Moving on Up ….

Redway Runners have a number of courses aimed at runners who want to move to the next milestone distance, 10k, half-marathon or marathon. We have developed structured training programmes to help you achieve your goals.

These are:

  • 5k to 10K
  • 10K to Half marathon
  • Half to Full Marathon

Next Course:

Moving On Up to Full Marathon.

This course starts 13 January 2020 and is for runners who have recently completed the half-marathon distance, with the aim to complete Milton Keynes Marathon on Sunday 3 May 2020. This course will be set sessions looking at building running skills and endurance up the distance in a fun and friendly environment.

We will be following a structured 16-week training plan and our team will be leading weekly sessions to support you and help develop as a runner, in a friendly group environment. Other training activities can be undertaken alone, within the group or within the Club structure.

We will add you to your own Facebook group and provide you with weekly updates, support, advice and hopefully a bit of fun, along the way.

You will receive weekly emails from us filled with information relevant to the course and your run leads will always be nearby to answer any questions and queries you may have.

There are only 50 spaces available so book now to avoid disappointment.

To book this course log in to your Redway Runners profile and select the course from the events. You can do this via your account. log-in at:

Who are my run leads?

This course will be led by, Sophie Phoenix (CiRF), Andy Lovelock and Sean O’Leary (LiRF).


I want to register two places on the course?
Both people need to register in their own name, so we know who we have on our courses

Where and when are we meeting?
We shall be meeting at Willen Lakeside pub, (Brickhill Street, MK15 9HQ). There will be some weeks in which we shall change our starting location and day, but you will be informed of that a week before. The sessions aim to start at 18:00.

As we are following a structured training plan, we aim to support the most challenging weekday activity each week, so the supported group day can change. You will be notified in advance of changes to the scheduled group session day.

How far will I have to run?
The sessions are usually measured over time rather than distance and the sessions length shall change as the weeks progress. You will always be given notice of the change in sessions.

How far should I be able to run at the start of the course?
You will need to be able to run the half marathon distance at the start of this course.

You will work at your own pace and we shall be building up the distance. All runs will operate with a loop back process so nobody will be left behind. The only pace requirement is imposed by the 15min/mile from the MK Marathon.

Please note that there should be no medical reason which would make running dangerous for you and if in doubt please ask your GP before attending.

What is involved in the course?
The course will be introducing running skills through Interval, Hill and Fartlek sessions, through supported weekly coached sessions, as well as developing running endurance through Sunday Club running sessions.

Within the plan, we will be encouraging Yoga, Pilates and Core Training sessions.

At the end what can I hope for?
Hopefully, you will be able to complete the MK Marathon. It is advisable that you book a place for that soon after you have secured a place on this course. Remember to use the members discount on entry which is included in the club weekly mail.

Although aimed at MK Marathon, the course can support you to any Spring marathon held around the same time.

What do I need?
A pair of running trainers, some comfortable trousers and a drink. If the weather is bad you will need appropriate clothing to keep you warm/dry

For courses taking place in the evenings during October to February, you are strongly advised to have small torch or head torch.