Who’s Racing Where?

This page shows who is intending to race where – so that runners can hook up together on the day or maybe train together or just so you know who to look for on race day. Redway Runners take no responsibility for accuracy of the information. Being listed on this page does not mean you are entered for the event.
You may also see a race that a few are doing and decide to do it (or avoid it!!). To be added to the list use the contact us button above. Only added if formally advised (just some runners prefer not to be named). Remember if you decide to share lifts use the normal caution (that is just to cover the club).
Links to most events are on the ‘Events‘ page.

If you want to be added below please email Simon Richards (simon.richards77@hotmail.co.uk) with the date and name of the event. Could you please submit runs with at least 48 hours notice before the run date to allow time to update the website.

21 Oct – Great South 5k
William Shippin

22 Oct – Great South Run
Martin Palmieri, Helen Wiggins, Tracy Nuttall, Mark O’Reilly, William Shippin

28 Oct – Snowden Marathon
Adam Sharman, Kerry Cooper

28 Oct – Beachy Head Marathon
Daria Croker

29 Oct – Dublin Marathon
Maurice O’Connell

29 Oct – Exmoor Trail Half marathon
Kevin Ferris

29 Oct – Poppy Run
Annette Kraft, Mieke Jordan, Daniel Howell, Louise Page, Kayleigh Hawkins

29 Oct – Love Luton 10K
Fiona Siequien

31 Oct – Fylde Runners Halloween 5K
Kelly Parsons

4 Nov – Thames Meander Marathon
Pet Hedges

5 Nov- New York Marathon
Josh Booden, Jen Sangster, Maurice O’Connell

5 Nov- Marlow Half Marathon
Neil Turney, Ana Chaplin

5 Nov- Rockingham 10k
Martin Palmieri, Sally Green, Annette Smyth, Peter Galvin

11 Nov – Kings Forest 50
Sinead Bradbeer

12 Nov – Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half
Nigel Gale, Angela Norris

18 Nov – Dirt Half Challenge
Jenny Moorhouse, Steve Quinnell, Stefan Robson, Ana Chaplin, Kevin Ferris, Zaid Alani, Niam Hani, Simon Richards, Annette Smyth, Martin Palmieri, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence, Denise Farmer, Jamie Farmer

19 Nov – Mo Runner 10k
Colin Kightley, Izzy Smith, Annabel Cacchioli, Helen Wiggins, Heather Cecil, Mieke Jordan, Kayleigh Hawkins, Andy Riddy, Nicky Hierons

19 Nov – Phoenix Firebird Marathon Series 3
Mark Madges

19 Nov – Saxons Vikings and Normans – Wonderland Causcus Run
Annette Kraft

19 Nov – Hertfordshire Half
Michelle George Barnes

19 Nov – Broadway Marathon
Pet Hedges

20 Nov – Herbert’s Hole (multi terrain 10k, Chesham)
Jim Miller

26 Nov – Watford Autumn 10K
Kayleigh Hawkins, Louise Page, Tracy Nuttall, Chris Culver

28 Nov – Phoenix Firebird Marathon Series 4
Mark Madges

3 Dec – Oxford Half
Annette Smyth

9 Dec – Lanzarote Half Marathon
John Morle, Sheila White, Andrew Baldwin, Lucy Richards, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence

9 Dec – Lanzarote 10K
Anne Bonson, Colin Kightley, Kelly Parsons

9 Dec – Lanzarote Marathon
Matthew Cleary

10 Dec – MK Winter Half
John Flanagan, Ian Lewis, Juliet Thompson, Nicola Thompson, Izzy Smith, Annette Kraft, Daria Croker, Jenny Moorhouse, Stefan Robson, Roy Taylor, Lucy Gross, Neil Turney, Ros Crawley, Ana Chaplin, Steve Quinnell, Sarah Buck, Kevin Ferris, Sally Green, Fiona Siequien, Lizzie Jardine, Martin Burton, Tara Needham, Annette Smyth, Simon Richards, Kerry Huntley, Susannah Quinn, Sam Bates, Wendy Drummond, Andy Riddy, Caroline Jardine, Bruce Mehew, Mark O’Reilly, Elaine Wells, Angela Mulligan, Martin Palmieri

17 Dec – Willen Hospice Santa Dash
Andy Riddy, Nicky Hierons

17 Dec – Guildford Mince Pi Run (31.4 miles)
Steve Quinnell

21 Jan – Gloucester Half marathon
Neil Turney

4 Feb – London Big Winter Run
Annette Kraft

18 Feb – Great North West Half – Blackpool
Kelly Parsons, Andy Riddy, Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence

4 Mar – Bath Half Marathon
Nicola Thompson

4 Mar – London Big Half
Annette Kraft, Steve Quinnell, Steve Boothby, Sue Boothby, Katie Wall, Mieke Jordan, Tara Needham, Zaid Alani, Niam Hani, Andrew Baldwin

11 Mar – Barcelona Marathon
Jenny Moorhouse, Kevin Ferris, Tara Needham, Zaid Alani, Niam Hani, Jennifer Wallis, Rujbinder Birring, Jim Nesbitt

11 Mar – MK Festival of Running 20 mile
Neil Turney, Kevin Shepherd

11 Mar – MK Festival of Running Half Marathon
Stefan Robson

18 Mar – Oakley 20
Neil Turney

1 Apr – MK Sub 5′ 10″ 10K
Jonathon Clements

15 Apr – Brighton Marathon
Tara Needham

22 Apr – London Marathon
Julia Cardy, Sean Pollock, Candice Ogden, Stefan Robson, Neil Turney, Kevin Shepherd, Annette Smyth, Simon Richards

6 May – MK Rocket Run
Lizzie Jardine, Ian Lewis, Kerry Huntley, Andy Riddy, Martin Lawrence

7 May – MK Half Marathon
Stefan Robson, Ian Lewis, Andy Riddy, Martin Lawrence

7 May – MK Marathon
Sean Pollock, Lucy Gross, Steve Quinnell, Lizzie Jardine, Kerry Huntley, Denise Farmer

19 May – Liverpool 5K
Andy Riddy

20 May – Liverpool Half Marathon
Andy Riddy

20 May – Riga Half Marathon
Martin Lawrence, Karen Lawrence

20 May – Latvia Half Marathon
Lisa Shepherd

20 May – Latvia Marathon
Kevin Shepherd

14 Jul – Race to the Stones
Sean Pollock

15 Jul – Ironman UK
Kerry Ann Wilson

2 Sep – Bedford Half Marathon
Steve Quinnell