Club Run Leaders

Redway Runners currently put on around 50 runs every week for your enjoyment – we certainly could not do this without a large pool of Run Leads and helpers

We have put together a bio of the current (active) leads below so you know who we are, If you want to know about any of the runs on the club timetable then please do come and say hello to the Run Lead….most of us don’t bite!

Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence

Martin is the chair of Redway Runners, Martin says ‘I started running many years ago and first it was just for fitness and a chance for a social chat with friends, some things have not changed, but now I like to enter events as well, I may never be anywhere near the leaders but am happy when I get near my best times. My favourite race distance is half marathon and have completed over 150 half marathons now. But I have done a few marathons and will take part in any events, from cross country, extreme type runs to relays. I particularly like trying new events in new places – hence really enjoy the club trips

What I love about the running club is seeing new people who will first ask if they will be too slow for the club, coming along a few times then talking excitedly about anything from 5k to marathons.

Enjoy, Go for it, life’s too short – enjoy the journey.


Portia Simond

I have been a runner now for just over 8 years – most of this with Redway Runners. I’m a qualified UK Athletics Coach, one of the daytime running leaders and have lead the beginners group, step-up group and coaching sessions. I am currently running the zero2Hero programme (from absolute beginner to Marathon).

I’ve grown to love running, and have experienced first-hand the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise. I practice mindfulness. My style of coaching is non-judgemental and I create a safe environment so that my runners can gain confidence in their abilities.

I’m happy when people have a made the effort to become active. I love motivating people and I believe there is no such thing as a someone who “can’t run”. I get great satisfaction from seeing new runners achieve their first 5k in our beginners course, see them progress to upwards to 10K, half marathon, and some to full marathon distance.

I won the South East Run Together Leader of the Year award at the 2018 UK Athletics Volunteer Awards.

Doug Yabsley

Doug – born in the sixties – yes really!
A bit heavy to run fast, although once the good for weight category is introduced will be world class. Enjoys the social aspect of running, but is a qualified Athletics Coach. Job title: Professional Jogger – daytime running preferred.


Glenn Dickinson

I joined the Redway Runners in 2012. I hadn’t done much running before but having got myself a London marathon place and needed to get in shape for it! I then started helping out with one or two beginners groups. I took the Leadership in Running Fitness course in 2014 and since then have run a number of beginner’s courses. I run mainly to keep fit but also supporting beginners as they move on to other runs within the club. My wife Debbie and I have also been on a number of club trips. I’ve run as one of the official pacers in the MK half marathon and I represented the club on BBC’s Eggheads! Before 2012, I would never have believed that I’d ever join a running club. It turned out to be a life-changing decision!

Annette Smyth

I lost a lot of weight (5 stone) and decided to try running to help tone up. I joined the club because I was fed up running on my own but I so wish I’d done it sooner!

I love the fact that there is no speed discrimination and faster and slower (or coffee club runners as I prefer them to be called) run together using the loop back system.

I help and lead some of the beginners courses, the most rewarding job ever! It’s great seeing those runners competing in future events and club runs.

Richard Doherty

I started running on my own back in 2012, just to feel fitter, and quickly realised what I had been missing all these years! Then I decided to join a club. Redway Runners was a natural choice for me as we advertise ourselves as a “social club who also run.”

I have made many friends in the club, been on many club trips, and I am proud to say that I have now helped to run two beginners’ group sessions, and the most rewarding feeling is seeing “my” beginners run their first 5k. It is even more rewarding to see them join the club and also become valued members like myself. I am not quite sure why our club does so well, but Long may it continue!

Steve Boothby

Following my retirement from the prison service in Spring 2014 I planned to get some exercise and keep healthy. I started to go running by myself but loathed every minute. To go out on my own was always a struggle and needless to say the plan did not last long. I had never been an advocate for getting exercise.

Following some persuasion by my lovely wife we joined a beginners course with the Redway Runners in September 2015. This has got to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Initially it was tough going. I soon found out, however, that with the Redway Runners going for a run was enjoyable and fun. The emphasis on social running is very strong and we soon made new friends and found that our fitness and health was improving.

In spring 2016 my enthusiasm led to me helping on beginner’s groups and now I am to lead my own group having completed the run leaders course. My enthusiasm to help others to run is absolute.

Within ten months of starting to run I have frequently taken part in the local Park Run, run a couple of half marathons, and help and support the new Beginners groups. I have seen the benefits of running first hand and have never regretted the decision to start and join the Redway Runners.

If I can do it then so can others

Helen Wiggins

I joined Redway Runners in January 2014 just to get a bit fitter. I never expected being a runner to change my life as it has done, and continues to do.

In the short time of being involved in this wonderful club I’ve met amazing people, achieved things that I never thought of and enjoy feeling fitter and stronger than ever.


Leigh Steere

Leigh takes the Monday and Thursday Step Up Runs and, although she can shout loudly, is really a pussycat.

Debbie Dickinson

Debbie Dickinson

Hi I’m Debbie. I joined the Redway Runners beginners group in May 2012 and I’m still running.
I have taken part in many races. I run on average three times a week with the club at an easy pace. I help out on runs and I love the social side to Redway Runners, I have a whole new green family. I work for Weight Watchers, eating healthily and running is such a great way to lead a happy healthy life. Love RR!

Neil Solanki

My name is Neil – People call me ‘half man, half amazing’ (by people, I mean just myself). I have been running with the club since April 2014 and have gained some sort of reputation. I have had a number of marathons under my belt! You could call me a marathon snob as I mix marathon runs with travel. I lead the Wednesday 6pm runs, which is suitable for those who can run 5km onwards. I like to mix up the runs which tends to always include some sort is hill work.

Neil Solanki

Laura Dickinson

I joined the Redway Runners back in 2014 to support my Dad (Glenn) on his first leading of a beginners course, little did I know at the time I couldn’t run for toffee! I then completed the course and carried on to help with others on their journey into running. Very much a ‘short distance’ runner as a pose to a marathon runner most runners in the club know me as a cheerer at the longer races, as my parents Glenn and Debbie run half marathons regularly with the odd full thrown in too. My favourite event of the year is Bournemouth Marathon Festival which has something for all the family as well as it being a weekend on the beach. If I hadn’t had been exhausted after week 1 of beginners I would never have run but now I couldn’t imagine what our life would be like without the Club.


Stuart Sullivan

Stuart Sullivan

Stuart looks after the Monday evening Club Run and has championed this run very successfully over the last year and has seen its popularity grow significantly….he puts it all down to his charm but we are yet to be convinced.

Paul Carter

Paul shares leading the Monday Club Run with Stuart when he’s not dressed in a wetsuit splashing round box end!

Paul Carter


Martin Sheppard

Martin Sheppard

Martin is the linchpin of the Social Runs, leading both on the Monday rota and Thursdays. Even when not leading the Monday run he is normally there helping at the front in his usual enthusiastic style!

Julie Martin

As well as a marathon runner extraordinaire and RR committee member, Julie also loves leading the Monday Social Run.

Julie Martin

Tim Giffin

Tim was asked for a brief bio for this section and his reply was……. I run coz I like to!.

Maurice O’Connell

Our Monday Social line up is completed by Maurice, famous for his marathon exploits….and rhubarb!.

Paul Clifford-Jones

Paul has been out of action for a few months but gradually working his way back to fitness – he is back now sharing the lead on the Thursday evening social run.

Jim Miller

Jim leads the Monday morning recovery run with dogs welcome and the odd bit of history and mud thrown in


Jonathan Clements

Jonathan leads the Thursday evening interval group as well as taking turns on the Monday Social Run.


Ana Maria Cabal

I started running back in Colombia 17 years ago and since then I’ve never stopped! I find running inspiring, challenging and mostly life changing. I love to encourage others to feel this way about running too.
After moving to Milton Keynes in October 2014 I found a new running home in Redway Runners. For those who haven’t met me I am the little woman with the foreign accent who leads a very EARLY morning run at 6am and helps out Leigh with Step-Up to 10K on Thursday’s…and yes I never stop motivating. Enjoy every minute of your next run!

Jen Sangster

Hi I’m Jen, aka ‘Stealth’ as named by some of my Redway Runner friends! I joined RR about 5 years ago just after my second little boy was born as a way to get back into fitness and socialise too. Wow, how little did I know that decision would change my life! I now run marathons and ultras on a regular (sometimes too regular!) basis and love providing help and advice to anyone who needs it. I’m also well known for my very ‘early early’ morning runs that start at 5am! Yes, I am nuts!


Run leads helpers:

We have a great pool of Run Leads but each run also has a number of regular ‘helpers’ to ensure we have a smooth and safe run. There are too many to name on this page but they are just as integral to the runs as the Run Lead

If anyone is interested in becoming a Run Lead (Full training and support will be provided!) then please drop a note to or speak to any run lead

Run leaders guidelines and New Runners forms are under the forms section of the Run Leaders Facebook group.