Do you have the ‘Need for Speed’ then Redway Runners have a new free 10 week course for you

Need for speed

So what is it all about, well these are the details


This is for anyone who wants to get quicker with their 5K time. It is for people who can run 5K, and wants to put in the effort to improve your time

You must be a member of Redway Runners and for the first week of bookings is only open to those who have not booked a previous course


A 10 week course, with weekly sessions and homework extra sessions for you to do


Meeting at various locations around Milton Keynes each week


We have four courses  and each session will be at the same time each week, each session will be about 45 minutes, week one will meet outside the pub at Willen Lake (next door to the gym)


Milton Keynes 5K parkrun on Saturday 1 December 2018 will be the ‘Morning of the PB’s’

What will I need?

You will need to be able to make each weekly session, desire to improve, these will not be social runs.

It helps us leading, if runners can wear club green tops for each session

For Winter courses, the time for these sessions could mean it will be dark, so wear florescent / light clothing and will need a head torch.

How Do I book

We have four course starting in September 2018, each with 40 places available – to book, log on to your Redway Runner profile, click here and select events

If after booking you find you cannot make it please cancel your place as this will free it up for someone else to book or mail us at and we can cancel

Please read the privacy policy for Redway Runners before booking

Note, for week one, will be a meet and greet session and will include some warmup and stretching items but will not be running.


Course 6

Saturdays at 10:00, first week 22 September 2018 with Kevin T and Sam B


Course 7

Wednesday at 19:00, first week 26 September 2018 with Richard D and Ros C


Course 8

Thursday at 10:00, first week 27 September 2018 with Katie T and Neville R


Course 9

Thursday at 18:30, first week 27 September with Sian C


Note; These courses are only open for the first 7 days for those who have not registered for a previous Need for Speed course, after that time we will open to all club members


Who is leading these?

Kaite Tucker

Katie Tucker

We have the fantastic Katie Tucker (AKA Clean Coach Katie) who will be leading for the club, just have to look at the progress Katie has made in the last year to see what can be done with determination.


Sian Carter

Sian has been running with Redway Runners for three years and regularly leads the Tuesday night Step Up Explorer run

Kevin Tilley

Kevin is in his second year running with the club

Richard Doherty

Richard has been running with the club since the early days and often leads the 640 Tuesday group and has lead several beginners groups for the club

Sam Bates

Sam will be leading the course with Kevin, Sam has been a previous participant in Need for Speed

Neville Rowles

Neville will again be leading the course with Katie

Ros Crawley

Ros will again be leading the course with Richard

Ros has been leading beginners groups with Redway Runners and is a regular parkrun Milton Keynes run director