Club committee roles and responsibilities

Committee members resign at the AGM and posts are elected at the AGM.

Any members are welcome to attend club committee meetings, you will find dates on the ‘Key Dates’ page on the ‘Events’ tab.

Chair – Martin Lawrence*

  • Chair meetings
  • Manage and resolve issues
  • Manage risks
  • Lead and direct the club
  • Keep club principles

Secretary – Denise Browning*

  • Set up committee meetings
  • Set up AGM and EGM’s (bookings, agendas, papers)
  • Minute meetings

Treasurer – Karen Lawrence*

  • Receive and handle all payments
  • Keep accounts
  • Arrange reviews of accounts
  • Arrange payments
  • Manage club external accounts
  • Produce accounts / reports

Social and Event Support – James Dwight*

  • Book club social events
  • Manage club social events
  • Review social events for improvements
  • Ensure social events meet cost targets
  • Ensure social events are fun
  • Identifying the major local races and events and having Redway Runners support, like group photos, cheering points, post race social

Online Activity – Karen Painting*

  • Responsible for site structure
  • Manage changes to site structure
  • Manage users of content
  • Review site for errors and issues
  • Ensure authorisation and payment of web-site costs
  • Manage content
  • Manage X (Twitter)
  • Does not need to input all the content

Membership Secretary (England Athletics) – Nigel Sheppard*

  • Record and manage England Athletics registrations
  • Manage members change details with England Athletics
  • Securing any funding opportunities from England Athletics
  • Keeping club up to date on England Athletics developments
  • Ensuring our LM place is properly received and allocated

Club Welfare – Rena Galardziak, Michelle George-Barnes, Ros Crawley & Elliot Armitage

  • Available for club member welfare issues
  • Handle issues as appropriate
  • Safeguarding issues

Events & Equipment Manager – Stephen Scott*

  • Co-ordinate and when needed manage the clubs events, look for opportunities for events that we hold to work together
  • Manage, maintain and purchase of club equipment and storage facility

Publicity Officer – Michelle Balla*

  • Manage the clubs press activity, including handling request from the press and issuing press releases for the club

Community Development – TBC *

  • To increase awareness of Redway Runners across the community
  • Develop community activity in the club
  • Support Community activity in the club – like Food Bank run, Shoe collection for homeless, Charity raffle
  • Raise awareness of club activities across the community, like publicising new beginner’s groups across Milton Keynes
  • To support and help recognise club volunteers

Run Leader Co-ordinator – Michelle George-Barnes*

  • Co-Coordinating club runs and ensuring we have run leaders to cover runs
  • Manage any issues with the runs
  • Understand run leaders training requirements and develop budget requests
  • Communication with run leads through regular meetings, emails and one to one where appropriate.
  • Working with Run Leads to ensure safety on Club runs.
  • Working with the Club to resolve any complaints regarding runs.
  • Working with Run Leads to ensure they have access to required resources for Club Runs (this includes training, equipment and support)

Under 18’s manager – Chris Lindesay*

  • Lead the under 18s group
  • Ensure all guidelines for under 18s are followed
  • Manage age appropriate training
  • Communicate with the under 18s group

* Voting members of committee

Key contacts

Club Chair

Beginners group manager

Run Leads Manager,

Welfare Officers:

  • Rena Galardziak, email; or text 07764193205
  • Michelle George Barnes, text or WhatsApp to 07756 227 514
  • Ros Crawley, text or WhatsApp to 07947478188
  • Elliot James, WhatsApp on 07771157487

AGM Reports

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Club Constitution (Update from AGM May 2022)