Redway Runners Daytona 5000

Provisional results from the first Redway Runners Daytona 5000 event held on Sunday 13 September

Any queries send to Dom at:

Redway Runners are pleased to be holding the very first ‘Redway Runners Daytona 5000’ a 5K event held at Daytona Track. Giving you a unique opportunity to run on the International circuit that comprises 11 corners, some of which are very technical and straights of various lengths for the go-cart drivers, but for runners gives a great wider surface to run on in these times when runs need to take place in COVID secure environments. For information, the track record at Milton Keynes is 1 minutes 7.259 seconds set by Anthony Davidson

This will be a test event and therefore, for the first event only open to Redway Runners members, and as we need to make sure we keep everyone safe and follow guidance then runners will start in different waves from 8am on Sunday 13 September 2020 till 9.30am and report 15 minutes before your wave start, all runners will need to have completed by 10am or will have to exit the track.

Entry is just £20 per runner and includes a medal, hot drink (tea or coffee) and a bottle of water. To enter then sign in to your Redway Runners Love Admin account, click here select ‘Events’ find the ‘Daytona 5000’ and click ‘more’ to enter, you will need to select a start time group.

All profits from the event will go to the Redway Runners Charity of the Year.

We will be testing the new club timing system, so will hope to provide a time for your run, which will be available after the event on this website

This is a great opportunity for our beginners who started in January 2020 to graduate and hopefully finally collect the ‘special Graduation medal’ (as well as the event medal)

Places are strictly limited and this event is likely to sell out, with no entries on the day


Daytona Track Rooksley Roundabout, Dansteed Way, Bradwell Common, Milton Keynes MK13 8NP

More venue info click here


It will be 5 laps of the track


5K (or marginally over)

Dress code

Fancy Dress is encouraged

Entry fee

£20, this includes costs of track hire, any profit from the event will go to the club charity of the year

Number of places

240 – book early as likely to sell out


During the event we will take photos and make them available (social media)


  • No number transfers (we need to know who is running in case needed for track and trace)
  • If you miss your slot you will not be able to take part or be refunded
  • You will follow all safety announcements
  • If you have not completed by 10am then you will need to exit the track without finishing
  • You will run on the left of the track and overtaking will pass keeping other runners at least 1 metre away
  • No spitting
  • No baggage can be left (the car park is very near the start)
  • No entries on the day
  • You will follow all Government recommendation, click here
  • Only paid Redway Runnerss members for 2020/2021 can book a place on this event
  • You will always maintain social distancing including before, during and at the end of the run
  • You will not attend if you have any COVID symptoms
  • You will not attend if you have been instructed not to attend for any reason including sheilding, have tested positive for COVID or have been told to self isolate
  • You will not touch anything where reasonably possible
  • You will not pass anything to other runners or ask anyone to hold anything for you, ie keys, water
  • You must wash your hands before the run and after the run and use hand sanitiser
  • No pushchair or dogs allowed on the track
  • No Under 16s
  • If must cancel we will do our best endeavours to book a new date
  • Race photos may be taken and shared on the Redway Runners website and social media channels
  • No one is allowed on the track, unless a registered runner at the correct times and event helpers and staff
  • You will need to arrive 15 minutes before your start wave time at the start pen
  • Only one entry per person

Thanks to Juliet and Phil Thompson for the artwork


Daytona 5000 – your questions

We have had a few questions we would try to answer

Can you explain the timings?
You will need to arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of the time slot you booked, you need to arrive ready to run and you will pick up your number and then move to the start area, the start marshal will send you off, with a set gap between runners starting, all this is to ensure we keep social distancing.

Can I still enter?
At the moment entries are available, but some of the time slots are filling up, so book early to avoid disappointment

How do I enter?
This event is for Redway Runners members only, to enter sign in to your Redway Runners Love Admin account, select ‘Events’ find the ‘Daytona 5000’ and click ‘more’, you will need to select a start time group.

Will there be entries on the day?

How many laps is it?
Each lap is approx 1.05K and you will be running 5 laps so the actual route will be slightly over 5K

What free drink is available?
After you have finished running, follow the flow from the finish and after heading out of the event exit gate head to under the canopy of the red and white tent like building and you can collect a tea r coffee, but make sure you are still wearing you number

What other food and drink is available?
The cafe has a good range of drinks available to purchase, including a special offer of £3 for a bacon roll, the cafe will be open from about 7am

What will be the track rules?
Runners will the the shortest line to complete a lap, for overtaking you must keep at least 1 metre away from the runner you are passing, the track is 5 metres wide so plenty of room.
As you complete each lap make sure you go over the mat, on your final lap as you approach the finish please keep to the right of the finish line, cross the mat (stop your watch) but please keep moving along the funnel, whilst keeping social distance, do not stop to cheer on others as this will cause a bottleneck

What if I cannot finish?
We will have medical support out on the track, plus a mobile marshal you can report to should you need it, but if you feel you cannot finish all your laps please at the funnel pull out and let Becky know you have not finished all your laps, this will be reported to the results team so you do not get a ‘odd’ finish time.
If you see anyone in difficulty that we are not aware of please report to the on track helpers or helpers at the start/finish area

How will I know how many laps I have done?
You will have to count them yourself, but your watch should give you roughly the distance so when it shows 5K it should be time to finish

Will I get lost or will Go-Karts be on the track?
If you keep to the track you cannot get lost(Famous last words) and there ttack area is completely fenced in, there will not be and Go-Karts on the track till 10am, that is why idf you have not finished by then you must leave the track
Before the run starts at 8am we will be performing a track inspection

Can we leave baggage?
Sorry no baggage storage due to COVID restrictions, but the car park is very close to the event

Is there car parking
There is a large car park at the event

Is there a Facebook Event?
Yes it is at: