Martin Palmieri

Martin Palmieri

I have now been a Redway Runner for a whole month and in some ways, because of the welcome I have had, it feels a lot longer.

I have worked out that I have clocked 68.5 miles in that time (I clearly have too much time on my hands!) and my fitness levels are the highest they have been in a couple of years as a consequence. I started running 5 years ago, but struggled to find a regular running buddy. Within a year, I had run one full marathon (the inaugural rain-drenched MK marathon) and several half-marathons.

During these early running experiences, I began to notice the RR vests wherever I ran and was frequently nagged by Steve Patey to come and join. I resisted for a long time, as I didn’t think I’d be able to fit into a timetable of organised runs. Two years ago, I had a bit of a health scare after the stadium half, so decided to focus on cycling for a while, though always wanted to get back into running at some point. After a few false starts I finally got back into regular running in January. Soon after, my uncle died and chose to enter the stadium half in his memory.

Training was not as smooth as I had been used to, but I got there in the end. On the day, I find myself running with my friend Glynis Wiles for a few miles and all of the support that she was getting wearing her RR vest was what convinced me to join.

In the past month, I have found that running regular timetabled runs has had the opposite effect. I am out of the door and at the meeting place half an hour early. I am creeping closer to my parkrun PB and have had a go at several different runs, getting quicker, fitter and enjoying it immensely.

This is the first time in my 47 years that I have joined a club of any type and I am doing something just for me. Since being in MK, I have met most people through work or through our 3 grown-up kids. Now I am meeting people from all walks of life, as well as running with former pupils and also parents of people I have taught. David Rose, who I have known for several years, has introduced me to lots of new people and Facebook has also played a part in me getting to know the club.

Ros Crawley is another long-standing friend who has helped me and encouraged me. Without her I would not have run 10 miles within 2 weeks of becoming a member. A massive thank you to everyone who has chatted to me on various runs, but especially to all the leaders I have got to know. You give up so much time to help and encourage all of us and I have at no point felt judged for the standard of my running.. All I have had is encouragement.

After I ran the 2012 MK Marathon, I felt I had unfinished business, but I am yet to run another. If I don’t get into London, I will enter MK, because I now know that Redway Runners will get me back to that standard. In the meantime, I look forward to running my first half as a Redway Runner at the NSPCC in September.

The renewed running bug is so serious, I feel frustrated if I miss a run! Thank you and best wishes

Martin Palmieri

Redway Runners Festival of Running 2016

Over the weekend of 4 and 5 June we held the clubs first ever Festival of Running with 4 exclusive races for just Redway Runners members.

We held a Marathon and half Marathon on the Saturday and a 10K and half Marathon on the Sunday.

Many thanks to David ‘Foxy’ Bailey and his team of Karen and Andy from Enigma running for organising the event for the club.

Fantastic well done to Jen, Amanda, Kerry and Stephen for completing all four events that meant 18 laps of the lake and about 60 miles – awesome

Some photos from Andy C at:

Results at (opens as pdf)
We hope to hold the event again next year – but we want your feedback for anything we can do to make it even better

Redway Runners

Redway Runners Festival of Running – 4 & 5 June

Had the below information through for the club events next weekend from David Event Director, Saturday 4 June and Sunday 5 June
Welcome to the Redway Runners Festival of Running.

Just a few details to cover (further details should be covered on the race information page at

Saturday – Marathon starts @ 9am – numbers are available for Collection from Karen in the pub from 8.15am.
8.45am at Race HQ located behind the car park – Foxy will then walk runners to the start.

Saturday – Half starts @ 2.30pm – numbers are available from Foxy from 1.45 at Race HQ located behind the car park at 2.15. Foxy will then walk runners to the start.

Sunday – 10km starts @ 9am – numbers are available for Collection from Karen in the pub from 8.15am.
8.45am at Race HQ located behind the car park – Foxy will then walk runners to the start.

Sunday – Half starts @ 10.30am (numbers are available from Foxy from 10am at Race HQ located behind the car park at 10.15 Foxy will then walk runners to the start.

General stuff

Water & snacks will be provided for runners every 3.65 miles at the aid station – feel free to store bags here at your own risk, you may use the drinks table for persona drinks – we would suggest you label them.

Litter – Bins will be places 300 yards past the aid station & under the bridge on the far side of the lake, please use them.

Please be courteous to other parks users (we are guests of MK parks trust) – they have priority not us & be sure to give them a wide berth.

Aside from the aid station there will be a separate gazebo for lap counting & recording times – this area is out of bounds for all runners as we need to ensure 100% accuracy with lap counting & recording times.

The course is marked with flour simply follow the flour – 7.25 laps for the marathon, 3.5 for the half, The 10km will start down by the A5 before joining the lake for 1.5 laps. All routes are shown on the race instructions.

You will  be issued with one race number please use the same number for all events if you are doing more than one event & make sure this is visible to lap counting / timing team.

Car parking may be at a premium especially if the weather is good so car sharing is encouraged.

Toilets are located in the pub.

The event is held under UKA rules – permit number :276 – 16

We look forward to seeing you all soon & hope you have a good run 🙂

Best wishes

David “Foxy” Bayley, Enigma Running

For a list of entries click here

Redway Runners

Redway Runners AGM – April 2016

Redway Runners Annual General Meeting was held on 3 May 2016 from 19:30 to 21:00, upstairs at David Lloyd


To view a copy of the club AGM report click here (opens in a new window as a pdf)


We had six charities were nominated and paid club members at the AGM voted ‘Haemophilia Society’ as the club charity of the year.



Redway Runners

New Beginners course starting

We are launching a new free evening beginners courses in May 2016. These courses are always very popular, so you do need to sign up as quickly as possible

Evening – Thursdays at 18:00 starts 19 May 2016 (first week 17:45) with Glenn and doing the Milton Keynes free 5K parkrun in July 2016

Places are limited and it is likely to fill up fast, you need to book – full details are at:

Please do pass on this information with anyone interested in starting running or coming back to running

New Club Store

We have a new On-Line store to order club kit on our web site,

With the store you can now pay by card or PayPal, the order goes direct to the shop who will order the kit and arrange printing so delivery should be faster. When kit is ready then the shop will mail you to arrange collection from the shop in Newport Pagnell. We have had to increase prices slightly to cover the payment fees.

Please do remember if you are having your name added to your kit after completing payment then return to the store to complete the details of name you want printed.
Click here for new store


Meet new member David

Welcome to Redway Runners one of our newest club members David Forbes who last week ran the Marathon Des Sables (MdS) – the toughest footrace on earth – to raise money for mencap,

He finished in 214th place – well into the upper quartile and just behind the elites and way beyond his expectations. He coped with the extreme conditions better than much fitter competitors, particularly on the 52 mile double marathon.

On the final marathon stage, with the 200 elite athletes having a separate start an hour later, he emerged from the first set of sand dunes at the 3km point with only one runner who had followed him. The rest of the field started appearing at various points in the dunes behind, he said ‘It was a surreal experience having the rest of the MdS field following me for a few minutes. Even more bizarre was a few hours later as the elite athletes caught up. On a narrow section I heard a voice saying ” excusez moi”. I moved to one side to let past El Mouaziz (two times winner of the London marathon and runner up in this years MdS).

Well done David and welcome to Redway Runners

Redway Runners in the OneMK

Great piece of coverage on the club in the OneMK newspaper (6 April 2016), with the story of our 1,000th member.

Also in the on-line edition at:

Club winter Overseas trip

We are now able to announce that the second club overseas trip of the year will be to Ljubljana in Slovenia, with a 10K, half and marathon something for most people.

All the details are at:

So come along get yourself booked and come and enjoy the fun

1000 Members


At Thursday night’s club run (17 March) a major milestone was reached – not so much that Izi joined the club, but she  is our 1,000th current member of Redway Runners – we will be telling you more about Izi in the near future.

A little over five years ago a few of us got together and we decided we would form a running club, we looked into it long and hard and gave it much thought, what name would we call it, how much money would we need, what were the requirements.

Anyway after a bit of time went by we came up with Redway Runners (well initially David Lloyd Redway Runners – we changed it in November 2014). Decided on green as our club colours, we had to use colours not in use by other nearby clubs and we did all the paperwork.

That just left us needing as we had worked out 10 people to pay up and join to make it work, I secretly thought if we could do that and then by some miracle get to about 25 members that would mean we could run the club for two years and would be a reasonable time to see if we could do it!!

Well a lots of miles have been ran since those days at the end of 2010 and the start of 2011 and our 1,000 member has just joined the club – ***YES WE NOW HAVE ONE THOUSAND MEMBERS*** – words really do fail me (OK so I have written a few with this!!)

The journey to get to this milestone has been absolutely amazing, we now do so many things with runs and activities to suit just about every sort of runner with club trips in the UK and overseas, sessions throughout the day and nearly every day, track given sessions, race in the Cross Country league, beginners groups, our Zero to Hero programme, courses to suit runners development. We should also be proud of what  we have given to others with our charity of the year, gift donation and food bank schemes.

We could not have got to where we are now without all the people who have given up time for free to make the club what it is so to all those people 1,000 thanks.

Of course during the journey we have had some ups and downs, guess with the numbers you cannot please all the people – but really believe that we get it right most of the time.

We have since day one kept to our four principles of:

  • Fun
  • social
  • Value for money
  • Benefit of runners

We do not know how we will develop in the future and if we will continue with the amazing growth we have seen but as long as we all enjoy the journey am sure all the hard work put into the club by so many will be appreciated.

Of course we will be marking this milestone how we do best and cakes will be appearing at some of the main club runs as soon as we can get the sorted.