MK 50 Icons run

[av_textblock ] To celebrate Milton Keynes 50th birthday, on the Bank Holiday Monday 2 January Redway Runners organised a run that took in 50 Milton Keynes Icons 130 runners took part with the help of four photographers, Ellie, Laura, Martin and Tim together with a tail biker Sue to make it all possible. During the run 50 Icons run we also did the Mannequin Challenge, Tim has produced this rather fab video – it is fantastic – hope you enjoy. You can watch it at: You may find this link better for mobile users: [/av_textblock] [av_one_half first] [av_image src=’×496.jpg’ attachment=’6545′ align=’center’ animation=’no-animation’ link=” target=”] [/av_one_half] [av_one_half] [av_image src=’’ attachment=’6948′ align=’center’ animation=’no-animation’ link=” target=”] [/av_one_half] [av_masonry_gallery ids=’6967,6915,6935,6899,6916,6936,6900,6937,6917,6901,6918,6938,6902,6919,6939,6903,6920,6940,6969,6921,6941,6905,6922,6942,6923,6906,6930,6907,6924,6943,6925,6926,6944,6931,6927,6992,6945,6946,6908,6932,6928,6909,6910,6929,6911,6912,6933,6947,6914,6913′ items=’50’ paginate=’pagination’ size=’flex’ gap=’1px’ overlay_fx=’active’ caption_elements=’title excerpt’ caption_display=’always’ container_links=’active’ id=”] [av_one_full first] [av_textblock ]Full list of ‘Icons’ in running order: 1 David Lloyd 2 Gulliver’s Land 3 Cathedral of Trees 4 Zig Zags 5 Cedar Tree 6 Peace Pagoda 7 Lion Peace Pagoda 8 Labyrinth 9 Souls of Love statue at Labyrinth 10 Willen Lake 1974 the first balancing lake (Willen Lake) is finished 11 Medicine Wheel (Stone Circle) 12 Buddhist Temple 13 Mini Bowl 14 Bandstand 15 Statue of a swan, a woman & a hand 16 Willen Holt 17 Eco Land 18 parkrun start finish 19 Canal The Grand Junction Canal came through the area from 1793 20 Faces sculpture 21 Cricket Stumps & ball (Gnomon, Shadow Caster) 22 Cricket pavilion 23 Onwards and Upwards (Totem Pole) 24 Chain Reaction (Red sculpture / handstands) 25 Open air theatre/Stage 26 Light Pyramid (Beacon) Campbell Park 27 MK Rose 105 pillars arranged in the geometric design of a flower. So far, 62 pillars have been inscribed 28 Maze and Armillary Sphere, Campbell Park 29 MK Centre Sign 1974 Shopping Building (now The Centre: MK) 30 MK centre building Grade II listed building thecentre:mk which opened in 1979 31 Theatre building 1999 Milton Keynes Theatre, Art Gallery and new Visitor Centre 32 Xscape 2000 Xscape opens 33 Middleton Hall 34 The Point 1985 Britain’s first multiplex cinema, The Point, opens. 35 Intu building intu Milton Keynes (originally Midsummer Place) opened in 2000 36 Bancroft Mosaic, Shopping Centre 37 Black Horse 1975 The first office building in Central Milton Keynes (Lloyds Court) opens. 38 Gold post boxes 39 Library People The Whisper (1984) André Wallace has been undertaking commissions for public sculptures since the 1970s and his work can be seen across Britain 40 Library 41 Saxon Mound behind library The moot mound of Secklow Hundred has been found, excavated and reconstructed – it is on the highest point in the central area and is just behind the Library 42 Church of Christ of Cornerstone 1991 Church of Christ the Cornerstone was completed 43 Fred Roche Gardens – Red Sculpture 44 Fred Roche Gardens – Sculpture 45 Boverie Square 46 Grafton Gardens 47 Jaipur building 48 Santander and bikes 49 MK Stations 50 The Quadrant, Network Rail [/av_textblock] [/av_one_full]