Sunday Run

The Sunday runs are based on length of time runners will be running for, with the run we do loop backs so all runners keep together and the quickest runners will get more distance than at an easier pace. But everyone runs for the same amount of time.
All 9.00am unless stated different.

Club runs – All 9:00am start – unless stated

21-Jul-19 Drama run, Giffard Park Pub, run is a 6 mile roue, you will get more with loop backs so estimare running 75 minutes, plus drama unfolds on route (allow 120 minutes) plus coffee afterwards, dress as wedding guest (shirt and tie, wear flowers, etc

28-Jul-19 Kingston Centre, car park k, Options 60 minutes or 90 minutes Lead Martin

4-Aug-19 Westcroft Centre, Options 60 minutes or 90 minutes Lead Martin

11-Aug-19 Wolverton House, Options 60 minutes or 90 minutes Lead Martin

17-Aug-19 Newport Pagnell High Street, behind Boots, Options 60 minutes or 90 minutes Lead Martin

25-Aug-19 Stony Stratford Cofferidge close, Options 60 minutes or 90 minutes Lead Martin

1-Sep-19 Talbot Inn, Loughton, Options 60 minutes or 90 minutes Lead Martin

Step Up runs – All 9:00am start – unless stated

The run is aimed at anyone wanting to do the main Sunday club run but in not able to run for the full time of the hour, the run is for 45 minutes and may include walking, then the group will go out for an extra 30 minutes, so you have an option on this run of 45 minutes or 75 minutes each week, the run does loop backs. This run is NOT for runners who can run 11 minute miles and quicker.

The Sunday club run and the Step Up runs start at 9.00 and finish at the same place unless stated.

Please remember to bring a drink and runners should follow the club guidelines at our sessions – click here for these.

Join us after the run for a tea / coffee Times are approximate & may change – all 9.00 start unless stated different.

Would just like to remind those who do the Sunday club runs that you need to be capable of running for the time the run lasts – our rule of thumb is you need to be able to run 80% of the total run time (or the full 60 minutes on the hour option) – we know the marathon training runs are a challenge so when you start you need to be fully fit or it will impact on the whole group. For example, if you have only run for an hour previously jumping the distance to 2 hours is not a good idea.

These are your and everyone’s training runs, and as the marathon gets nearer, they are your chance to have dress rehearsals of how the marathon day will go (so use them to try the kit you will wear, the nutrition before, during and after the run, etc).

For each run we will have a lead, and 2 x lead helpers together with a tail bike.

But we need your help to fill these roles.

The Run help will work within the group – so alternating between the front, middle and back of the group – letting the run lead know of any problems and making sure everyone is OK (you may not get to run at the pace you want – and sometimes you may need to sprint!) – so need to be able to run at a reasonable pace.

The tail bike is just that follows the last runner at all times and another helper for the run lead.

Finally if you are filling one of these roles – the run is not your run – but you are helping others and the club.

If we do not fill these roles for the run then the run may be cancelled – so please volunteer.

Volunteer by using the ‘contact us‘ button above.

Places we run from include, MK Dons Stadium, Kingston – Car Park K, Caldecotte Lake pub, Giffard Park pub, Furzton Lake pub, Stony Cofferidge Close, National Badminton Centre, Harvester, Willen Eastlake, Westcroft Centre, Newport Pagnell (behind Boots car park), Tescos Wolverton, Jamaican Cafe Wolverton Mill, Woughton leisure centre (Rainbow Drive, Leadenhall, MK6 5EJ)

All 9am – unless stated

21/7/19 Anne, drama run STARTS 9:15am from car park next to Asda, Oakridge Park, Stantonbury,Milton Keynes, MK14 6FF, a drama will unfold along the route so allow extra time and will not include extra option

28/7/19 Annette Giffard Park.
4/8/19 Terri Furzton Lake Pub.
11/8/19 Dom Wolverton House.
18/8/19 Steve R Talbot Inn, Loughton. MK5 8LB
25/8/19 Sophie Kingston Car Park K.
1/9/19 Andy Howe Park Cafe.