Loop Back Runs

Why do we do them?


There are two main reasons:

  • Safety: They are a tried and trusted method of keeping groups of runners together, therefore ensuring the safety of the group,
  • Social/Fun; they also are integral part of Redway Runners as the club is based round social /running for fun and loop backs mean you are running with different runners on the club run and get to know new runners. The support shown by each runner to fellow runners is a vital part of the run.

Additionally new runners get to know new people and feel part of the club quickly.

Some people find doing a loop back to the back of the group can be mentally challenging at the end of a long run – but if you are doing distance running it is all about mental challenges as well as physical barriers, so if you crack that you have broken another challenge to your running.


Are there alternatives to Loop backs?

There are other methods of leading groups, and in the club we use a variety of techniques, speak to a run lead for information on the best types of run for you.

Where does the club use Loop back runs?

These are used on many of our runs – the runs are based on time not on distance.

If you do not want to do loop backs?

Then speak to the run lead – they can offer advice on what you can do to make your run better and not impact on the whole group, if you have to wait at the front for the group to catch up this can make it hard when you start running again and you could risk injury. It is not fair to the runners at the back of the run do not get the recovery time, and then are put off the run.
Alternatively there are other runs we offer as a club.

What problems occur when they go wrong?

A number of things can happen, the group get broken up, runners get lost or go the wrong way, plus the club loses its friendly approach to running that it has worked hard to achieve.