Who’s racing where?

This page shows who is intending to race where – so that runners can hook up together on the day or maybe train together or just so you know who to look for on race day. This table is updated weekly, updates need to completed by Tuesday and table normally updated on Wednesday

Redway Runners take no responsibility for accuracy of the information. Being listed on this page does not mean you are entered for the event.

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Last update 17 April 2024 – 15:45

Event dateEvent nameNameEvent Distance
20/04/2024Leicester 3 PeaksRachel Edwards 16 Miles
21/04/2024Shakespeare HalfGary HowardHalf Marathon
21/04/2024Shakespeare MarathonAndrew Watt Marathon
21/04/2024Shakespeare MarathonPaul SmithMarathon
21/04/2024Shakespeare MarathonPhilip Bunney Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Abi GoochMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Adrian LindenMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Alice WiseMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Allister McHarrieMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Andrea BatesMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Andy RiddyMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Anne Osborn Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Callum MacraeMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Daria Croker Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon David BrazierMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Dianne Garley Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Emma Jacobs Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Emma LeeMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Heather CecilMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Helen Blucher-AltonaMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Jane HammondsMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Jemma Roughley Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Jennifer Sangster1 Mile, Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Jenny WatsonMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Jillian CooperMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Jo RipleyMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Jo ThomasMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Jodie FogliaMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Julie Martin Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Liga GrayMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Lucinda LouthMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Mark PollottMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Martin Storer Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Matt HarrisMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Nat HaynesMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Nicola church Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Nikki NormanMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Nikki TorrieMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Paul StephensMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Peter Rodwell Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Piers VallanceMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Rebecca PlantMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Richard Henry Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Robert goffMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Ryan James Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Sam Margan Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Sarah Bird Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Tom MoloneyMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Toni PowellMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Uzma Peeran Marathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon Yvette HartMarathon
21/04/2024TCS London Marathon (Virtual Event only)David AllenMarathon
21/04/2024Tissington Trail MarathonKerry ShevlanMarathon
28/04/2024Belgrade 10kPhil Thompson10K
28/04/2024Belgrade HalfDebbie Dickinson Half Marathon
28/04/2024Belgrade HalfGlenn Dickinson Half Marathon
28/04/2024Belgrade HalfJuliet ThompsonHalf Marathon
28/04/2024Belgrade HalfKaren Lawrence Half Marathon
28/04/2024Belgrade HalfMartin LawrenceHalf Marathon
28/04/2024Belgrade HalfPatricia MafoloHalf Marathon
28/04/2024Belgrade MarathonElliot ArmitageMarathon
28/04/2024Belgrade MarathonSarah ArmitageMarathon
28/04/2024Bison Standard DuathlonRachel EdwardsDuathlon
28/04/2024Boston (Lincs) MarathonDavid AllenMarathon
28/04/2024Newport MarathonKathryn DunhamMarathon
28/04/2024Norfolk MarathonCraig CostineMarathon
28/04/2024Norfolk MarathonNick Costin Marathon
28/04/2024Norfolk MarathonStewart JeevesMarathon
28/04/2024Stevington 12KSanna Quinn 12K
28/04/2024Stevington 12KTony Welsh12K
28/04/2024Worthing Half Marathon Fiona WilmoreHalf Marathon
01/05/2024EMGP1 Silverstone 10KCaroline Saunders 10K
01/05/2024EMGP1 Silverstone 10KChris Lynham10K
01/05/2024EMGP1 Silverstone 10KChristian Dyer10K
01/05/2024EMGP1 Silverstone 10KDarren Saunders 10K
01/05/2024EMGP1 Silverstone 10KEmma Wright 10K
01/05/2024EMGP1 Silverstone 10KTony Welsh 10K
05/05/2024Hitchin 10kBen Folkes10K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketAlex Mannas5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketAlice Wise5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketAmber Holland 5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketAndrew Muncie 5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketBabs Lisgarten5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketBasem Mousa5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketBaz Norman5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketChristian Dyer5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketChristopher Poole 5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketCristiana Saudella5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketDavid Argent5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketJackie Carroll5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketJennifer Sangster5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketJulia Dive5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketKaren Willis5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketMarine5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketMark Pollott5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketNatasha Small5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketPaul Harwood5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketRichard Ranger5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketShaun Whitehead 5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketSimon kington5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketTony Welsh 5K
05/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RocketVictoria moody5K
05/05/2024Uppingham Sprint Triathlon Rachel Edwards Triathlon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfAlice WiseHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfAmber HollandHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfBabs LisgartenHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfChristian DyerHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfDavid ArgentHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfEillien GallagherHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfEvie SavageHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfFiona WilmoreHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfGary HowardHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfGlenn Dickinson Half Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfGlenn Nicholls Half Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfJames FormanHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfJulia Dive Half Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfLauren HartleyHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfMarineHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfMark PollottHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfRajan KashyapHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfRichard RangerHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfSimon kingtonHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfTanya DickensHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End HalfVicky MayHalf Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonAbi GoochMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonAlan HinesMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonAshley ButeuxMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonBaz NormanMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonBruce MehewMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonChris ParkerMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonChristopher Poole Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonCourtney Briggs Marathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonEmily HinesMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonImtiaz HashamMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonJennifer SangsterMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonJo BatemanMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonKerry holdenMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonKerry ShevlanMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonNiam HaniMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonNikki NormanMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonOlivia DruryMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonPatricia MafoloMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonPeter BennettMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonSusannah WorbyMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonTom GoodmanMarathon
06/05/2024MK Marathon W/End RelayRachel Edwards 10K
11/05/2024UTS 50K raceBabs Lisgarten50K
12/05/2024Bidwells Oxford Town and GownKaren Willis10K
12/05/2024Buckingham Half MarathonDavid AllenHalf Marathon
12/05/2024Buckingham Half MarathonDavid ArgentHalf Marathon
12/05/2024Buckingham Half MarathonVicky MayHalf Marathon
12/05/2024Redbourn 5kLisa Lines5K
17/05/2024EMGP2 Blisworth 5 milesChristian Dyer5 Miles
19/05/2024ATW Cambridge Biomedical Campus 10kKarl Coutts10K
19/05/2024Hackney Half Ravi TrivediHalf Marathon
21/05/2024EMGP3 Banbury 5 milesChristian Dyer5 Miles
26/05/2024AJ Bell Great Manchester runMaria PeraltaHalf Marathon
26/05/2024Edinburgh MarathonAmber Holland Marathon
26/05/2024Edinburgh MarathonKerry ShevlanMarathon
26/05/2024Edinburgh MarathonRachel McKenzie-MartinMarathon
26/05/2024Great West RunGary HowardHalf Marathon
26/05/2024Northampton 10KFiona Delamere10K
01/06/2024The Ultra Loop - Track EditionKerry Shevlan12 hours
05/06/2024MK Marathon W/End MarathonTara NeedhamMarathon
07/06/2024Marston Moretain 5KChristian Dyer5K
08/06/2024West London 10KKarl Coutts 10K
09/06/2024Milton Keynes Race for LifeAnnabelle Smeets5K
09/06/2024St Albans HalfGary HowardHalf Marathon
11/06/2024EMGP4 Harborough 5 milesChristian Dyer5 Miles
15/06/2024Jersey Island Walk David Allen50 Miles
15/06/2024Race To The KingPeter Bennett100K
15/06/2024Race To The KingSanna Quinn 50K
20/06/2024Cattle Creep 10KBasem Mousa10K
20/06/2024Cattle Creep 10KMarine Turner10K
20/06/2024Cattle Creep 10KNatasha Small10K
20/06/2024Cattle Creep 10KPeter Bennett10K
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Alex Mannas24 Hour
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Bruce MehewMarathon
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Christina10K
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Eillien GallagherMarathon
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Gary HowardMarathon
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Ian Stevens24 Hour
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Jenny JonesHalf Marathon
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Jess Barnard 50 Miles
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Jim Newstead6.5 miles
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Lisa ErringtonHalf Marathon
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Marine TurnerHalf Marathon
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Martin Storer 39.3 Miles
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Pam CurtisAs many as I can do over the weekend!
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Ric BrackenburyDepends how far I get...
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Sanna Quinn Undecided
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Tony Welsh 24 Hour
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Tracey StapleyMore than 10k / Less than a marathon
22/06/2024MK24 - 2024Yvette HartAs far as possible
23/06/2024Leamington Spa Half MarathonVicky MayHalf Marathon
25/06/2024EMGP5 Weedon 10KChristian Dyer10K
30/06/2024CPM Thame 10kGareth Snelson10K
30/06/2024Sheffield RoundJudith Cumino Half Marathon
03/07/2024EMGP6 Corby 5 milesChristian Dyer5 Miles
06/07/2024Newport Pagnell Carnival 5KChristian Dyer5K
09/07/2024EMGP7 Milton Keynes 10KChristian Dyer10K
13/07/2024Race to the StonesDavid Allen100K
13/07/2024Race To The StonesMartin Storer 100K
14/07/2024London Asics 10kKarl Coutts10K
17/07/2024EMGP8 Rugby 6 milesChristian Dyer6 miles
03/08/2024North Downs Way 100Olivia Drury100 Miles
03/08/2024North Downs Way 100Peter Bennett100 Miles
10/08/2024Grand Tour of SkiddawTony Welsh 48 Miles
10/08/2024Paris 2024 Marathon Pour TousStephanie SpencerMarathon
08/09/2024Bedford Half MarathonVicky MayHalf Marathon
08/09/2024Run Norwich Karl Coutts 10K
15/09/2024Sydney MarathonJennifer SangsterMarathon
22/09/2024London Vitality 10KChristian Dyer10K
29/09/2024Berlin MarathonNikki Norman Marathon
29/09/2024Berlin Marathon Niam HaniMarathon
29/09/2024Berlin Marathon Tara NeedhamMarathon
29/09/2024Sandringham 10kJon Pooley10K
06/10/2024Bidwells Cambridge Town And Gown Karl Coutts10K
06/10/2024Cardif Half MarathonHeidi TowseHalf Marathon
13/10/2024Chicago Marathon Niam HaniMarathon
13/10/2024Royal Parks Half MarathonAlex MannasHalf Marathon
19/10/2024Enigma - Wind in the PillowsMaria PeraltaHalf Marathon
26/10/2024Beachy Head Marathon Martin Storer Marathon
27/10/2024Valencia Half MarathonHeidi TowseHalf Marathon
29/10/2024Cattle Creepy 10KMarine Turner10K
03/11/2024Wendover Autumn Festival of Running 10KChristian Dyer10K
16/11/2024Alton TowersLauren Hartley10K
24/11/2024Silverstone Half Marathon Vicky MayHalf Marathon
01/12/2024Valencia MarathonDan MilesMarathon
01/12/2024Valencia MarathonImtiaz HashamMarathon
08/12/2024MK Winter HalfAndrew Muncie Half Marathon
08/12/2024MK Winter HalfMarine TurnerHalf Marathon
08/12/2024MK Winter HalfVicky MayHalf Marathon
23/02/2025Cancer Research London Winter RunBabs Lisgarten10K
15/06/2025The Bridge Run 2025Caroline Saunders Half Marathon
15/06/2025The Bridge Run 2025Darren Saunders Half Marathon