Running with us

What happens at Club runs

The good news is we are accepting new members and membership is just £5 for the year to the 31 March, if you want to join just click the ‘Join Us’ button at the top of the page.

For the schedule of weekly runs click here

Types of runs we have:

The club have various levels of runs, after beginners’ groups, the entry level is our Step Up /Gentle Step Up/Run-Walk-Run groups these tend to be an easier pace at a shorter distance.

Then we move on to Club / Social runs in the club, these will often be about an hour of running and a bit of a quicker pace then the entry runs

We also do have a few other runs like Paced runs, these tend to do a run at a set pace per mile for a set number of miles and they normally follow a set route.

The runs are at all times with weekday mornings and evenings, plus weekend running

What happens at a run?

You need to go along to the run ready to run, and best to do any warm ups before the start, if it is your first run with the club say hi to the run lead, the run lead will check who they have and give any important announcements, then the run will start, most runs will have a tail runner and the group at certain points will all turn and run back to the tail runners (we call this a loop back). Click here for more about loop backs

The run will finish at the same place at the start and runners then disperse but if you have any questions/feedback do see the run lead.

If you have joined and are new, do say hi to the run lead at the start so they can welcome you and tell you about the run.


At the run

All our groups are slightly different but normally, runners gather about 10 minutes before the run time and may do warm-ups.  The run leader for the session should be there and will pass round a piece of paper for runners to write their names so we can keep a record of numbers.

The run leader will give a briefing with any club notices or information about the run, and then the run will begin.   If you have any problems or concerns do let the run leader know before the run starts.

At the end of the run there will be an opportunity to give feedback and talk to other runners.  Remember to do your cool down stretches!

If you experienced any issues during the run or have any feedback post-run, do speak to the run leader or get in touch through our Contact page.

By joining one of our runs, all participants agree to abide by our running guidelines.

Runner guidelines

Runners who do not follow these guidelines will not be allowed to run with the group:

  • Obey the instructions of the run leader
  • Runners should complete a warm up before a run and undertake cool downs after the run
  • If you have an injury, do not feel well or any medical issues, please make it known to the run leader before the session starts
  • We prefer you not to wear headphones/MP3 players
  • Please do not run more than two abreast on busy roads, redways, pavements, or multi-use trails.  Please keep to the left. The goal is to share the redways/roads/trails and not hog them!  Please be friendly with all others you see – it is easy to say good morning/evening!
  • On designated route runs, please stick to the route
  • Ensure you have a suitable drink to take with you or for when you return
  • Be mindful of your language and conversation content.  Adult conversation happens on group runs, but they should not create an uncomfortable atmosphere for the group
  • All runners should wear appropriate clothing, i.e. reflective clothing/accessories and consider running with a head torch if running in the dark or if it will get dark during the run
  • During runs we will do our best to look after you, if you have any issues, we will help as much as reasonably possible. If you leave a run then please inform the run leader and you will then be responsible for yourself
  • If running with a dog it must always be comfortable running with a group and kept under control at all times. You are responsible for your dog
  • We do not allow unaccompanied runners under 16 on our runs. If a person under 16 runs with us then someone must run who has parental control and that person must check with the run lead, they are happy for the person under 16 to take part
  • If running with a buggy you may wish to check with the run leader to the suitability of the terrain, session prior to the session

Club Welfare Officers

Redway Runners have four trained Welfare Officers. The welfare officers support the club and the committee to implement Safe Guarding policy and practice. If you have any concerns and would like to talk to someone they are available at various club runs or you can WhatsApp/text them in the first instance to arrange a discussion.

You do not need to give any details in your message other than your name and tell them you want to talk. If you do not get a reply please either message again or message another member of the Welfare Team.

  • Rena 07764 193205
  • Elliot 07771 157487
  • Ros 07947 478188
  • Michelle 07771 157487

If you are an adult who is worried about a child you can also call NSPCC on 0808 800 5000 If you are a young person or a child and you need help you can also call NSPCC on 0800 1111