Each year we have a raffle drawing the prizes at the clubs Christmas meal, all the profits from the raffle go to the running clubs charity of the year.


Tickets are available from Julie Martin or Martin Lawrence at £1 per ticket.


If you are able to obtain any prizes for us please let us know.


List of prizes – we hope to add more as we get confirmations:

Prize Winner
Podiatry Appointment – Ian Stevens
Christmas Cake by Vikki Cakes – Glenn Dickinson
£35 voucher for Vikki Cakes – Lucy Hart
Dumbbells – Suzy Patmore
HotPod Yoga session – Sarah Jones
Race Entry Mo Run Nov 2015 – Kerry Cooper
Race Entry Bournemouth Marathon Festival Oct 2015 – Claire Kleanthous
Race Entry Kimbolton Half Aug 2015 – Steve Morris
Race Entry NSPCC Half Jul 2015 – Kelly Schnohage
Race Entry Edinburgh Marathon Festival May 2015 – Alison Berry
Race Entry Northampton Half Sep 2015 – Mark Kleanthous
Race Entry Pitford 10K May 2015 – Stuart Sullivan
Race Entry Rocksolid Sep 2015 – Gillian Sheppard
Race Entry Spire Bushey 10K Jul 2015 – Carol Down
Race Entry Buckingham 10K Oct 2015 – Warwick Browning
Race Entry MKM Marathon May 2015 plus t-shirt – David Airey
Crystal Glasses – Fay Chester
Race Entry Gayton 5 or 10K Jan 2015 – Kevin Gardner
MKLightning Family ticket £30 – Len Vaughan
Redway Runners Umbrella from Gift Tags – David Stride
1 Treatment up to value of £45 with Body Limits – Veritie Yates
1 OTE starter pack of nutrition from Body Limits – Neil Solanki
1 Free race entry for the Big Cow Novice triathlon 4th July – Veritie Yates
Selection of Teas – Annette Kraft
60 minute coaching session with Mark Kleanthous in MK plus advice to prepare for your next race – Stuart Sullivan
Dirt Half Entry November 2015, plus top – Rose Turney
Hair Appointment – Simon Reid
Mystery Prize – Jen Sangster
Ferrero Rocher – Michelle George-Barnes
Milk Tray – Glenn Dickinson
Christmas Stocking – David Airey
Bottle or Red Wine – Niam Hani
Silver Jewellery – Rob West
Flip Belt – Angela Mulligan
Ceramic Note Pad – Gareth Turner
Body Care Dou – Alison Berry
David Lloyd Family pass – Claire Kleanthous
Bottle Red wine – Geoff New
Bottle Red wine – Kassia Gardner
Lamp – Leigh Steere

May be subject to change