Who’s Racing Where?

This page shows who is intending to race where – so that runners can hook up together on the day or maybe train together or just so you know who to look for on race day. Redway Runners take no responsibility for accuracy of the information. Being listed on this page does not mean you are entered for the event.
You may also see a race that a few are doing and decide to do it (or avoid it!!). To be added to the list use the contact us button above. Only added if formally advised (just some runners prefer not to be named). Remember if you decide to share lifts use the normal caution (that is just to cover the club).
Links to most events are on the ‘Events‘ page.

If you want to be added below please email Simon Richards (simon.richards77@hotmail.co.uk) with the date and name of the event. Could you please submit runs with at least 48 hours notice before the run date to allow time to update the website.

13 Jul – Race To The Stones 100K
Bruce Mehew

13 Jul – Furzton Relay
Angela Rabbetts, Andrew Baldwin

14 Jul – Ultra 5K
Ian Wheeler, Paula Scott, Louise Page, Kayleigh Hawkins

14 Jul – Salcey Forest 5K
Alice Robertson-Glasgow

14 Jul – Salcey Forest 10K
Kara Gander

27 Jul – Enigma Shaken not Stirred Half Marathon
Kathryn Dunham

3 Aug – Beat The Barge
Alice Robertson Glasgow, Kathryn Dunham, Caroline Saunders, Darren Saunders, Andrew Baldwin, Martin Palmieri, Simon Richards, Annette Smyth

10 Aug – Brutal Hawley Lake Half Marathon
Peter Bennett

10 Aug – Enigma Italian Job Half Marathon
Kathryn Dunham

11 Aug – Burnham Beaches 10K
Amanda Tweeddale

18 Aug – Isle of Wight Half Marathon 
Jamie Farmer

31 Aug – Bedford 5k
Kathryn Dunham

1 Sep – Bedford Half Marathon
Kathryn Dunham, Angela Rabbetts, Peter Bennett, Caroline Saunders, Martin Palmieri, Jonathan Smith, Jack Dixon

1 Sep – Dunstable Downs Marathon
Bruce Mehew

1 Sep – Bedford Half Marathon
Adewale Kadiri, Alex Chan

4 Sep – Silverstone Grand Prix 10K
Amber Snell, Caroline Saunders, Darren Saunders

7 Sep – Tallinn Half Marathon
Lucy Richards, Mike Boast, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence

8 Sep – Thetford Iceni Marathon
Bruce Mehew

8 Sep – Draycote Water 20
Kathryn Dunham

8 Sep – Great North Run
Andy Jeron, Jen Sangster, Jonathan Smith, Andy Griggs, Paula Scott, Jack Dixon

14 Sep – Salcey Forest 10k
Andy Dunn

14 Sep – Kew Gardens 10K
Andy Griggs

15 Sep – Stevenage 10K
Emma Gosling

15 Sep – Richmond Half Marathon
Kathryn Dunham

21 Sep – Oslo Marathon
Steve Quinnell

28 Sep – Mk Autumn Run Half Marathon
Peter Bennett, Andy Dunn, Gary Howard, Martin Palmieri, Mieke Jordan

28 Sep – NSPCC 10
Paul Simmonds, Sally Simmonds

28 Sep – NSPCC Half Marathon
Amber Snell

29 Sep -Windsor Marathon
Ian Wheeler

29 Sep -Windsor Half Marathon
Jamie Farmer

29 Sep – Berlin Marathon
Jack Dixon

5 Oct – Bournemouth Supersonic 10K
Amanda Tweeddale

5 Oct – Great Barrow Marathon
Bruce Mehew

6 Oct – Great Barrow Marathon
Bruce Mehew

6 Oct – Chichester Half Marathon
Ian Stevens

6 Oct – Bournemouth Half Marathon
Andrew Baldwin, Angela Rabbetts, Martin Palmieri

6 Oct – Bournemouth Marathon
Jamie Farmer

6 Oct – Chester Marathon
Andy Griggs

13 Oct – Chicago Marathon
Jen Sangster, John Flanagan

13 Oct – Oxford Half Marathon
Emma Rickard, Jonathan Smith, Mieke Jordan

13 Oct – Royal Parks Half Marathon
Emma Slanney, Gary Howard

19 Oct – Brutal Alice Holt 10K
Peter Bennett

20 Oct – Yorkshire Marathon
Steve Standley

20 Oct – Beachy Head Marathon
Bruce Mehew

20 Oct – Great South Run
Ian Stevens, Steve Quinnell

31 Oct – Cattle Creep 10K
Peter Bennett, Emma Rickard, Jack Dixon

10 Nov – Cardiff Trail Half Marathon
Jamie Farmer

10 Nov – The Winter Beast 10mile
Peter Bennett

16 Nov – Roald Dahl Saxons, Vikings and Normans
Annette Kraft, Bruce Mehew

16 Nov – Dirt Half Marathon
Gary Howard, Andy Jeron, Simon Richards, Annette Smyth, Andy Griggs

16 Nov – Brutal Windmill Hill 10K Peter Bennett

24 Nov – Run Silverstone Half Marathon
Simon Richards, Annette Smyth, Martin Palmieri

8 Dec – MK Winter Half Marathon
Peter Bennett, Andy Dunn, Annette Kraft, Martin Palmieri, Sally Simmonds, Ian Wheeler, Mieke Jordan, Jack Dixon, Jenny Jones, Gary Howard, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence, Jamie Farmer

15 Dec – Malaga Marathon
Adewale Kadiri

26 Apr – London Marathon
Martin Palmieri