Club committee roles and responsibilities

Committee members resign at the AGM and posts are elected at the AGM.

Chair – Martin Lawrence*

  • Chair meetings
  • Resolve issues and manage risks
  • Direct the club
  • Keep club principles

Secretary – Denise Browning*

  • Set up committee meetings
  • Set up AGM and EGM’s (bookings, agendas, papers)
  • Minute meetings

Treasurer – Karen Lawrence*

  • Receive and handle all payments
  • Keep accounts
  • Arrange reviews of accounts
  • Arrange payments
  • Manage bank account
  • Produce accounts / reports

Social and Recruitment – Julie Martin*

  • Book club social events
  • Manage club social events
  • Organise recruitment
  • Review social events for improvements
  • Ensure social events meet cost targets
  • Ensure social events are fun

Online Activity – Karen Painting*

  • Responsible for site structure
  • Manage changes to site structure
  • Manage users of content
  • Review site for errors and issues
  • Ensure authorisation and payment of web-site costs
  • Manage content
  • Manage TwitterDoes not need to input all the content

Membership Secretary (England Athletics) – Nigel Sheppard*

  • Record and manage England Athletics registrations
  • Manage members change details with England Athletics
  • Securing any funding opportunities from England Athletics
  • Keeping club up to date on England Athletics developments
  • Ensuring our LM place is properly received and allocated

Club Welfare – Rena Galardziak

  • Available for club member welfare issues
  • Handle issues as appropriate
  • Safegaurding issues

Events Manager – Stephen Scott*

  • Co-ordinate and when needed manage the clubs events, look for opportunities for events that we hold to work together

Publicity Officer – David Rose*

  • Manage the clubs press activity, including handling request from the press and issuing press releases for the club

Run Leader Co-ordinator – Michelle George-Barnes*

  • Co-Coordinating club runs and ensuring we have run leaders to cover runs
  • Manage any issues with the runs
  • Understand run leaders training requirements and develop budget requests

* Voting members of committee