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5 Lakes Marathon Challenge 2018

August 12, 2018 by Martin Lawrence
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From Monday 6 August to Friday 10 August 2018 saw the first of The 5 Lakes 5 Evenings Marathon Challenge, led by the clubs Kevin Shepherd.


The challenge that we would run 5 evenings around some of the beautiful lakes of MK with the total distance run over the week at least a marathon distance. Aimed primarily at Step Up standard the event was open to any Redway Runners members. With loop backs meant that each person could run to their pace and distance but knowing they would achieve at lest a marathon over the week.


Monday evening saw 51 people run from the Furzton pub around the lake and off to the river. Taking in cycle route 51 we covered 7.1k. A really hot sunny evening with the gauge showing 34 degrees centigrade on the journey to the run.


Our 2nd run we joined the Explorer group for 8k around The Blue Lagoon lake area. 66 of us again a very warm evening but there was plenty of shade.


Wednesday we transformed Woughton Wednesday from Woughton Leisure Centre for 9k around Teardrops and Lodge Lakes. 56 people ran a lovely route that takes in parts of the MK Marathon route. Somehow we managed to miss the downpour of rain.


Day 4, 49 of us ran 9k from Caldecotte Lake to Ashland and Mount Farm Lakes. Another beautiful scenic route showing how amazing MK is.


Friday night we were joined by the Friday social group and for the grand finale we left Willen lake, ran down the river to Broughton Lake across to the Ouzel river and back up to Willen lake. That was 49 people covering 9.1k.


The 5 runs total 42.2km. With the loop backs the distances actually achieved were much higher. Several of the runners graduated from recent Beginners Groups and just shows what can be achieved. There were some sore tired legs (including mine) at the end of the week and we celebrated in the Lakeside pub at Willen Lake Friday evening.


28 people completed at least a marathon over the week. So the Class of 2018 that completed the marathon challenge are……

Grant ‘Ron’ Mugford, Karen Smith, Susannah Quinn, Sally Green, Jo Fenton, Jacqueline Moore, Jemma Roughley, Leyla Currie, Sally Simmonds, David Betts, Tony Welsh, Steve John Candlin, Carol downs, Alistair Devenish, Kate Sheard, Sophia burgess, Phill Poyner, ali Smitt, Denise Clayden, Karen Fleming, Jonathan Fielden, Sean Butler, Victoria Pepperrell, Carol Glover, Darren Thomas, Julie Thomas, Catherine While, Jon Hunt.




We had lots of people that did 1 or a couple of runs. Too many to mention but thank you for being so supportive.


Thank you also to the super tail runners Lorraine Devereux, Helen Whalley, Debbie Dickinson and Steve Morris.


Also a big thank you to the runners who managed road crossings. Everyone was really supportive of each other. We had a big variation of abilities and the encouragement given amongst the group was amazing. Thank you for being such a great group.


An amazing effort by you all. Thank you for making it a really enjoyable week. See you soon and here’s to 2019. Will definitely be doing the event again next year.