Fuengirola and Malaga Club Trip

30 October 2022 – Furngitola Half Marathon

13 November 2022 – Malaga Half Marathon

For the third club overseas trip of the year we are heading down to the Costa Del Sol for not just the option of one but two races with the Fuengirols and Malaga half marathons so pick your race or even do both

So we have

  • 30 October 2022, Fuengirola Half Marathon this small costal holiday event holds a fab race the winds up and down the streets of the town before the final leg along the promenade, always a popular place and race for Redway Runners with the Half Marathon.
  • 13 November 2022, Just along the coast a short train journey to the big city event of the Malaga Half maraton

We have a Facebook page for the event with more details are at:




Plenty of flights available from Luton with Easyjet (plus oother airlines a airports, fly in to Malaga



A number of people going are looking at accommodation and the place to stay for Redway Runners is Torreblanca (near Fuengirola)

This area is served with a cheap and regular train line that includes the airport, Torreblanca (accommodation) and Fuengirola and Malaga for the races.



The event web sites are at:

Fuengirola Half


Malaga Half Marathon




Do not forget to take out your own insurance cover



You are arranging this trip yourself and should be aware that dates of events can change, Redway Runners cannot be held responsible for any changes made to any element of the trip, you need to follow all guidelines that apply


After you have booked, let Martin know as we have a Facebook group for the trip also add youurself the the clubs who is racing whre list at: