Who’s racing where?

This page shows who is intending to race where – so that runners can hook up together on the day or maybe train together or just so you know who to look for on race day. This table is updated weekly, updates need to completed by Tuesday and table normally updated on Wednesday

Redway Runners take no responsibility for accuracy of the information. Being listed on this page does not mean you are entered for the event.

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Last update 25 January 2023 – 18:30

Event dateEventNameDistance
29/01/2023Longleat 10kAlison Miller10K
04/02/2023Torremolinos 5KDebbie Dickinson5K
04/02/2023Torremolinos 5KGlenn Dickinson5K
04/02/2023Torremolinos 5KKaren Lawrence5K
04/02/2023Torremolinos 5KMartin Lawrence5K
05/02/2023Torremolinos HalfDebbie DickinsonHalf Marathon
05/02/2023Torremolinos HalfGlenn DickinsonHalf Marathon
05/02/2023Torremolinos HalfKaren LawrenceHalf Marathon
05/02/2023Torremolinos HalfMartin LawrenceHalf Marathon
19/02/2023Cattle Creep... A Little FurtherCaroline Mackenzie10 Miles
19/02/2023Cattle Creep... A Little FurtherColin Whittaker10 Miles
19/02/2023Cattle Creep... A Little FurtherPatricia M10 Miles
19/02/2023Cattle Creep... A Little FurtherSue Aspinall10 Miles
26/02/2023Hampton Court HalfGary HowardHalf Marathon
26/02/2023The One Where No-one's Ready To RunBrigitte CoxHalf Marathon
26/02/2023The One Where No-one's Ready To RunMartin StorerHalf Marathon
26/02/2023Welly trail halfCaroline MackenzieHalf Marathon
04/03/2023The Woodlands Marathon, TexasAndy EvansMarathon
05/03/2023Berkhamsted half marathonKate BurnHalf Marathon
05/03/2023TTP Cambridge Half MarathonCaroline MackenzieHalf Marathon
05/03/2023TTP Cambridge Half MarathonJohn FlanaganHalf Marathon
05/03/2023TTP Cambridge Half MarathonKathryn DunhamHalf Marathon
05/03/2023TTP Cambridge Half MarathonMaurice O'ConnellHalf Marathon
05/03/2023Tokyo MarathonJulie MartinMarathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague 10KDebbie DickinsonHalf Marathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague 10KGlenn DickinsonHalf Marathon
12/03/2023MK Festival of Running 10KChristian Dyer10K
12/03/2023MK Festival of Running 10KClaire Estick10K
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague 10KAndrew Baldwin10K
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague 10KHelen Vaughan10K
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague 10KKaren Lawrence10K
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague 10KLen Vaughan10K
12/03/2023MK Festival of Running 20Amber Snell20 Miles
12/03/2023MK Festival of Running 20Carol Downs20 Miles
12/03/2023MK Festival of Running 20Gary Howard20 Miles
12/03/2023MK Festival of Running 20Kate Winters20 Miles
12/03/2023MK Festival of Running 20Niam Hani20 Miles
12/03/2023MK Festival of Running HalfColin WhittakerHalf Marathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague HalfAndrew MuncieHalf Marathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague HalfAndy SparrowHalf Marathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague HalfColin KunzHalf Marathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague HalfMartin LawrenceHalf Marathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague HalfMartin StorerHalf Marathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague HalfPeter RodwellHalf Marathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague HalfRichard RangerHalf Marathon
12/03/2023NN CPC Loop Den Haag, Hague HalfTracy RollandHalf Marathon
19/03/2023Twin Lakes 20 milesClaire Estick20 Miles
19/03/2023Twin Lakes 20 milesColin Whittaker20 Miles
19/03/2023Twin Lakes 20 milesGary Howard20 Miles
19/03/2023Twin Lakes 20 milesRichard Ranger20 Miles
19/03/2023Rome MarathonGarry BiddleMarathon
19/03/2023Rome MarathonRose BiddleMarathon
25/03/2023Ashridge Boundary RunStephanie Spencer16.5 miles
25/03/2023Ashridge Boundary RunDaria Croker19K
25/03/2023Battersea Run FestKarl Coutts5K
26/03/2023Hampton Court Palace HalfBrigitte CoxHalf Marathon
01/04/2023The Oner - Rab’s UltraPaul Cureton84 Miles
02/04/2023London Landmarks HalfStephanie Spencer1 Mile, Half Marathon
02/04/2023London Landmarks HalfAmanda smithHalf Marathon
02/04/2023London Landmarks HalfCarla JohnsonHalf Marathon
02/04/2023London Landmarks HalfClaire EstickHalf Marathon
02/04/2023London Landmarks HalfLauraHalf Marathon
02/04/2023London Landmarks HalfRyan ScarboroughHalf Marathon
02/04/2023London Landmarks HalfStephanie MortHalf Marathon
02/04/2023Brighton MarathonDee MendezMarathon
02/04/2023Brighton MarathonGarry BiddleMarathon
02/04/2023Brighton MarathonMatthew clearyMarathon
02/04/2023Great Welsh MarathonMartin StorerMarathon
02/04/2023Paris MarathonGobiMarathon
16/04/2023Manchester MarathonGary HowardMarathon
16/04/2023Manchester MarathonJohn FlanaganMarathon
16/04/2023Manchester MarathonSimon BillennessMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonAlison MillerMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonAmanda smithMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonAngela NichollsMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonAnne OsbornMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonCarol DownsMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonCaroline BeecheyMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonChristine ZiyaMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonClaire EstickMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonDan MilesMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonEmma LeeMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonFionaMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonFiona WilmoreMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonJodie FogliaMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonJohn FlanaganMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonJonathan BrownMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonLaura BeecheyMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonLiga GrayMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonLouise PageMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonMieke JordanMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonNiam HANIMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonNicky GillMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonRoss LeeMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonStephanie SpencerMarathon
23/04/2023TCS London MarathonTara NeedhamMarathon
30/04/2023MK Marathon W/End RocketAmanda smith5K
01/05/2023MK Marathon W/End HalfAmanda smithHalf Marathon
01/05/2023MK Marathon W/End HalfColin WhittakerHalf Marathon
01/05/2023MK Marathon W/End HalfGary HowardHalf Marathon
01/05/2023MK Marathon W/End MarathonKate WintersMarathon
01/05/2023MK Marathon W/End MarathonMatthew clearyMarathon
01/05/2023MK Marathon W/End MarathonNiam HaniMarathon
01/05/2023MK Marathon W/End MarathonOlivia DruryMarathon
01/05/2023MK Marathon W/End MarathonSanna QuinnMarathon
02/05/2023London Winter 10kRoberta Musson10K
13/05/2023Jurassic Coast ChallengeStephanie Spencer100K
21/05/2023Great West RunGary HowardHalf Marathon
04/06/2023Two Tunnels Half MarathonRyan ScarboroughHalf Marathon
15/06/2023Cattle CreepColin Whittaker10K
15/06/2023Cattle CreepMatthew cleary10K
17/06/2023MK24Sanna Quinn100K
17/06/2023MK24Kate Winters24 Hour Challenge
17/06/2023MK24Colin Whittaker24 hr Challenge
18/06/2023MK24Colin Whittaker24 hr Challenge
08/07/2023Race to the StonesOlivia Drury100K
08/07/2023Race to the StonesPeter Bennett100K
06/08/2023Cowman stampede triathlonMatthew clearyTriathlon sprint (750m,20k,5k)
17/09/2023Enigma Sonic & Tails Half MarathonKate WintersHalf Marathon
23/09/2023Tissington Trail HalfSimon KingtonHalf Marathon
24/09/2023Tissington Trail HalfColin WhittakerHalf Marathon
15/10/2023York 10 milesSimon Kington10 Miles
26/10/2023Cattle CreepyColin Whittaker10K
04/11/2023Enigma Fireworks Half MarathonKate WintersHalf Marathon
02/12/2023Exeter HalfRoberta MussonHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfChristian DyerHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfColin WhittakerHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfGary HowardHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfKate WintersHalf Marathon
24/12/2023Enigma The Christmas Die Hard Half MarathonKate WintersHalf Marathon