Since the 14 June 2016 we have held a new Tuesday evening Explorer run led by Tim Giffen.

The Idea

We all have our favourite solo running routes around MK, if like me, these are typically between 4 – 6 miles and take in some wonderful sites around Milton Keynes. As a club we have an untapped wealth of routes that I would like to explore.

The Concept
Initially Tim Giffen will plan and design a number of routes around Milton Keynes to take runners out on, each taking in different parts of Milton Keynes; Redways, Canals, Woods and Lakes. The concept is to create a number of running routes for this group to run and explore other areas of MK outside of the norm. I will plan the first 4-6 weeks in advance and as the group progresses look internally to the runners for ideas for places to go; ether a suggested starting location that a route could be planned from or a known route they can share I could lead.

The Plan
Will look to run this group as a “social group”, the run will have loop backs to keep runners together.
It will start at 6.30pm prompt. (Runners will need sign in before hand)
We plan to do a warm up run to start with, no more than a mile (0.5mile out and back) with stretches from 6.10pm. (optional)
Initially the pace will be at 9.30 minute mile pace or quicker and anyone that attends will need to be able to run for at least an hour or more with out stopping.
The routes will be an hour long (ish) and will look to be between 4-6+ miles long dependent on runners pace.

Date Starting Venue Details Main Lead StepUp Lead
09/04/2019 Campbell park Parks Trust car park by the canal – MK9 4AD Tim Giffen SianM
16/04/2019 Bancroft Park MK13 0RB – Constantine Way, 2nd Left.  Parks Trust Car Park Tim Giffen SianM
23/04/2019 Aspley Woods MK17 9HZ – Longslade Lane car park, Church road. This car park is 1 mile along the road from Bow Brickhill church Tim Giffen SianM
30/04/2019 Whaddon Lowndes Arms, 4 High St, Whaddon,  MK17 0NA – special stay for post run drinks (you may be filmed – green tops great) Tim Giffen SianM
07/05/2019 Oakridge Park Oakridge Park, Milton Keynes MK14 6FF Tim Giffen SianM
14/05/2019 Woburn  use the public car park in Park Street MK17 9PG Tim Giffen SianM
21/05/2019 Woughton Park TBC (Check ER-RR Facebook page) Tim Giffen SianM
28/05/2019 Cranfield
 Court Road near the church MK43 0DR
Tim Giffen/Martin Sheppard SianM
04/06/2019 Waterhall Park (TBC) MK2 3FS – Parks Trust Car Park Tim Giffen SianM
11/06/2019 Aspley Woods MK17 8TS – Top of Church Road/Sandy Lane Tim Giffen SianM
18/06/2019 Newport Pagnell MK16 8JS – Behind the Medical Centre Tim Giffen SianM