Getting Back to Club Running

During the current national situation these are the details for attending runs in Redway Runners. This also has a recap of where the club currently is, click here

** Update 2 March 2021 runs are coming back soon details click here

** Update from Sunday 20 December 2020 as Milton Keynes is in Tier 4 no runs are taking place till further notice (except under 18 group)

Groups of larger than 6 are still permitted so club runs will still take place and can be booked via Love Admin by members and Doug will manage the under 18s group
For club runs anyone not in tier 3 should not attend club runs, if you have booked a run and are not in tier 3 then please mail us at:  to cancel. (contact Doug for Under 18s group)
Our run leads cannot go onto tier 2 or 1 areas so routes will be planned accordingly


For England Athletics guidance click here

Redway Runners will do everything to minimise any risks but, it should be understood that you take part in the run at your own risk.

Current maximum on club run, including run leads/helpers is 12

The key information is:

  • To take part in a run in the club you will need to make a booking to attend a run, or be part of the Move Up to Marathon group or with the Under 18s group and they are only available to paid Redway Runners members
  • You will need to maintain Social Distancing at the start, during and after the run
  • You will have to agree to the guidelines below to attend

If you are happy to accept these guidelines then to book a place log in to your Redway Runners Love Admin account click here, select ‘Events’ and book a place.(Move Up to Marathon group – contact Sean, and Under 18s – contact Doug)

Please be considerate of other members and you can book up to 2 runs in the club a week, but it will be first come first served for bookings, we are not operating a waiting list (the software does not allow it) the ‘Event’ will give a general area for the run, you will get confirmation of the exact start location in the confirmation email – this is to avoid people turning up without booking.

Please remember the club is organised by volunteers for you and what we do reflects on yourself, the club the running community and Milton Keynes

This is a new process and a different way of working for us and we will adapt as we go long, of course if things do not go as we hope then we may have to cancel all runs and take a different direction

Redway Runners Guidelines for attending a run in the club:

  1. You will follow all Government recommendation, click here
  2. Only if you have a booking confirmation can you attend a Redway Runners club run
  3. Only paid members can book a place on a club run (sorry no trial runs at the moment)
  4. You will always maintain social distancing  including before, during and at the end of the run
  5. You will not attend if you have any COVID symptoms (see cancelling a place)
  6. You will not attend if you have been instructed not to attend for any reason including shielding, have tested positive for COVID or have been told to self isolate
  7. You will not touch anything where reasonably possible
  8. You will not pass anything to other runners or ask anyone to hold anything for you (including the run lead), ie keys, water
  9. You must wash your hands before the run and after the run – you must bring hand sanitiser
  10. You will not bring anyone else with you who has not booked, the run leads are instructed to turn both them and you away
  11. No Under 16s (except under 18s sessions)
  12. You will not share the start location before the run in any circumstances
  13. No spitting during the session
  14. If you cannot make a booked session then email: Move Up to Marathon group (Sean) and Under 18s runs (Doug) contact leads
  15. If you do not make a run we will keep a tally and might revoke your ability to book future runs
  16. If the club must cancel a run then we will email as soon as we can, but it is safety first so may have to cancel at short notice
  17. You will only book up to two places on runs in the club a week
  18. If you break these guidelines then we can withdraw your ability to book runs

The club will monitor the situation and hopefully as progress the rules can be relaxed with your help and support

Redway Runners COVID Risk assessment, click here (opens as pdf)

Rules for returning to club running

V5 – 16 December 2020

V4 – 27 November 2020

V3 – 30 September 2020

V2 – 27 July 2020

V1 – 30 May 2020