1970’s Run Series

[av_image src=’https://www.redwayrunners.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/MK50-300×176.jpg’ attachment=’6948′ align=’center’ animation=’no-animation’ link=” target=”] [av_hr class=’default’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’] [av_heading tag=’h3′ padding=’10’ heading=’1970’s RUN SERIES – THURSDAY 29TH JUNE’ color=” style=” custom_font=” size=” subheading_active=” subheading_size=’15’][/av_heading] [av_hr class=’default’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’] [av_image src=’https://www.redwayrunners.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/70s-300×300.jpg’ attachment=’7428′ align=’center’ animation=’no-animation’ link=” target=”] [av_hr class=’default’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’] [av_textblock] Aside from the best people being born in the 1970’s, the decade saw Milton Keynes grow amazingly The extract below is taken from the MK50 official site and documents some of the key activities in that decade (Click HERE to visit the MK50 site for further information) 1970 Sir John Dankworth and Dame Cleo Laine found The Stables music organisation in the stable block of their home. 1973 Bletchley Leisure Centre opened with its iconic pyramid building which housed the pool, later redeveloped. The Milton Keynes Museum was founded by volunteers as the Stacey Hill Society. 1974 Under the Local Government Act (1972), Milton Keynes District was formed by the merger of the urban districts of Bletchley, Newport Pagnell and Wolverton, Newport Pagnell Rural District and part of Wing Rural District. The district was awarded borough status in the same year. The Community Workshop in Galley Hill was opened. 1975 Inter-Action MK is established at Peartree Bridge, offering a venue dedicated to community arts. Milton Keynes City Orchestra is established by Hilary Davan Wetton with a remit to use classical music to transfer the city’s image. 1976 The Railway Cottages in New Bradwell were restored by MK Development Corporation to create an alternative type of living for residents. The Street became a Cooperative. 1978 Liz Leyh creates the Concrete Cows at Stacey Hill Farm (now Milton Keynes Museum). Queen at centremk 1979 Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre was opened in September – the first ‘shopping mall’ in the UK. The Milton Keynes Bowl opened with a Soul in the Bowl concert [/av_textblock] [av_gallery ids=’7433,7431,7434,7436,7435,7432′ style=’thumbnails’ preview_size=’portfolio’ crop_big_preview_thumbnail=’avia-gallery-big-crop-thumb’ thumb_size=’portfolio’ columns=’6′ imagelink=’lightbox’ lazyload=’avia_lazyload’] [av_hr class=’default’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’] [av_textblock ] Our 1970’s Run will visit some of the iconic development from the decade. The route is just over 5 miles in total and will visit (among other things) : Willen lake which completed in 1974 as the first ‘balancing lake’ in Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Shopping Centre which started construction in 1974 and opened in 1979 Lloyds Court which opened in 1975 and was the first office building in CMK The Black Horse sculpture outside Lloyd Court which was designed by Elizabeth Frink in 1978 Secklow Hundred which the moot mound of the Secklow Hundred was found, excavated and reconstructed, prior to it being overlain with the development of central Milton Keynes in 1978. It is on the highest point in the central area The Peace Pagoda which was erected by Buddhist Monks in 1979 The run will start and finish at Weastherspoons 201 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 1EA…….the tentative link here being that the first Weatherspoons opening (In Muswell Hill) in 1979!! The meeting point offers plenty of parking nearby and the chance for a hard earned cold drink after the run SEE YOU ON THURSDAY 29TH JUNE AT 7PM FOR A JAUNT THROUGH THE 1970’s FANCY DRESS IS POSITIVELY ENCOURAGED ON THE NIGHT [/av_textblock] [av_image src=’https://www.redwayrunners.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/1970s-route-300×169.jpg’ attachment=’7438′ align=’center’ animation=’no-animation’ link=” target=”]