Sunday Run Plans

The Sunday runs are based on length of time runners will be running for, with the run we do loop backs so all runners keep together and the quickest runners will get more distance than at an easier pace. But everyone runs for the same amount of time.

All 9.00am unless stated different.

All 9:00am start – unless stated

29 Mar 15 Caldecotte Lake Pub (Windmill)
1 hour (Oakley and club trip Warsaw)
Lead: Alan Mck, Help; Abi, Paul CJ

5 Apr 15 Tescos, Kingston, zone K car park
2 hour 30 minutes run (1 hour drop out)
Lead: Martin, Help; tbc

12 Apr 15 Cofferidge Close (near Budgens) Stony Stratford
3 hour run (55 minute drop out in Bradwell or 1 hour 30 minutes Gifford pub – need to arrange own transport),Leg 1 of round MK relay route
Lead: Martin, Help;

19 Apr 15 Pub at Caldecotte Lake
2 hour run (1 hour drop out),
Lead: Martin, Help;

26 Apr 15 Bottledump roundabout
1 hour 30 minute run (London Marathon) Leg 4 of round MK relay route,
Lead: Martin, Help;

3 May 15 Newport Pagnell, behind Boots car park in High Street
1 hour 40 minutes run
Lead: Martin, Help;


10 May 15 Pub at Caldecotte Lake
1 hour 30 minute run, followed by Medal picnic
Lead: Martin, Help;

17 May 15 Round MK Relay
No run

Maybe subject to change

The Sunday club runs start at 9.00 and finish at the same place at the same place unless stated.

Please remember to bring a drink and runners should follow the club guidelines at our sessions – click here for these.

Join us after the run for a tea / coffee Times are approximate & may change - all 9.00 start unless stated different.

Would just like to remind those who do the Sunday Marathon training runs that you need to be capable of running for the time the run lasts – our rule of thumb is you need to be able to run 80% of the run – we know the marathon training runs are a challenge so when you start you need to be fully fit or it will impact on the whole group. For example, if you have only run for an hour previously jumping the distance to 2 hours is not a good idea.

These are your and everyone’s training runs, and as the marathon gets nearer, they are your chance to have dress rehearsals of how the marathon day will go (so use them to try the kit you will wear, the nutrition before, during and after the run, etc).

For each run we will have a lead, and 2 x lead helpers together with a tail bike.

But we need your help to fill these roles.

The Run help will work within the group – so alternating between the front, middle and back of the group – letting the run lead know of any problems and making sure everyone is OK (you may not get to run at the pace you want – and sometimes you may need to sprint!) – so need to be able to run at a reasonable pace.

The tail bike is just that follows the last runner at all times and another helper for the run lead.

Finally if you are filling one of these roles – the run is not your run – but you are helping others and the club.

If we do not fill these roles for the run then the run may be cancelled – so please volunteer.

Volunteer by using the ‘contact us‘ button above.


Who is this group suitable for?

Anyone who wants to run on a Sunday – see the full list we would expect runners to be able to run nearly all of the distance.

How do you keep the large group together?

We have found that doing loop backs works best and keeps the friendly focus of the club, the whole group loop round past the last runner then continue on the course – don’t worry the group are experienced in this method and it works really well.. For more on loop backs click here.

What do I need to bring?

Please read our runners guidelines click here, but you will want to come along ready to run, you should bring your own drinks, including water or food.

I am not a Redway Runner member can I join you?

Yes, please do come along and introduce yourself at the start of the session, try the club, and if you enjoy the have a look at the Join page.

What if I cannot complete the run?

Please ensure that you let the run lead know, before leaving the group, so we can ensure you are OK – also the run group is not searching MK for you.