zero to HERO 2018/2019

Our Goal

Our club (Redway Runners) want to help “novice” runners achieve their ambition of running a Marathon.

This is now the fourth year of this programme and we have already seen many candidates successfully complete the marathon distance. We hope that we can build on that success and help you through to completing your marathon goals.

Leading this years Zero2Hero is EA Run Fitness Coach Portia Simond and Maria Eleanor.

The Training Programme

Starting September 2019, this will be a simple and flexible programme that will make the most of existing resources within the club, such as new weekly mandatory Z2H sessions, step-up groups, interval sessions and particularly the Sunday long runs later in the programme.

The training is 36 weeks from September 2018 to May 2019 graduating at MK Marathon. The programme will be focused on fundamentals, strengthening and maintaining injury free running. The plan is divided into the sections as milestones for you to achieve which is detailed on your plan. Each phase will be given to you on our exclusive face-book page ZERO2HERO Redway Runners 2019.

Three Phases are Training plans

  • 5K to 10 miles
  • 10 miles to 15 miles
  • 15 miles 20 miles

The optional races on your plan are aimed to give you experience of entering public running events and allow you to establish and practice routines before taking part in the marathon. They will also provide you with a level of confidence and hopefully a little fun and earn some medals along the way.

  • Applicants


    Congratulations on signing up. You each have your own reasons for doing this. They may be for health reasons, lifestyle improvements, for charity or in memory of loved ones. These reasons are your drivers for committing to this programme and week after week will be the motivation to continue the journey to the finish line. Remember them, they will keep you going on those dark evenings.
    We will help you along the way but you will have to put the work in too. Not only in the miles you will run but also core exercises and perhaps even changes to your lifestyle.

    We will provide you with a running plan to help you along the way. This is designed to build up your strength, speed and distances along the way. These are a guide for you to follow to the next milestone. Again, they are not cast in stone and can be adapted around your other commitments.

    We have found that the best support come from within the group itself. You will all have highs and lows, sometimes you will lack motivation to get out there and run. Being committed to the group can often provide that driver to get up off the sofa and put on those running shoes. Running together is so much more fun.

  • Mentors


    A number of runners from within the RR Club have volunteered to help you with this programme. Applicants will be assigned a mentor who will hopefully be able to provide support and advice along the way and help keep you on track. Each are experienced runners and most have already completed marathons. Mentors are NOT there to run with you every step of the way. They will have their own training plans and races that they are following, so will not be able to dedicate their running life to you full time.

    We hope that they will provide support along the way within club sessions and advice on preparation for milestone events. Also with tailoring your training plan if needed.

  • Z2H FAQ’s

    If you have any questions about zero2Hero programme, please email We will publish your question with our answer.

    Does zero2hero have their own facebook group page?
    A: Yes. If you are a member of 02h find us and you will be added (ZERO2HERO Redway Runners 2019). 

  • Timetable

    This a rough guide to what will happen when:-

    • 15th July closing date for application for zero2Hero
    • 24th July Meet and Greet
    • 30th July applicants will find our if they have been accepted on the the programme
    • 3rd September Workshop “Expectations and Training Plan”
    • 11th September Training day – Training days are every Tuesday at 7pm until MK Marathon
    • 2nd October – Group catch-up the is to make sure there are not issues or concerns special guest Martin Quill from Body Limits who will help with any injury questions.
    • 9th December 2018 – First Phase of training ends
    • 10th March 2019 – Second Phase of training ends
    • 20th April Third Phase of training ends
    • 5-6th May Graduation day