Club Christmas Party 2015

This year’s Christmas Party will be held on Friday 4 December at 7.30pm at David Lloyd.

Tickets are £25/head or £20/head for vegetarians. Please book through Martin Lawrence or Julie Martin – payment by bank transfer (Sort code 301553 Number 42390360 Name; Redway Runners), cheque (Redway Runners) or cash.

Send your menu choices to Julie Martin. Payment and menu choices secures your place.


  • Salmon & Avocado
  • Roasted Red Pepper Soup
  • Chicken Skewer


  • Baked Turkey
  • Grilled Sirloin
  • Roast Stuffed Peppers
  • Baked Salmon


  • Panacotta
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Chocolate & Orange Pudding

A raffle in aid of our club charity Bravery Boxes will be held on the night, any raffle prizes would be gratefully received.

The usual merriment will ensue, with a late bar and a disco until 2am. Disco only tickets at £2 each are also available but limited to a maximum of 50.

Book now to avoid disappointment

Club Trip Cardiff Half Marathon

Another fantastic club trip over to Wales this time for the main event being the Cardiff Half Marathon which is the biggest race in Wales and the third largest in the UK behind the London Marathon and Great North run, the event was fantastically well organised and on a lovely route.

Some of us also too the opportunity to do the Cardiff parkrun on the Saturday morning.

Cross Country 2015/2016

Everyone intending to run in the XC events this season needs to give us some info
We need YOUR NAME, YOUR DOB & YOUR UKA NUMBER (if you have one) we need this now even if you can only run 1 of the 5 events . If you haven’t already given us this info
please can send us it soon.

You can leave it on the FB page

Or ladies can email
Gents can email

More on the Cross Country at click here

Club Overseas trip 2016

We have now agreed the first overseas trip for 2016 – and it will be to the Malaga half Marathon on the 10 April 2016 – so get booked up and come along, they are great fun.

More details at click here

You will also find details of the first UK trip to Torbay in June 2016

Redway Runners Festival of Running

Pleased to announce that we have been able to arrange a special event the ‘Redway Runners Festival of Running” on the 4 and 5 June 2016, it will be one weekend with a marathon, two half marathons and a 10K with events on the Saturday and the Sunday – so it even gives the perfect opportunity to the double and it is only available at the moment to club fully paid members

Entries are limited for each race and are likely to sell out, so may be wise not to miss this opportunity – of course we are working on an a great bit of Redway Runners bling to go with the event – we will reveal that later

All the details and entry are at;

It will be one great weekend that could be hard work but lots of memories

New Jacket and Body Warmer

We now have added to the club clothing range a green soft shell jacket and body warmer (body warmer in picture) they are green with the club logo on front.
They come in men’s or women’s versions – the one pictured is a large body warmer (the jacket is same but with sleeves)
Prices and sizes on the club web site along with updated clothing order form at;

New Evening Beginners course starting

We are launching a new free beginners course in October, which will finish just in time for Christmas! – brief details below

New Monday Evening course with Glenn (no.29)
Evening – Mondays at 18:00 starts 12 October 2015 (first week 17:45)
MK 5K parkrun on Saturday 12 December 2015
Places are limited and it is likely to fill up fast, you need to book – full details are at:

Please do pass on this information with anyone interested in starting running or coming back to running

New Beginners courses starting

We are launching two (yes 2) new free beginners course in September, to meet demand – brief details below

New Evening course with Annette (no.27)
Evening – Thursdays at 18:00 starts 3 September 2015 (first week 17:45)
MK 5K parkrun on Saturday 7 November 2015

New Daytime course with Richard and Doug (no.28)
Mornings – Mondays at 9:30 starts 7 September 2015 (first week 09:15)
MK 5K parkrun on Saturday 21 November 2015

Places are limited and it is likely to fill up fast, you need to book – full details are at:

Please do pass on this information with anyone interested in starting running or coming back to running.

My VLM story!!

I DID IT!!!!

Yep, I managed to hold myself together and not only complete the 2015 Virgin London Marathon…but dare I say it..actually enjoyed it!!!

I came in at a pretty respectable official time of 5:04:29 (my own watch reading 4:59:23).

I have memories that will simply last a lifetime, and I have been re-living the event over and over again in my mind, scared to let them go. The sheer volume of runners and spectators is quite overwhelming, as is the crowd noise. I am sure I was deaf before I even got the two mile point.

I have never had so many people screeching my name – not calling – I mean full on screaming. It felt unreal. We passed every shape and size of humanity, along with blind and deaf runners, amputees, those actually with cancer (carrying their drips on their back), and every possible combination of fancy dress. Rhino’s, dinosaurs, a chicken, an emu, a giraffe and a guy with a cross on his back looking like Jesus running in nothing but a loincloth and barefoot! I congratulated a four man bob sled team who were running in their sledge, a lady in a womble costume, a couple tied up three-legged and guy in a phonebox. And you think I am mad???? Think again people!

When I say ‘we’ – I mean myself and another lady. We met at the start, both shivering in our uniform black bin bags (never underestimate the warming power of a bin bag I can tell you!). We politely exchanged hello’s and good luck’s at the start, and of course as you are hemmed in like sheep in a pen, we carried on chatting. It transpired she had only turned 18 years old a couple of weeks earlier and this was her first ever official race. (she had run before though!) Allie told me that she wanted to try and keep to an 11 min mile pace, which suited me too, so I suggested if she wanted we could do the first three miles together till we warmed up then naturally split off as and when. Perfect, we both agreed.

The next think you know we are at the Cutty Sark (6 miles) and chatting like old friends. We were laughing and smiling and having a really great time! Every time we spotted someone in a costume, we set ourselves a target of getting level with them and taking a selfie. Still sticking to pace we slowed on occasion when passing bands (amazing how fast you pick up a pace to bagpipes/steel drums and a salsa troupe!)

Time just flew drinking in all the spectators signs, points of interest and chatting with other runners. Almost blinked and missed mile 12, and the next thing you know we are on the spot out for my running club buddies who were pitching up at 12 1/2 miles. Managed to get a lot of high five’s in from the Green Army as we passed them and Jit had also joined them at this point to so he was trying to keep up alongside to get some photos.

Halfway point came and went and it was total joy! We managed to spot Allie’s parents too on Tower Bridge so she was very excited. More selfies with costumes followed, as did spectator offerings of Jaffa cakes, fruit skewers, jelly babies, jelly beans, orange segments and even doughnuts!!! I have never seen so many people in my life standing 5 or 6 deep on pavements calling out and clapping every single runner as they passed. Half of London must now be lined up in Boots the chemist buying throat sweets.

Mile, 16, 17, 18, 19 just pinged by – we saw famous buildings from every angle and passed the Tower of London at least three times. Jit’s relatives whom we had dinner with the night before even managed to spot me and wave and clap – no mean feat I can tell you. What made me day though was a barrage of ‘Jenny, Jenny, JENNY’ at some point at mile 20. I looked over and saw a old work colleague I hadn’t seen for 11 years smiling and shouting – that was a shock! My feet kept running though despite the desire to run over and grab a hug, so I shall have to email her later to organise a proper meet up!

Mile 22 saw a lot of people struggling, but the crowds building again and the anticipation of the final stretch just took us over in a wave. Allie and I were still together and at this point joking we now couldn’t run away from each other even if we tried! Legs were feeling tired and Allie’s knee was starting to give her pain. We slowed down and took it a bit easier and regained a bit of composure. So far, yet still we had to go on.

We spotted Allie’s parents again just before we entered the last tunnel before coming on the Embankment (Mile 24) so that boosted us both, but coming out of the tunnel, my own legs turned to steel. I urged Allie to carry on as I didn’t want to hold her back, so for the first time in the whole run, I had to walk for about 200 metres. Gutted, but there was no way I could run. Once I got level though and spotted Big Ben, I started up again. My thighs were literally on fire and I very slowly plodded on. That last 2 miles were the toughest ever. I turned at Big Ben to hear a ‘We love you Jenny Wallis’ booming out of a loudhailer. A splinter group from the running club had made it to this point and were frantically egging me on. Not sure I smiled, but I waved in acknowledgment… then the Mall. It was like the widest path to hell! I could see the famous red spectator stands either side of me, but I had my head down – one step, one step…The red line was within my sights, but a sprint finish eluded me. Feet planted on the carpet…I am OVER! That was it. I had actually shifted my body round 26.2 miles of pavement around one of the World’s favourite capital cities. Bloody hell!

I want to say a massive yes MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has called/texted/emailed and supported me in whatever form. I am still trying to get replied to everyone so please be patient. A total amount of £500 is now winging its way to Plan International and I am sure some of it will be directed straight away to the spiralling situation in Nepal. I CANNOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH. I simply ran – you believed in me to achieve something – and that is more humbling than anything else.

You know I said never again…this is a one off…not a chance….hmmm……I will keep you posted! OCD me can’t rest at 5:04….I will just have to try and get under that!

I am a Virgin Marathoner no longer!

Jenny X