Who’s Racing Where?

This page shows who is intending to race where – so that runners can hook up together on the day or maybe train together or just so you know who to look for on race day. Redway Runners take no responsibility for accuracy of the information. Being listed on this page does not mean you are entered for the event.
You may also see a race that a few are doing and decide to do it (or avoid it!!). To be added to the list use the contact us button above. Only added if formally advised (just some runners prefer not to be named). Remember if you decide to share lifts use the normal caution (that is just to cover the club).
Links to most events are on the ‘Events‘ page.

If you want to be added below please email Simon Richards with the date and name of the event.

  • 29 Apr – Tough mudder London west
    Mark Bastic
  • 30 Apr – Rocket 5k
    Sheila Quinn, Kerry O’Neill, Tao Schencks, Esther Schencks, Kathy Kavanagh, Emma Darlington, Jane Ball, Andy Riddy, Tracey Schembre, Joe Schembre, Rachel Blatchford, Lindsay Chard, Jo Welch, Sally Green, Claire Stewart, Lester Kirk, Amanda Holland, Amanda Tweeddale, Sarah Nicholls, Tracy Nuttall, Keith Flint, Jude Srivalsan, JP Srivalsan, Melissa Jenner, Kelly Prior, Bruce Mehew, Joel McBrearty, Helen Vaughan, Len Vaughan, Kevin Tilley, Leigh Paxton, Kelly Prior, Kathy Alderman, Kelly Wallis, Kathryn Parker, Gemma Holt, Faye Muggeridge, Mark O’Reilly, Natasha Carter, Sue Boothby, Sadie Hursey, Peter Galvin, Janet Redrup, Cherie Mason, Simon Navin, Aza Carter, Ian Eygelsjeim, Steve Boothby, Wendy McConnell, Sophie Phoenix, Alice Robertson-Glasgow, Eleanor Collis, Steve Russell, Sam Greenwood, Mark Bastic, Anne Bonson, Colin Kightley, Stephanie Dutton, Nicky Hierons, Katie Wall, Mark Madges, Helen Whalley, Steve Scott, Neil Turney, Lucy Richards, Lisa Northeast, Simon Richards, Lucinda Parish, Andrew Baldwin, Daria Croker, Martin Palmieri, Jenny Moorhouse, Annette Kraft, Kirsty Berryman, Neville Rowles, Martin Lawrence, Gábor Bánfai, Niam Hani, Zaid Alani, Leyla Currie, Daisy Croker, Di Oates, Theresa Randall, Caity Louise Wilson, Annette Smyth, Mieke Jordan, Faye Muggeridge, Kathy Hughes, Ashleigh Louise Philp, Sara Jayne Errington, Denise Farmer, Suzanne Sharp, Angela Irving, Lorraine Homans, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence
  • 1 May – MK Half Marathon
    Emma Darlington, Andy Riddy,Bryn Middleton, Donna Middleton, Tom Crussell, Jessica Cox, Angela Cox, Melissa Jenner, Joel McBrearty, Helen Dixon, James Taylor, Helen Vaughan, Aimi Bryan, Sam Daniells, Martin James, Julia Baldwin, Faye Muggeridge, Mark O’Reilly, Natasha Carter, Sadie Hursey, Aza Carter, Carly Dutton, Steve Boothby, Chris Humble, Nicky Hierons, Mark Madges, Beck Pitt, Steve Scott, Lucy Richards, Simon Richards, Terry Griffiths, Lucinda Parish, Angela, Mulligan, Martin Palmieri, Sophie Phoenix, Neville Rowles, Niam Hani, Zaid Alani, John Flanagan, Faye Muggeridge, Sara Jayne Errington, Karen Lawrence
  • 1 May – MK Marathon
    Lee Underwood, Edward Andrews, Claire Stewart, Amanda Holland, Tania Mansfield, Nirav Bhuva, Bruce Mehew, Kevin Shepherd, Len Vaughan, Kevin Tilley, Candice Ogden, Alison Rutherford, Ian Rutherford, Simon Navin, Kerry Cooper, Greg Matthews, Helen Wiggins, Josh Booden, Jen Sangster, Helen Whalley, Kevin Tilley, Tara Needham, Mark Bastic, Daria Croker, Jenny Moorhouse, Anna Phillips, Helen Wiggins, Evie Butler, Hannah Chalk, Anna Phillips, Caity Louise Wilson, Sarah Lawrence
  • 1 May – MK Marathon Relay
    Katie Wall, Lindsay Chard, Tracy Nuttall, Sam Greenwood, Sam Devonald, Kathy Alderman, Colin Kightley, Annette Kraft, Leyla Currie, Denise Farmer, Suzanne Sharp, Angela Irving, Lorraine Homans
  • 1 May – Superhero fun run MK
    Alistair Devenish, Beth Devenish, Ewan Devenish
  • 2 May – EMGP Silverstone 10k
    James Dwight, Jo Garner, William Shippin
  • 6 May – Paws for a Cure Caincross 5K, Thornton College
    Ian Eygelsheim
  • 7 May – Shakespeare Marathon
    Mark Bastic
  • 7 May – Wings For Life
    Keith Flint
  • 12 May – EMGP Blisworth 5mile
    William Shippin
  • 13 May – London Moonwalk (walk the walk)
    Gemma Holt, Kay Foulger
  • 14 May – Buckingham Half Marathon
    Daria Croker, Mark Bastic
  • 14 May – Rough Runner
    Mark Madges
  • 17 May – EMGP Rugby 6 mile
    James Dwight, Jo Garner, William Shippin
  • 17 May – Salcey Forest 5K
    Ian Eygelsheim
  • 20 May – Tough Mudder Midlands
    Ashleigh Louise Philp
  • 21 May – Decathlon 5K
    Tao Schencks, Esther Schencks
  • 21 May – Worcester Marathon
    Mark Bastic
  • 21 May – Banbury Sprint Triathlon
    Steve Russell
  • 24 May – EMGP Corby 5mile
    William Shippin
  • 27 May – Rock n Roll Liverpool 5K
    Daisy Croker, Daria Croker
  • 28 May – Westminster Mile
    William Shippin
  • 28 May – Edinburgh Half Marathon
    Nicky Hierons
  • 28 May – Edinburgh Marathon
    Kerry Cooper, Alistair Devenish
  • 28 May – Rock n Roll Liverpool Half Marathon
    Joel McBrearty, Riitta Wood, Carol Downs, Jackie Bond, Daisy Croker, Daria Croker, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence, Debbie Dickinson, Glenn Dickinson
  • 28 May – Rock n Roll Liverpool Full Marathon
    Zaid Alani, Steve Boothby, Helen Whalley, Paul Macloskey, Neville Rowles, Niam Hani, Martin Palmieri, Annette Smyth, Mandy Venner
  • 28 May – Rock n Roll Liverpool Mile
    Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence
  • 29 May – Vitality London 10,000
    William Shippin, Katie Wall, Leyla Currie
  • 2 Jun – Womans 10K series MK
    Kathy Alderman
  • 3 Jun – Dartmoor Discovery Ultra 32mile
    James Armstrong
  • 3 Jun – Blenheim Sprint Triathlon
    Martyn Douglas, Angela Mulligan
  • 4 Jun – Worthing 10K
    Leyla Currie
  • 6 Jun – EMGP Banbury 5 Mile
    William Shippin
  • 10 Jun – South Downs Way 100
    Jen Sangster
  • 10 Jun – RR Festival of running Half Marathon
    Amanda Holland, Steve Boothby, Stephanie Dutton, Steve Scott, Zaid Alani, Niam Hani, Lucy Richards, Leyla Currie
  • 10 Jun – RR Festival of running Marathon
    Amanda Holland, Kerry Cooper
  • 10 Jun – Black Phoenix Event
    Mark Madges
  • 10/11 Jun – Race to the Tower
    Pet Hedges
  • 10 Jun – Challenge Herning Half Distance Euro Champs (GBR)
    Dan Hippey
  • 11 Jun – Redway Runners festival of running half marathon
    Amanda Holland, Steve Boothby, Josh Booden, Zaid Alani, Niam Hani, Martin Palmieri
  • 11 Jun – Redway Runners festival of running 10k
    Tao Schencks, Esther Schencks, Amanda Holland, Melissa Jenner, Mieke Jordan, Sam Greenwood, Sam Devonald, Colin Kightley
  • 11 Jun – Phoenix Thames Potter Event
    Mark Madges
  • 11 Jun – Leeds Sprint Triathlon
    Steve Russell
  • 11 Jun – St Albans 5K
    Gabor Banfai
  • 11 Jun – Race for Life 5k
    Leigh Paxton, Beth Devenish, Lucy Richards
  • 13 Jun – EMGP Harborough 5 Mile
    William Shippin
  • 16 Jun – Marston Forest 5K
    Andy Riddy, Ian Eygelsheim
  • 17 Jun – Enigma Clueless Half
    Kelly Schonhage, Mark Madges
  • 18 Jun – Bedford 10K
    Andy Riddy, Paul Macloskey, Leyla Currie, Angela Mulligan
  • 20 Jun – EMGP Weedon 10k
    William Shippin
  • 21 Jun – Cattle Creep 10K
    Andy Riddy, Rachel Blatchford, Natasha Carter, Steve Russell
  • 23 Jun – MK Virtual 50:50 challenge
    Nicky Hierons
  • 27 Jun – EMGP Milton Keynes 10k
    James Dwight, Jo Garner, William Shippin
  • 1 Jul – Outlaw 70.3 Triathlon
    Mark Madges
  • 2 Jul – WR 10K
    Kirsty Berryman, Lucy Richards, Jenny Moorhuse, Sophie Phoenix, Annette Kraft, Sam Margan, Di Oates, Theresa Randall, Leyla Currie, Mieke Jordan
  • 9 Jul – Wales Marathon
    Jen Sangster
  • 15/16 Jul – Race to the Stones
    Amanda Holland, Kerry Cooper, Neville Rowles, Steve Morriss, Niam Hani, Louise Bailey, Pet Hedges
  • 16 Jul – Ironman Bolton
    Mark Bastic, Dan Hippey
  • 18 Jul -Millbrook Mad 5K
    Carly Dutton, Stephanie Dutton, Simon Richards, Annette Smyth, Martin Lawrence
  • 22 Jul – Redway Runners Furzton Relay
    Martin Palmieri, Steve Boothby, Sam Greenwood
  • 22 Jul – London Sprint Triathlon
    Steve Russell
  • 29 Jul – Enigma Planes Half
    Mark Madges
  • 5 Aug – Beat The Barge
    Tao Schencks, Esther Schencks, Andy Riddy, Zaid Alani, Niam Hani, Melissa Jenner, Bruce Mehew, Ian Eygelsheim, Martin Palmieri, Steve Boothby, Gabor Banfai, Simon Richards, Annette Smyth, Wendy McConnell, Jen Sangster
  • 5 Aug – 8k Streets of Galway
    Nicky Hierons
  • 5 Aug – Phoenis Firebord Marathon Series 2
    Mark Madges
  • 5 Aug – Dark Phoenix Evening Event
    Mark Madges
  • 13 Aug – Isle of Man Half Marathon
    Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence
  • 13 Aug – Emily’s Star 5K
    Gabor Banfai, Beth Devenish
  • 13 Aug – Emily’s Star 10K
    Andy Riddy,, Martin Palmieri, Helen Wiggins
  • 20 Aug – Ironman Copenhagen
    Paul Carter, Anna Phillips
  • 20 Aug – Isle of Wight Half Marathon
    Jamie Farmer
  • 26 Aug – Enigma Trains Half
    Mark Madges
  • 2 Sep – Bedford Half
    Kirsty Berryman, Bruce Mehew, Annette Smyth, Martin Palmieri, Sam Devonald, Katie Wall, Leyla Currie
  • 2 Sep – Silverstone 10K
    Kelly Prior
  • 3 Sep – Kenilworth Half Marathon
    Mark Bastic
  • 3 Sep – Tour of MK Tattenhoe Park 11K
    William Shippin
  • 4 Sep – Tour of MK Pottersbury 5 Mile
    William Shippin
  • 5 Sep – Tour of MK Stantonbury Track Mile
    William Shippin
  • 6 Sep – Tour of MK Campbell Park 5 Mile
    William Shippin
  • 7 Sep – Tour of MK Brickhill Woods Hill Race
    William Shippin
  • 8 Sep – Tour of MK Willen Lake 7 Mile
    William Shippin
  • 9 Sep – Great North 5k
    William Shippin
  • 10 Sep – Thetford Marathon
    Kerry Cooper
  • 10 Sep – Budapest Half Marathon
    Nicky Hierons
  • 10 Sep – Bacchus Half Marathon
    Sam Devonald
  • 10 Sep – Ironman Wales
    Jamie Farmer, Dan Hippey
  • 10 Sep – Great North Run
    Zaid Alani, Niam Hani, William Shippin, Mark Madges, Lucinda Parish
  • 10 Sep – 2 arms on 2 legs Half Marathon
    Chris Culver
  • 16 Sep – Kew Gardens 10K
    Leigh Paxton
  • 23 Sep – Enigma Trains Half
    Mark Madges
  • 24 Sep – Robin Hood Marathon
    Sophie Phoenix
  • 24 Sep – Monster Marathon
    Kerry Cooper
  • 24 Sep – Windsor half Marathon
    Jamie Farmer
  • 24 Sep – NSPCC MK 10k
    Josh Booden
  • 24 Sep – NSPCC MK Half Marathon
    Martin Palmieri
  • 1 Oct – Blenheim Half
    Sophie Phoenix
  • 1 Oct – Cardiff Half Marathon
    Jen Sangster
  • 7-8 Oct – 6th Tissington Half Marathon trails weekend
    Mark Madges
  • 7 Oct – Bournemouth Marathon Festival 5K
    Sam Greenwood, Sam Devonald, Daisy Croker
  • 7 Oct – Bournemouth Marathon Festival 10K
    Katie Wall, Lindsay Chard, Sam Greenwood, Sam Devonald, Anne Bonson, Di Oates, Theresa Randall
  • 8 Oct – Bournemouth Marathon Festival Half
    Martin Palmieri, Colin Kightley, Carol Downs, Daisy Croker, Chris Culver, Denise Farmer, Angela Irving
  • 8 Oct – Bournemouth Marathon Festival Full
    Jamie Farmer
  • 8 Oct – York Marathon
    Tony Daglish
  • 8 Oct – Royal Parks Half Marathon
    JOhn Flanagan
  • 15 Oct – Amsterdam Half Marathon
    Nicky Hierons
  • 15 Oct – Birmingham Marathon
    Mark Bastic, Kelly Schonhage
  • 15 Oct – Manchester Half
    Annette Smyth
  • 21 Oct – Great South 5k
    William Shippin
  • 22 Oct – Great South Run
    William Shippin
  • 28 Oct – Snowden Marathon
    Kerry Cooper
  • 29 Oct – Dublin Marathon
    Maurice O’Connell
  • 5 Nov- New York Marathon
    Josh Booden, Jen Sangster, Maurice O’Connell
  • 19 Nov – Mo Runner 10k
    Nicky Hierons
  • 19 Nov – Phoenix Firebird Marathon Series 3
    Mark Madges
  • 20 Nov – Herbert’s Hole (multi terrain 10k, Chesham)
    Jim Miller
  • 26 Nov – Watford Autumn 10K
    Chris Culver
  • 28 Nov – Phoenix Firebird Marathon Series 4
    Mark Madges
  • 9 Dec – Lanzarote Half Marathon
    Lucy Richards, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence
  • 10 Dec – MK Winter Half
    Martin Palmieri
  • 17 Dec – Willen Hospice Santa Dash
    Nicky Hierons