Relay, Round MK Relay, Greensands Ridge Relay and Squeaky Bone Relay.

As well as team events many of the members meet up at events and also have regular social gatherings.

Additionally we have had success in competitions (admittedly limited) winning the Ladies trophy in the OU Relay and our ladies winning parkrun in MK.

In 2012 the club became affiliated to UK Athlectics and the club continued to grow and in November 2012 to club went over 400 members.

In November 2012 the club also got nominated for two awards, winning the Bucks & MK sports award for 'club of the year' and the chair Martin won 'volunteer of the year' the prizes were presented by Gail Emms.

As well as this the club got to the last three in three in the BBC East awards for 'Community Club of the Year in December 2012

By the end of 2012 we had no trouble in filing the room at David Lloyd for the Christams party with around 150 attending on the night.

In 2013 we launched our MultiSport group in the club.

At the 2014 a proposal was made by a club member to change the club name to drop the 'David Lloyd' this was researched and an EGM was held for all members, it was agreed to change the name of the club to 'Redway Runners' from 1 November 2014. Also in 2014 we joined the Chiltern League Cross Country.

The club as well as being affiliated with the Association of Running clubs (ARC) is also a registered Run England Group and affilited with Bucks AA and Sport Milton Keynes

The aims and objectives of the club are:

• To boldly go and explore new areas (sorry for the pun – but use different routes)
• Enter teams into team events each year, ie the OU Relay, Greensands Ridge Relay, the Round MK Relay, the Squeaky Bone challenge
• Support runners
• Promote running
• Most Importantly....

• To offer coaching and competitive opportunities in Athletics
• To promote the club within the local community and Athletics.
• To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club.
• To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone.
• To promote social running
• Have an enjoyable weekly run
• Ensure weekly runs are sociable
• As well as running with the club offer focused sessions, i.e. hills, interval training and speed work

Have Fun...