Becoming a run lead

One of the most important roles in the club is our volunteer run leads, without run leads the club cannot hold runs, leading run s is a very satisfying experience (when it goes well!!).

So if you think you might like to be a run lead and give something back and help to deliver the clubs main principles of:

  • Fun
  • Social
  • Benefit of runners
  • Value for money

Then we would be interested to talk to you, to become a run lead then you need to meet the following:

  • Completed a ‘Leadership in Running Fitness Course’ (LiRF) – recommended


  • Been a Redway Runners member for two years and be responsible (for this it is to follow the club run lead guidelines)


Types of run leads

Run leads lead all different sorts of runs for the club and we are always interested in new ideas, the runs we do are runs with loop back, set route runs (paced) run-walk-run, Intervals, off road runs and track running.

We also hold regular beginners groups and need new run leads for these, with these we will get you to help one of our existing run leads for the first course then if all goes well you could lead for the next set of courses



Redway Runners has Guidelines for run leads to follow these are what you need to follow for leading runs for the club, to read these go to the club policies page at,



When starting we can discuss a number of options for starting which might include shadowing an experienced run lead for a few of runs to ensure you understand about looking after all the runners and recognising when to do different things like, loopback. Also we could put an experienced run lead with you for your first run to gain confidence or limit numbers numbers on the first runs you do

Once you are a run lead then support is available, we have a ‘Run Leads’ Facebook group, that we use to communicate messages to run leads, run leads can ask questions or seek advice or if you suddenly find you cannot lead a run can see if you can get cover before cancelling.

We do also offer a club First Aid course, we try to run this once a year and we do have small first aid kits we can supply if you feel you want one to carry on the run you are leading.

Also within your Love Admin account we will add you to a group called ‘Run Leads’ on this you can update your record about courses and run lead info



We asked our run leads for some tips, these are below:

Steve Rose said ‘Having confidence with the route, I always walk or run it beforehand to check time, distance and where you can do loop backs and of course photo opportunities!

Neville Rowles suggested ‘Smile, its fun, try to talk to everyone, at some point it is going to go wrong, a wrong turn, a fall, a “lost” runner, someone who wants to run really fast/cannot keep up, be calm, adapt to the situation, get everyone to help. take your phone! Know your route and how you can make it shorter or longer depending on the group of the day. Above all enjoy it

Glenn Dickinson said You need to think on your feet. If you have some runners who are much slower than everyone else, don’t be scared of just turning back after about half of the expected run time.I try to pick routes that I know have short cuts back to the start in case we either need to get back quicker than expected or to shorten the route for slower runners.’

Portia Simond said ‘Learn some safe routes, daytime and night, learn club code of conduct. First aid. Learn and practice Warm-up and cool Down stretches.

Lisa Cameron said Have a good bank of routes in mind from your start point to help cover all weather conditions such as plenty of shade in the summer

Lottey Gates said ‘Understand that not everyone will enjoy your run, don’t take it personally’



Then contact Martin (Chair) on or Michelle GB (Run Lead Co-Ordinator) or Annette Smyth, if interested in leading a beginners group for us.

If interested in leading a weekly run contact Martin for a template to initially fill in.