Who’s Racing Where?

This page shows who is intending to race where – so that runners can hook up together on the day or maybe train together or just so you know who to look for on race day. Redway Runners take no responsibility for accuracy of the information. Being listed on this page does not mean you are entered for the event.
You may also see a race that a few are doing and decide to do it (or avoid it!!). To be added to the list use the contact us button above. Only added if formally advised (just some runners prefer not to be named). Remember if you decide to share lifts use the normal caution (that is just to cover the club).
Links to most events are on the ‘Events‘ page.

If you want to be added below please email Simon Richards (simon.richards77@hotmail.co.uk) with the date and name of the event. Could you please submit runs with at least 48 hours notice before the run date to allow time to update the website.

13 May – Stevington 12K
Jo Watson

17 May – Wendover Challenge
Helen Blucher

19 May – Liverpool 5K
Nicky Ford, Helen Wiggins, Andy Riddy

20 May – Hackney Half Marathon
Helen Braid

20 May – Shires and Spires Ultra
Bruce Mehew

20 May – Liverpool Half Marathon
Nicky Ford, Andy Riddy

20 May – Liverpool Marathon
Matthew Cleary, Barry Norman, David Rose, Jamie Farmer

20 May – Riga 10K
Phil Thompson

20 May – Riga Half Marathon
Juliet Thompson, Kevin Shepherd, Lisa Shepherd, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence, Lucy Richards, Chris Richards

20 May – Manchester 10K
Andy Griggs

20 May – Hackney Half Marathon
Jonathan Fielden

20 May – Binfield 10K
Stephen Dunham, Kathryn Dunham

28 May – Edinburgh Marathon
Nicky Hierons, Tom Gill, Wayne Walker

28 May – London Vitality 10K
Pete Whitmore, Anne Bonson, Brian Bonson, Megan Bonson, Gary Howard, Rachel Hill, Barry Norman

2 Jun – Welsh Snowdonia 1000 challenge
Gary Howard

2 Jun – Blenheim Sprint Triathlon
Angela Mulligan

2 Jun – Otmoor Challenge
Mark O’Reilly

3 Jun – Fairford 10K
Mark O’Reilly

7 Jun – Chicks and Chaps Summer Series #2 10K
Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

8 Jun – Marston 5K
Sally Green, Kevin Ferris

9 Jun – Black Phoenix Marathon
Sam Greenwood

9 Jun – RR festival of running Half Marathon
Stephen Dunham, Jen Sangster, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence

9 Jun – RR festival of running 5K
Carol Webber, Tracey Thompson, Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

9 Jun – RR festival of running Marathon
Dan Hippey, Stephen Dunham, Jen Sangster

9 Jun – Tenerife Blue Trail Marathon
Helen Blucher

10 Jun – St Albans Half Marathon
Louise Archer, Gary Howard

10 Jun – RR festival of running 10K
Stephen Dunham, Annabel Cacchioli, Kayleigh Hawkins, Jen Sangster, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence, Sally Thomson

10 Jun – RR festival of running Half Marathon
Kim Windebank, Stephen Dunham, Sam Greenwood, Jen Sangster

10 Jun – Race for life 10K
Helen Braid, Christine Ziya, Melissa Jenner, Sally Green, Paula Scott, Sue Flynn, Leigh Paxton, Louise Page

10 Jun – Race for life 5K
Laurel Wright

10 Jun – Race to the Tower, Day 2
Bruce Mehew

10 Jun – Lacock 10K
Jonathan Fielden

16 Jun – Greensands Solo
Jen Sangster

16 Jun – South Downs Half Marathon
Mark O’Reilly

16 Jun – Greensands Ridge Relay
Kevin Ferris

21 Jun – Cattle Creep 10K
Kevin Ferris, Stephen Dunham, Glynis Birney, Leigh Paxton, Laurel Wright, Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

23 Jun – Race to the Kings
Pet Hedges

1 Jul – Leamington Half Marathon
Stephen Dunham, Gary Howard

8 Jul – Ultra 15K
Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

8 Jul – Great North 10K
Andy Griggs

12 Jul – Chicks and chaps summer series #3 10K
Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

14 Jul – Race to the Stones
Bruce Mehew, Sean Pollock

14 Jul – Furzton Relay
Christine Ziya, Kevin Ferris

15 Jul – Women’s running series 10K
Laurel Wright, Glynis Birney, Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

15 Jul – Snowdonia Marathon
Matthew Cleary

15 Jul – Bolton Ironman UK
Kerry Ann Wilson

15 Jul – British 10K
Jonathan Fielden, Barry Norman

15 Jul – Cranfield Bubble Rush
Tracey Thompson, Lolah Thompson

15/16 Jul – Long Course Weekend
Jen Sangster

21 Jul – Punk Marathon Northampton
Steve Quinnell, Sam Greenwood

4 Aug – Beat the Barge
Helen Braid, Pete Whitmore, Simon Richards

5 Aug – Cotswold Classic Middle Distance Triathlon
Chantal Mendes

9 Aug – Isle of Wight Half Marathon
Jamie Farmer

19 Aug – Battlefield Half Marathon
Stephen Dunham

19 Aug – Kimbolton Half Marathon
Angela Norris

25 Aug – Emily’s Star 10K
Martin Palmieri, Paula Scott, Katie Elmer, Leigh Paxton, Helen Wiggins, Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

1 Sep – Twilight 10K
Lizzie Jardine

2-7 Sep – Tour of MK
Kevin Ferris

2 Sep – Bedford Half Marathon
Martin Palmieri, Louise Archer, Tracey Steedon, Melissa Jenner, Dee Mendez, Stacy Clemes, Sally Green, Kayleigh Hawkins, Bruce Mehew, Stephen Dunham, Kathryn Dunham, Louise Page, Bernard Garvey, Mark O’Reilly, Glynis Birney, Kerry Huntley, Michelle George-Barnes, Kevin Shepherd, David Rose, Steve Scott, Steve Quinnell

3 Sep – Spitfire 10K
Pete Whitmore

9 Sep – New Forest Marathon
Pet Hedges

9 Sep – Great North Run
Rebecca Nisbet, Lee Passmoor, Emma Passmoor, Lizzie Jardine, Andy Griggs, Gary Howard

9 Sep – Northampton Half Marathon
Elaine Wells

16 Sep – Richmond Marathon
Stephen Dunham

16 Sep – Berlin Marathon
Jen Sangster, John Flanagan

18 Sep – MAD Milbrook 5K
Kevin Ferris, Simon Richards, Martin Lawrence

22 Sep – Night Phoenix Marathon
Sam Greenwood

23 Sep – Loch Ness Marathon
Adam Sharman, Pet Hedges

23 Sep – Loch Ness 10K
Angeka Mulligan, Andy Griggs

29 Sep – NSPCC 10k
Paula Scott, Katie Elmer, Sally Simmonds, Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

29 Sep – NSPCC Half Marathon
Martin Palmieri, Elaine Wells, Chris Moy

30 Sep – Windsor Half Marathon
Michelle George-Barnes, Jamie Farmer

1 Oct – Bedford Twilight 10K
Lottey Gates

6 Oct – Bournemouth 10K
Katie Elmer, Sam Margan, Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

6 Oct – Bournemouth 5K
Katie Elmer, Sam Margan, Leigh Paxton, Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

7 Oct – Chicago Marathon
Ana Chaplin, Pet Hedges

7 Oct – Bournemouth Marathon
Martin Palmieri, Matthew Cleary, Jamie Farmer

7 Oct – Bournemouth Half Marathon
Rachel Hill, Leigh Paxton, Kevin Shepherd, Lisa Shepherd, Helen Wiggins, Gary Howard, Denise Farmer

7 Oct – Chester Marathon
Tara Needham, Jen Sangster

7 Oct – Chester Half Marathon
Nicky Ford

7 Oct – Oxford Half Marathon
Lee Passmoor, Emma Passmoor

9 Oct – Great South Run
Lottey Gates

14 Oct – Leicester Marathon
Adam Sharman

14 Oct – Royal Parks Half Marathon
Jonathan Fielden, Mark O’Reilly, Glynis Birney, Angela Mulligan

14 Oct – Yorkshire Marathon
Stephen Dunham,

14 Oct – Lisbon Half – CLUB TRIP
Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence, Lucy Richards, Chris Richards

21 Oct – Great South Run
Louise Page, Kevin Shepherd, Lisa Shepherd, Steve Quinnel

21 Oct – Amsterdam Marathon
Dee Mendez

4 Nov – Rockingham 10
Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page

17 Nov – Dirt Half
Tracey Steedon, Stephen Dunham, Steve Quinnell, Chris Moy, Jen Sangster

9 Dec – MK Winter Half
Martin Palmieri, Laurel Wright, Stephen Dunham, Bernard Garvey, Glynis Birney, Lizzie Jardine, Elaine Wells, Chris Moy, Sue Flynn, Kerry Huntley, Leigh Paxton, Mark O’Reilly

9 Dec – Lanzarote Half Marathon

Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence

11-17 Mar – Enigma Week at the knees Marathons
Stephen Dunham

15 Mar – Cyprus Wine Run
Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence

17 Mar – Cyprus Half Marathon
Angela Norris, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence

28 Apr – London Marathon
Martin Palmieri