OU Relay 2016

OU Relay at 12.30 on the 27 April – This is a great run event that have had lots of teams taking part in over the last few years — Please note that • each team of four must include at least one woman; • each of the four legs is 1.1 miles in length; • there will be an entry fee of £5 per team, payable on the day when you collect the team numbers from outside the pavilion; • team members should wear the appropriate number and letter combination ie Runner 1 to pin the card number A999 to front of vest, Runner 2 to pin B999, Runner C to pin C999 and Runner D to pin D999; • the start and handovers and finish will take place on the cricket field in front of the Open University pavilion on the Walton Hall campus, Milton Keynes; • there will be awards for the first team, the first OU team and for teams with a combined age (on race day) of greater than 120, 160, 200, 240 and 280 years. • there is a map of the route here https://www.facebook.com/Salford19/photos/a.510411945673488.1073741826.510407845673898/875580032490009/?type=3&theater The first named person in each team, is the team captain, who collected the teams entry money (£1.25 per person), pays, collects the numbers and passes out numbers to the team and shouts at team members – well provides encouragement. You must run in the order below of your team. Meet on the field by the Pavilion at 12.15 for a big green photo – do not forget you green tops (and that £1.25) If anyone has to drop out please find a replacement so your team does not have to drop out – also parking can be very busy so leave extra time or car share   Dusk & Dawn
  1. Annie Higson
  2. Gareth Turner
  3. Gareth Snelson
  4. Sean O’Leary
Chilli & Pepper
  1. Chris Ciliberti
  2. Rachel Edwards
  3. Martin Lawrence
  4. Gavin Lucas
Oranges & Clements
  1. Jonathan Clements
  2. Adam Sharman
  3. Julie Martin
  4. Neville Rowles
Flocks & Sheppards
  1. Gillian Sheppard
  2. Joey Garner
  3. Carlo Scarito
  4. Tina McGreal
Storms & Gales
  1. Nigel Gale
  2. Neil Higson
  3. Julian Badham
  4. Juliet Thompson
Brown & Black
  1. Chris Brown
  2. Jane Lee
  3. Mieke Jordan
  4. Jim Lawrence
Wright & Wrong
  1. Alex Wright
  2. Sarah Lawrence
  3. James Dwight
  4. Mark Atkinson
Knight & Day
  1. Colin Kightley
  2. Ian Stevens
  3. Andrew Baldwin
  4. Julia Baldwin
Kings & Queens
  1. Mike King
  2. Lindsay O’Kane
  3. Graeme Bickle
  4. Paul Newton