Humber Bridge June 2015

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Redway Runners Club trip – UK

The June 2015 UK club trip is to Humber Bridge for the half marathon. A number of us are staying at the Travelodges in Hull, going up on the Friday and planning one of the three parkruns in the area on Saturday. Then on Sunday (28 June 2015) it is the half marathon, The Humber Bridge Half Marathon was established by the Rotary Club of Hull in 1998, when it was decided to stage high profile event incorporating the magnificent setting of the Humber Bridge, and coming back on the Monday. So if you fancy joining us – get yourself booked up. If you let me or Julie Martin know can add you to the ‘Who’s Racing?‘ page on the club web-site as well.

More info:

Hotel Travelodge Hull Central Hotel Pryme Street Hull HU2 8HR


The Rotary Club of Hull organise the event and entries are open for both the Humber Bridge Half Marathon 2015 (start time – 9am), and the Fast Cat Family Fun Run 2015 (start time – 9.15am

More info and enter at:

Hull parkruns

There are three parkruns locally, as a club we are doing Hull – do not forget your barcode – link below. [/av_textblock] [/av_one_full]