Redway Runners member Mike King has been kindly developing History lessons for use during these difficult times with the Coronavirus

It you want to contact Mike his details are:

Mike King
People and Places Insight Limited
Mobile: 07788 286337
Landline: 01908 776940
Twitter: @PandPInsight

They are now hitting the UK, India, Australia, Germany, Spain and the Peoples Republic of Newton Longvile.

Mike has tried to cater for all, so some of content may be too much for a 5 year old, too little for a 15 year old or too mind blowing for a mum and dad who have started to raid the unwanted Christmas Drinks cabinet after 48 hours of homeschooling.

Please look at the notes page within the PowerPoint as I have provided guidance where possible and there are suggestions and links to some video clips and  programmes to watch. The clip on Blackadder is a must, if you can’t find the Notes Page then you are a Luddite (look up for Homework) just search in youtube Blackadder Goes Forth; Going Over the Top.

Mike is cobbling all this together at the moment so let him know what you like/dislike and he will try and tailor accordingly

Take Care and see you on the other side.

Lesson 1 – World War 1, part 1

Powerpoint click here

* PDF click here

Lesson 2 – World War 1, part 2

Powerpoint click here

* PDF click here

The Trailer for War Horse when you get to that slide is at:

Lesson 3 World War 1, part 3

Powerpoint click here

* PDF click here


3 parts on History of America


Notes – PDF does not include notes