Below is a list of all the club runs we have in the club – for new runners the best ones to start with are Monday evenings at 7pm or Wednesday mornings at 9.30am – see these below for more info

We have different runs for all levels, for beginners we have regular beginners 10 week free courses, details of these click here, then the Step Up runs are aimed at an easier pace and distance, they are then followed by our Social and Club runs.

For Zero to Hero click here Need for Speed click here Move on Up to…. click here Return to running/Mojo click here

For runs from David Lloyd the address is; Livingstone Dr, Milton Keynes MK15 0DL

We have a simple tool that might help you decide which run is best for you (works best on larger screens, like PC or Laptops). To try click the button


Step Up run meeting at David Lloyd reception, About 45 minutes running time. Led by Debbie

Recovery run, About 75 minutes running time. meets a different places each week, some weeks can be off road, dogs welcome, for runners about 10 minute mile pace and quicker, Led by Jim

  • 28 Jan Hazeley. Use public car park in Otterburn Crescent at the end of Portway H5 MK8 0NZ
  • 4 Feb Mursley. Park in the road opposite the Green Man MK17 0RT
  • 11 Feb Brickhill Woods. From Bow Brickhill village, at the war memorial turn into Church Road and park at the top on hard standing on the right. MK17 9LQ
  • 18 Feb Newport Pagnell. Use the long term car park behind Boots/Health Centre MK16 8PY
  • 25 Feb Stockgrove Park. Use the free Rammamere car park in Brickhill Road, LU7 0BA. From the Flying Fox roundabout on the A5 turn right towards Heath and Reach for just over a mile. Turn right into Brickhill Road and go uphill past the cafe entrance to Stockgrove Park. The free car park is at the top of the hill on the right.

Meet at Mercedes-Benz Training Centre, Delaware Drive, Tongwell, MK15 8BA, the runs will be back in time for runners wanting to do the 19:00 runs.

Step Up run led by GLENN for runners with average 5K / parkrun time of 35-42 minutes or 10:30 to 13 minute mile pace.

Step Up at a more gentle pace run for runners with average 5K / parkrun time of 40 minutes or over or 13 minute mile pace or over..

Social Run lead by Sally & Erin. Aimed for runners who run continuously for 45 – 55 minutes with 10:30 minute mile pace or quicker, with loop backs to keep the group together, distances varies on the loop backs covered by you! If your are at the front of step up then step outside your comfort zone with this group. Routes change weekly

Lake run, led by ANNE, this run follows set routes, you have the option of either, 2.3 miles, 3.4 miles or 4.4 miles, you run your own pace but need to run in pairs or groups, this run does not have a lead runner or a tail runner and does not do loop backs, to see the routes click here


Trailfinder run, Aspley Woods car park (via Woburn Sands) MK17 8TR, Approx. 4-5 miles run off road with loop backs, leads, Kevin, Simon, Janet and Jonathan. For more details click here

We have 2 runs meeting at Mercedes-Benz Training Centre, Delaware Drive, Tongwell, MK15 8BA

1) Social run – We have a ‘social’ run with the aim of the group to be fun and chatty. The route is about 4 miles and will be with loop backs as well to keep everyone together – so many runners will get more than the 4 miles. This run will be managed by Michelle for the club and will be a ‘crack!’ team who will take it in turns to lead the runs.
The pace of this group will be faster than step up but not unattainable so for anyone doing about 10 minute miles and quicker. the group has a tail runner each week.

2) Step Up group – This is led by Leigh, they do about 3+ mile route with loop backs, with a tail runner and suitable for runners who do over 10.5 minute mile pace.


Early Club run, meet at David Lloyd entrance barriers at 05:50am to leave at 06:00, pace 8:30 to 9:00 minute miles. Led by Ana Maria

Club run – Pace about 9 minute mile pace, meet at David Lloyd reception at 09.30. This is between 60 and 75 minutes. Led by Martin. Except last Tuesday of the month goes ‘On Tour’ and go at 9:45 so those coming from DL can drive over:

   **  29 January –  Wolverton House
   ** 26 February – route 51 venue tbc

Intervals with Gareth S. At 9.30am meeting at David Lloyd reception and will last maximum of one hour, each week will work on building your knowledge and ability across a range of interval sessions that will challenge and improve your running ability. This is a coached session suitable for all abilities, especially aimed at those who struggle with, or feel they are not ready to do intervals (you are!).

Step Up run A step up run led by Carol that does a loop back run about 45 minutes and an easier pace from David Lloyd barriers.

Club 640 run – This group runs at 6 minute 40 second a mile pace for about 4 miles, check 640 Facebook page for start location click here starts at 18.30 Led by Paul CJ

Club ”Explorer’ run – meet at different locations each week and explorer different areas of Milton Keynes. with two groups the Explorer run with pace up to 9 minute 30 second mile pace and for those over the Step Up Explorer run, More details click here at 18.30. The group is organised by Tim Giffen who leads the Explorer run (about 1 hour) and Sian Carter leads the Step Up Explorer run (about 45 minutes)


Early morning Club run – Meet at 05:00 at Caldecotte car park on Monellan Grove, for 9 mile route around 7-8 minute mile pace, led by Jen

Club run – All standards – meet at 09.30 prompt in David Lloyd reception, max 1 hour (we mix up runs with Interval sessions, hills or a handicap run). More info click here Led by Martin

Early evening runs – Meet at 18:00 at entrance barriers to David Lloyd, both the Step Up and Social runs are for 40 to 45 minutes, with;

Step Up run – led by Laura and Glenn, pace no quicker than 11 minute miles
Social run – led by Neil and Steph pace for those quicker than 11 minute mile

Step Up run – led by Karen C, Tattenhoe Sports Pavilion  (Holborn Crescent, Tattenhoe MK4 3EQ) at 18:00, pace no quicker than 10 min/mile (6 min/km) for about 40-50 minutes and once done a coffee or a cold beverage from the fully licensed bar.

Social run – led by Kevin T, Tattenhoe Sports Pavilion  (Holborn Crescent, Tattenhoe MK4 3EQ) at 18:00, pace quicker than 10 min/mile (6 min/km) for about 40-50 minutes and once done a coffee or a cold beverage from the fully licensed bar.

Gentle Step up, Splash Zone Car Park at Willen, this is a 3 to 4.5K route with loop backs aimed at those completing 5k in 40 mins or more, this run will be led by Lisa C

Track Night – We have track evenings at Stantonbury Track, led by Doug and Kevin, meet at 18:15. For members £1 per session and £3 for non Redway Runner members to cover track fees.

Step Up run meeting at Woughton Leisure Centre reception, Rainbow Drive, Chaffron Way, MK6 5EJ for a 45 minutes run, quickest speed 10 minute miles led by Kevin S

Step Up run meeting at entrance barriers to David Lloyd, About 45 minutes running time. Led by Paul C


Step Up run A step up run led by Debbie that does a loop back run about 45 minutes and an easier pace from David Lloyd reception.

Step Up run meeting at David Lloyd barriers, About 45 minutes running time. Led by Matthew S

Social run meeting at David Lloyd barriers, About 45 minutes running time. Led by Dom / Steve B

At 19.00 we have a number of runs meeting at the barriers to David Lloyd.

– Step Up to 10K Group that go a bit longer than the Monday night group with a 4 mile route, pace no quicker than 9.30 minutes per mile, also at 19:00.

– Intervals We also have two Intervals session, more info click here also at 19:00. We have Step Up intervals and standard interval sessions – the entry group is aimed at step up runners and those new to intervals who want to give it a try.

– Paced run, a 50 minute run that will aim for 8 minute 30 seconds a mile pace and will be over a 5 mile route with no loop backs, led by Paul CJ

– Social run, about 45 minutes running time. Led by Tara (starts 10 January 2019)


Club run 10 miles, pace between 8 and 9 minute miles, meet David Lloyd reception at 09.30. Led by Martin

Social run & drink, Starting either, Caldecotte lake pub, Furzton lake pub or Westcroft centre, Nut and Squirrel pub, after each run join them in the pub for a drink, at the end of each run will choose the location and type of run (i.e. social run, hill session, trails) for the following week, you need to be able to run for one hour. To check the session and start location go the the Friday eve Facebook page, click here.  Led by Chris J, Gary F and Alistair D


Gentle Step up, starting at the barriers to David Lloyd this will be aimed at runners over 14 minute miles, the route will be about 4k to 5k and will have loop backs to keep everyone together, this run will be led by Lottey


parkrun – 5k. Meet at parkrun start about 08:50 (run starts at 09:00) – all standards – free event. You must register on the parkrun website before attending and bring your barcode with you. You can register your club as ‘Redway Runners’ even if you have not joined as it is a free event, for more click here

Trailfinder Run – Redway Runners host fortnightly Trail runs in the summer (monthly in the winter).  These meet up at 10:00 at various venues around the Milton Keynes area.  The “standard” run covers anywhere between 5-6 miles in the hour.  The Step-Up run typically covers 4-5 miles over the hour.  Speed is no barrier as long as you can do the distance off road and don’t mind a bit of mud.  For more details click here


Longer club social runs, mostly with 60 or 90 minute option, from January to May, they are marathon training runs. At 09:00, see the Sunday Runs page for more details. click here


Step Up run A step up run that does a loop back run about 45 minutes (with option to do an additional 30 minutes at the end) all at an easier pace, maximum pace 11 minute miles at 09:00 more info click here.

Notes on Weekly runs table
Track last Wednesday of most months, see events page for dates

Wednesday 9.30 session alternates between a general run and an interval (strength/Stamina training) type session

Correct at 8 August 2018

To see some of the standard routes we use click here

Many of our club runs use loop backs to keep the group together for more on this click here


Non David Lloyd members must not park in the David Lloyd car park

What happens at the club runs?

All our groups a very slightly different but what normally happens is the runners gather from about 10 minutes before and may do warm ups, the run leader for the session should be there and will pass round a piece of paper for runners to write down their names so we can keep a record of numbers, we also ask that new runners complete a short form which includes an e-mail address so that we can add to our weekly mail with information about what is going on in the club.

New runners should say hi to the run leader, hopefully they will spot you anyway.

The run leader will take any paperwork that needs to be given to the club and when ready will give a briefing with any club notices or information about the run.

Then the run will take place. Do speak to the run leader if you have any problems or concerns.

At the end of the run there should be the opportunity to give feedback or comment and talk to other runners. If you have any issues do speak to the run leader or use contact us above.

Remember to do your cool down stretches.

Please read the runners guidelines below as well.

Guidelines for runners on club runs:

Obey the instructions of the run leader

All runners should come to the run having completed warm up and undertake cool downs after the run

If you have an injury or any medical issues please make it known to the run leader before the session starts

We would prefer you not to wear headphones/MP3 players

Please do not run more than two abreast on busy roads, redways, pavements, or multi-use trails and keep left. The goal is to share the redways/roads/trails, not hog them – be friendly with all others you see – it is easy to say morning/ evening

On designated route runs please stick to the route

Ensure you have a suitable drink to take with you or for when you return

Be mindful of your language and conversation content. Adult conversation does happen on group runs, but it should not go so far as to create an uncomfortable atmosphere for the group

All runners should wear appropriate clothing, i.e. reflective clothing/accessories and consider running with a head torch if running in the dark or if it will get dark during the run

During runs we will do our best to look after you, if you have any issues we will help you as much as reasonably possible, If you leave a run then please inform the run leader and you will then be responsible for yourself

If running with a dog it must be comfortable running with a group and kept under control at all times. You are responsible for your dog

We do not allow unaccompanied runners under 16 on our runs, If a person under 16 runs with us then someone must run who has parental control and that person must check with the run lead they are happy for the person under 16 to take part

If running with a buggy you may wish to check with the run leader to the suitability of the terrain, session prior to the session

Those runners who do not follow these guideline will not be allowed to run with the group