Each year Redway Runners has a club ‘Charity of the Year’ this will be voted on by paid Redway Runner members at the clubs AGM

From 1 April 2019 new rules added that a Redway Runners ‘Charity of the Year’ cannot be the ‘Charity of the Year again for a further three subsequent years that will apply to the vote for the 2020/2021 Charity of the Year



Paid Redway Runners members will be asked for nominations for the club Charity of the Year, including via the club weekly mail and club Facebook page, in advance of the clubs AGM, nominations must be sent to the club secretary in writing

Nominations will close five working days before the club AGM

The nomination should include the charity number and some information about the charity

At the AGM the list of charities and the words will be reviewed and members who nominated can say a few words about the charity if they wish.

The secretary will organise a secret vote and after this is counted will announce the result



Registered charity, we must be provided with the charity number

Only paid Redway Runners can nominate charities and can vote at the AGM

A Charity can be nominated each year.


Club Charities of the Year

Year end
2013 Social Eyes
2014 Willen
2014 National Deaf Society
2015 Harry Rainbow Charitable Trust
2016 Bravery Boxes
2017 Haemophilia Society
2018 MK Hospital Cancer Services
2019 Henry Allen Trust