We realise with so many runs in the club at different times and days it can be difficult to choose the right run for you, so we have started to develop a tool to help you pick the right run or be able to work out which run might be the ones to work towards.

This is the first version and would like to develop it and if you can help with that (make it mobile friendly, an app, maybe) introduce more functionality, if you can help us, get in touch with us at rr@redwayrunners.com

Step 2 works best on larger screens, like PC or Laptops.

To try click button below:

Step 1

Select the band letter from the chart below

Step 2

Download this Excel file

Alternatively – this link:

Which runs tool at Redway Runners

In the Pace Band box put in the letter you selected above, you will then see the main runs for that pace band highlighted.

Step 3

To view more details on the runs you are interested in go to our weekly runs page