In 2015 the Zero To Hero programme was conceived with the aim is to help “novice” runners become marathon runners.

To make use of the wealth of experience in the club, we mapped out a beginner to marathon timetable utilising the weekly RR run timetable and local events/races.
We went from wondering if anyone would want to take part to being amazed at the level of interest once we advertised for candidates – eventually matching 33 applicants to 12 willing volunteer mentors from the club and away we went.

The programme was a great success with a brilliant 12 runners ‘graduating’ by completing their marathon – most at the 2016 Milton Keynes Marathon. It’s worth taking a moment to think about that achievement…working your way up from beginner to marathon runner in less that a year is something the graduates should feel very proud about!

Following on from 2015, the 2016 intake has now been recruited with 29 runners on the starting blocks – pleasingly we have a few who retired from last years programme with injury back to try again……they obviously enjoyed it!

Once again the project is being led by Doug Yabsley with Stuart Woodruff lending his expert coaching knowledge in support

Lets all wish the class of 2016 well – you can follow their progress towards next years marathon on the RR Facebook page and weekly email as their journey unfolds


Candidates and Mentors for 2016/2017 programme

1 Agata Gowans – Pet Hedges
2 Alan Pearce – Neil Solanki
3 Alex Taylor Wright – Amanda Holland
4 Amy Keating – Paul Cobbett
5 Bethan Burchmore – Niam Hani
6 Claire Sturge – Jonathan Clements
7 Emily Alderton – Kerry Cooper
8 Emma Harrison Brown – Paul Woodward
9 Evie Butler – Joanne Obee
10 Hannah Chalk – Andy Collins
11 James Carr – Ian Stevens
12 Jo Fewings – Sean O’Leary
13 Laura Jane Everitt – Adam Sharman
14 Laura Haggis – Paul Woodward
15 Michelle Mole – Niam Hani
16 Natasha Carter – Kerry Cooper
17 Nick Anderson – Paul Carter
18 Nikki Fidler – Paul Carter
19 Phil Mardon – Maurice O’Connell
20 Roxanne Price – Joanne Obee
21 Samantha King – Bali Turner
22 Sarah Hill – Sarah Woodruff
23 Shiv Holmes – Adam Sharman
24 Shannon Crowley – Jen Sangster
25 Stephanie Dutton – Stuart Woodruff
26 Stephen Willett – Stephen Dunham
27 Steve Donovan – Stuart Sullivan
28 Vikki Harris – Stephen Dunham
29 Wendy McConnell – Stuart Woodruff


Training plans

1) Half to Marathon (DY/ML) click here

2) Half to 20 miles (SW) click here