Who’s racing where?

This page shows who is intending to race where – so that runners can hook up together on the day or maybe train together or just so you know who to look for on race day. This table is updated weekly, updates need to completed by Tuesday and table normally updated on Wednesday

Redway Runners take no responsibility for accuracy of the information. Being listed on this page does not mean you are entered for the event.

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Last update 27 September 2023 – 15:30

Event dateEvent nameNameEvent Distance
01/10/2023Cardiff Half MarathonDavid RoseHalf Marathon
01/10/2023Cardiff Half MarathonKathryn DunhamHalf Marathon
01/10/2023Great Scottish RunMark Cameron10K
01/10/2023Jersey MarathonSha KhanMarathon
01/10/2023Loch Ness MarathonNikki NormanMarathon
01/10/2023Rugby Half MarathonDavid ArgentHalf Marathon
01/10/2023World athletics road championships- RigaStephen Warner1 Mile
01/10/2023World athletics road championships- RigaStephen Warner5K
01/10/2023World athletics road championships- RigaStephen WarnerHalf Marathon
06/10/2023Atlantic Coast ChallengeStephen WarnerMarathon
07/10/2023Atlantic Coast ChallengeStephen WarnerMarathon
08/10/2023Atlantic Coast ChallengeStephen WarnerMarathon
08/10/2023Bournemouth 10kAnne Bonson10K
08/10/2023Bournemouth HalfCaroline McEvaddyHalf Marathon
08/10/2023Bournemouth HalfGary HowardHalf Marathon
08/10/2023Bournemouth HalfKatie WallHalf Marathon
08/10/2023Bournemouth HalfMaria GrayHalf Marathon
08/10/2023Bournemouth HalfSam MarganHalf Marathon
08/10/2023Bournemouth HalfSteve CandlinHalf Marathon
08/10/2023Chester MarathonLorrie AdamsMarathon
08/10/2023Chicago MarathonAndy CollinsMarathon
08/10/2023Chicago MarathonNeil StoneMarathon
08/10/2023Ridgeway Run TringSanna Quinn15K
08/10/2023Ridgeway Run TringChris Price9.35 miles
08/10/2023Royal Parks Half MarathonNicky SaundersHalf Marathon
08/10/2023Royal Parks Half MarathonSheila McBreartyHalf Marathon
08/10/2023Royal Parks Half MarathonShishank MathurHalf Marathon
08/10/2023Royal Parks Half MarathonTracey FennellHalf Marathon
15/10/2023Amsterdam MarathonAndy EvansMarathon
15/10/2023Amsterdam MarathonAshleigh PhilpMarathon
15/10/2023Buckingham 10kLisa Lines10K
15/10/2023Buckingham 10kSue Flynn10K
15/10/2023Cambridge Town & GownKarl Coutts10K
15/10/2023Forest Runner - 10K Run (Salcey Forest)Alice Tucker10K
15/10/2023Great South RunIan Stevens10 Miles
15/10/2023Oxford Half MarathonImtiaz HashamHalf Marathon
15/10/2023Oxford Half MarathonVikki QuinnHalf Marathon
15/10/2023Palma MarathonAlan MatthewsMarathon
15/10/2023York 10 milesSimon Kington10 Miles
15/10/2023Yorkshire MarathonTara NeedhamMarathon
21/10/2023Langdale MarathonNeil StoneMarathon
22/10/2023Duxford DashKarl Coutts5K
22/10/2023Duxford DashSue flynn5K
22/10/2023Kingston halfMolly ClarkeHalf Marathon
22/10/2023Valencia Half MarathonPhil AtkinsHalf Marathon
26/10/2023Cattle CreepyColin Whittaker10K
26/10/2023Cattle Creepy 10kStevie Loft10K
28/10/2023Brutal HogmoorNoah Cooper-Bennett10K
28/10/2023Brutal HogmoorPeter Bennett10K
28/10/2023Snowdonia MarathonStephanie SpencerMarathon
29/10/2023Dublin MarathonMaurice O'ConnellMarathon
03/11/2023Enigma Z Cars HalfGary HowardHalf Marathon
04/11/2023Enigma Fireworks Half MarathonKate WintersHalf Marathon
05/11/2023Hertfordshire Half MarathonRichard RangerHalf Marathon
05/11/2023RunThrough HertfordshireKate Aldridge10K
12/11/2023Fuengirola Half MarathonGábor BánfaiHalf Marathon
18/11/2023Brutal Spider HillNoah Cooper-Bennett10K
18/11/2023Brutal Spider HillPeter Bennett10K
18/11/2023Dirt Half ChallengeChris PriceHalf Marathon
18/11/2023Dirt Half ChallengeColin WhittakerHalf Marathon
18/11/2023Dirt Half ChallengeGary HowardHalf Marathon
18/11/2023Dirt Half ChallengeOlivia DruryHalf Marathon
18/11/2023Dirt Half ChallengeSimon BillennessHalf Marathon
19/11/2023Gosport Half MarathonIan StevensHalf Marathon
19/11/2023Hampton Court Palace 10kSam Margan10K
19/11/2023St Neots HalfMaurice O'ConnellHalf Marathon
19/11/2023St Neots HalfMolly ClarkeHalf Marathon
26/11/2023Benalmadena 10KAnne Bonson10K
26/11/2023Benalmadena 10KKaren Lawrence10K
26/11/2023Benalmadena Half MarathonMartin LawrenceHalf Marathon
02/12/2023Exeter HalfRoberta MussonHalf Marathon
03/12/2023Lisbon Half marathonHeidi TowseHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfChris LynhamHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfChristian DyerHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfColin WhittakerHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfEillien GallagherHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfGary HowardHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfHelen TuckerHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfKate WintersHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfKatie WallHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfMichelle LewisHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfPeter BennettHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfRichard RangerHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfSanna QuinnHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfSteve StandleyHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfStevie LoftHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfSue flynnHalf Marathon
10/12/2023MK Winter HalfVikki QuinnHalf Marathon
24/12/2023Enigma The Christmas Die Hard Half MarathonKate WintersHalf Marathon
30/12/2023Brutal LongmoorNoah Cooper-Bennett10 Miles
30/12/2023Brutal LongmoorPeter Bennett10 Miles
07/01/2024Oundle New Year 10kColin Whittaker10K
12/02/2024Marriott’s Way TrailNick CostinMarathon
03/03/2024Cambridge Half MarathonMaurice O'ConnellHalf Marathon
03/03/2024Cambridge Half MarathonTara NeedhamHalf Marathon
07/04/2024London Landmarks Half MarathonLouise PageHalf Marathon
07/04/2024London Landmarks Half MarathonMark PollottHalf Marathon
14/04/2024Manchester MarathonRichard RangerMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London MarathonJo RipleyMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London MarathonMark PollottMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London MarathonNikki NormanMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London MarathonSam MarganMarathon
06/05/2024MK MarathonTanya DickensHalf Marathon
10/08/2024Paris 2024 Marathon Pour TousStephanie SpencerMarathon