Step Up Group

[av_one_full first] [av_heading tag=’h2′ padding=’10’ heading=’Step Up Group’ color=” style=’blockquote modern-quote modern-centered’ custom_font=” size=” subheading_active=” subheading_size=’15’][/av_heading] [av_textblock ] We started an Step Up group (was called; Extra Easy Group) to run alongside our Monday night run groups on the 18 June 2012. The aim of this group is to run a shorter distance doing an easy pace. We have a number of Step Up runs during the week for details see our weekly runs page click here. The group keep together by doing loop backs. We do ask that all our runners follow the club run guideline – these are on the weekly runs page click here. [/av_textblock] [/av_one_full][av_one_half first] [av_textblock ]To support the run each week we have a Group lead (handles any issues before, during and after the run and gets them resolved), lead runner (who keeps near the front of the group and ensures the loop backs happen at the appropriate places). A tail – who is always the last person (can run or do it on a bike) on the run and the person the runners loop round on the loop backs. If you can fill a role please contact us to let us know a date and role you can fill. [/av_textblock] [/av_one_half] [av_one_half] [av_image src=’’ attachment=’2847′ align=’center’ animation=’no-animation’ link=” target=”] [/av_one_half]