Track Running

Redway Runners use the fantastic MK track facility at Stantonbury Campus Athletics Stadium.

Looking to get faster? Doing speed-work sessions at track can definitely help you improve your race times and your overall fitness.


What to expect?

Following arrival and registration at 17:50 you will get a thorough warm-up which is critical ahead these type of workouts. The workouts themselves will be different each session but will be variations on the speedwork theme. These sessions are designed for all runners and you will push yourself to your own limits.


Stantonbury Campus Athletics Stadium, Stantonbury, Milton Keynes, MK14 6BN.


Track map

Who for?

All running abilities. Most sessions will offer two versions of the same workout. There will be an entry level set and a standard level set.

Why Track?

Speedwork/Intervals are a great complement to well a rounded running programme. The consistent and measurable nature of track makes this a perfect speedwork training venue. Furthermore, building strength at this type of session also helps with injury prevention.

Why not?

Why not come and give track a try.

How much?

Free for fully paid members. Not a member, not as problem join for just £5 that last till 31 March next year.


We have weekly track sessions 18:00-19:00. Please arrive from 17:50 to register and warm up.


See you there

Track Leads

Track 1 Mile Time Trials

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All Time Track 1 Mile Times CLICK HERE..

Track Testimonials

Kevin Track 2

Kevin Orchard (left) – represents GBR in Duathlons

“I use track regularly as part of my training regime aimed at speeding up my 5K times and the way I finish any race.

It gives me the confidence to push harder at key moments as I know what I am capable of doing from the sessions.  It is also a lot of fun (especially the relay at the end) and gets everyone together in a small area so it’s impossible to get lost!

I would strongly recommend the sessions to runners of all abilities”.

James D Track

James Dwight (right)

“Regularly attending track sessions has really helped my confidence to maintain a faster pace for longer, across all forms of my running.

I find the track sessions are great for all abilities and very inclusive, I can’t recommend them highly enough.