Redway Runners Pub Quiz

On Saturday nights Redway Runners are holding pub quizes live on the Redway Runners Facebook page at 7.30pm, go to:


Week 3 – 11 April 2020

Glenn is hosting 11 April and back to Martin and family 18 April all at 7.30pm

Week 2 – 4 April 2020

Hosted by Kevin and Lisa Shepherd

You can watch it on the link below and see how you score Click here

For this quiz you will need this – click here (opens as pdf)


Week 1 – 28 March 2020

Hosted by the Lawrence family

You can watch it on the link below and see how you score

Week 1 Picture Quiz click here password Quiz

Indoor Intervals session

Annette who is a Redway Runners coach and leads a number of runs for the club including the 6pm THursday Intervals session has written a Indoor Intervals session to do at home


See the source imageThis session is designed to be completed in a house with stairs and apologies to those that have 2 or more flights of stairs to deal with.

When using the stairs please ensure it is free from the stuff that the family put on the bottom step waiting for it to magically go upstairs….

If you live in a bungalow then you could always do it in the garden (even though it will be flat) but to get the benefit intended from the session, make sure you get your knees up!!

The aim of this session is to get a cardio workout, whilst encouraging you to lift your knees up the steps, this will help your general running form in all types of running.  I am also asking you to lead with different feet each time which may feel uncomfortable at first but learning to lead on your ‘uncomfy’ foot will help when dodging obstacles or needing to weave around people in races where a change of direction is required.

Warm up

  • Ankle rotations for 30 seconds on each side
  • Lunge walks for 30 seconds
  • Stand upright and swing one leg forwards and backwards for 30 seconds, repeat on other side
  • March on the spot for 1 minute, pick the knees up
  • High knees jog for 1 minute whilst rotating shoulders
  • Butt kicks for 1 minute whilst circling arms



Go up to the top of the stairs and recover down (gentle jog down the stairs normally), following this sequence:

  • Walk up the stairs as you would normally, one foot to one step, lead with the left foot.
  • Repeat by leading with the right foot
  • Now try jogging up, one foot to each step, lead with the left then on the second repeat lead with the right foot
  • Jog up with 2 feet to each step, lead with the left then on the second repeat lead with the right.
  • Rest for 1 minute
  • Lunge walk up 2 steps leading left foot, then leading right foot
  • Walk up taking wide steps, left foot at the left edge of the step and right foot at the right edge of the step, 2 feet to each step. Go up again leading with the right foot
  • Now repeat this jogging
  • Rest for 1 minute
  • Jog up the stairs, two steps at a time, lead with left then repeat leading with right
  • Wide step jog up the stairs 2 at a time, lead with left then right foot
  • Jog up the stairs normally, lead left, then lead right
  • Walk up the stairs normally, lead left then lead right

Cool down

All stretches to be held for 20 seconds

  • Pretend you are hugging a barrel to stretch out the back
  • Assume the handcuff position, hands clasped behind your back, to stretch the chest out
  • Stand tall and reach for the sky!
  • Stand tall, lean to the left (keep a straight back), then to the right
  • Step forward and sink down, you should feel the stretch in the back of your calf, change forward leg
  • Step forward and sit back as if you’re going to sit on a chair, you should feel the stretch down the back of your hamstring, repeat on other leg

Give yourself a huge round of applause for keeping active.

See the source image



If anyone needs any demonstrations, then please let Annette know and can find photos or provide them.

Also let us know if you try this and what you think, this is a typical 6pm interval session so when we’re back come along and give us a try….



Important Redway Runners Coronavirus Update

Following the statement issued by England Athletics ALL Redway Runners runs in the club are cancelled immediately (17 March 2020) till at least 31 May 2020

You can read the full England Athletics statement at:

Your safety has always been our main concern. We are disappointed to have to do this and are sure you will understand and agree with our decision

Couple of answers to questions:

** Will beginners’ groups still start after Easter?
Once we can start club runs again we will finalise the dates of the beginner’s groups and publish them, but will not start until at least 1 June 2020 at the earliest

** Will parkrun Graduation happen planned for Saturday 21 March 2020?
No, parkrun in the UK has been cancelled as well, once the club is back running and parkruns are resumed we will announce plans

** Can I run on my own?
That is your own decision, we will not be promoting runs on our social media channels, please follow laws and guidance

** What about meetings I am involved with in the club?
All Face to Face meetings relating to Redway Runners are cancelled, e.g. event planning, Run leads meeting, and committee meetings

** The club year ends on the 31 March will that have any impact?
No, the club year ends 31 March 2020, and we will start a new club year 1 April 2020 and renewals will be due, however, once restrictions are lifted we will then plan and hold the club AGM we will publish a date for the AGM with as much notice as possible

Finally, your safety is paramount to us and this has been a difficult time, we are Redway Runners and the green will be back on the Redways soon and we will again ‘Run Milton Keynes’.

Please do not be too disappointed, but we know we are.

Corona Virus and Redway Runners

With the current position we are going to make some changes within runs in the club with the main aim of protecting everyone.

We are constantly reviewing what is going on and making plans as things change, so please keep watching this page for updates.

These changes are:

  • Signing in at club runs, we will not have a book handed round, the run lead will use alternate methods. Such as a headcount on smaller runs, taking a photo or having a nominated person(s) writing names in the book.
  • Runs that start inside buildings will meet outside the entrance (please keep entrances clear).
  • If you are not well DO NOT attend runs.
  • Run leads will structure sessions to avoid contact, this is mainly on interval sessions when we tag/handshakes or do relays etc.
  • Of the limited equipment we use on runs this will be thought through and will be cleaned between runs.

We nrecorded a Facebook live special with Tim the Redway Runners medical lead and Martin Lawrence, club chair, on Sunday afternoon, lots of people found this useful and interesting you can watch at:

The situation is constantly changing the most up to date information relating to the club will be on our club Facebook page



Will not be long till membership renewals are due on 31 March 2020, so please make sure your details are up to date on your Redway Runners Love Admin account, especially your email address

You can log in and check at:

If you want to change membership category, do not wish to renew next year drop us a mail to and we can update your record

More information at:

Finally if you have not joined yet you can join us on-line at:

Club store changes

We are making some changes to the process for club kit ordered from the club store

From Monday 24 February 2020 the prices of club kit will include postage and packing and all orders will be posted direct from the store, so please remember to include the delivery address with the order. The items will be delivered within 21 days of the order (subject to manufacturer’s stock availability).

For any kit ordered from 1 January 2020 is being sent by post.

Older orders from before 31 December 2019 are with me (Martin) and you can collect at runs I am at for the next 20 days or from me at Newport Pagnell, by prior arrangement

No kit is available for collection from the store in Newport Pagnell (Note we have not changed our supplier just the process)

Club kit can be ordered at:

Questions, Questions

We get a lot of common questions to the club so thought would try to answer some (and save a few mails/messages/texts etc etc) – any other questions post below and we will try to reply
** Club runs (are they on/what pace/when are they/etc)
We have all the club runs listed on the club website with details about them at:

** Club kit
All items of kit can be ordered at our on-line shore on the club web site under ‘store’. they take 21 days once ordered and when ready the store will contact you direct to arrange pick up (the store is in Newport Pagnell)

** Membership Cards
You can find this on your Redway Runners profile, so sign in and at the top of the page with a link to ‘membership card’

** I have changed by details
If you change address, name, e-mail address please log in to update.

** What is the link to log in to my profile
Link to the member login page:

** When will the next beginners groups start
We start courses in January, after Easter and September, they will be announced on the club Facebook and in the club weekly mail, so best to register for that (see question)

** Not getting/want to get info on club
You can register for our weekly newsletter at:

** Can I stop the weekly club newsletter?
If you want to unsubscribe from our mail, just click un-subscribe at the bottom of the weekly club mail.

** Facebook page
We have a Facebook page please ‘like’ it and watch for news stories or post anything that is of interest to other runners at

** Twitter
Follow us at Twitter on; @redwayrunners

** Redway Runners on Strava
You can join Redway Runners Strava group, users need to search under ‘clubs’ (on the ‘explore’ tab) when you find ‘Redway Runners’ click join.

** Fetch Everyone
Fetch users pick ‘clubs’, find ‘Redway Runners’ and then join

** parkrun
From any e-mail from parkrun, select ‘manage my profile’ then you can update your club to ‘Redway Runners’ and save.

** Garmin Connect
Groups and Find Group

** Are you racing? / I do not appear in the list of those taking part in a race
We do have a page on our web-site ‘who’s racing where’ (under the ‘events’ tab) so if you have entered any events let Simon know at: and you can be added to the list.

** Non David Lloyd Members
For runs from David Lloyd and you are not a David Lloyd member please do not park in the car park, some parking along the road and at the end of the road. Also pay and display car park opposite Gulliver’s land and Willen. A free car park across the canal at the Cricket Pavilion

Sunday running

As it is a new year, we are expecting some big January numbers again this year, the main club run will be from the MK Dons, behind McDonalds during January (we will do different routes each week) we are also having an extra club one hour run from different location each week as well. These runs are ideal for people wanting to increase distance for a marathon or half. Sunday run locations click here

We also have a Step up run as well this is based at runners who want a shorter easier run of 45 minutes and a short walk is acceptable (although it does offer an extra 30 minutes at the end) – if you are attending this run and you are often running at the front then it is time to move up to the club run, that way making it a better run for most of the other runners, and better for the run lead to manage

For the club run, we just ask that you can run for the full 1 hour option and for 80% of the full length of the run, especially as the length of the runs increase (we plan them to extend by 10 minutes each week roughly).

During the run, please run like you are on a motorway, keep to the left and overtake on the right, during the loop backs keep left as lots of foot traffic about, please do not run more than two abreast and always be polite to all using the redways, we do not own them, let’s make sure everyone, runners and others out enjoys the great outdoors.

If you are coming to the main club run tomorrow for the first time look out for the yellow hi vis heroes and they will capture some info if you have not joined and help with any questions

More than anything else enjoy your run, let’s start the ‘Class of 2020’ and most importantly stay for coffee afterwards and a chat (other drinks available)