Bonus Woodlands Adventure Running

Two further opportunities to enjoy some fantastic late summer 2017 woodland runs. Both starting at 19:30, these 1 hour 15 minute runs will take you through bogs, brambles, bushes and beer, as each run finishes at a pub! Runs suitable for all with loop backs where needed, to keep everyone safely together.

  • 19 September (Tuesday). 19:30. Meet at the Church at the top of Church Lane(the steep one!) in Bow Brickhill.
  • 27 September (Wednesday). 19:30. Meet at The Duke pub in Heath and Reach village, just down the A5.

Further details nearer the time or email Tim Miles at

Redway Runners win Club of the Year at the England Athletics East Region Awards

Redway Runners of Milton Keynes have been voted ‘Club of the Year’ by England Athletics East Region at a recent awards ceremony during the all England Junior Athletics Championships held at Bedford International Athletic Stadium on Sunday 27th August 2017. The award means that they now go forward to the national awards to be held later in the year.
Committee member Steve Scott was on hand to accept the award on behalf of Redway Runners and was joined by fellow member Simon Richards and Ian Stevens who was responsible for nominating the club for this award.
The award was presented by England Athletics Council Member, Rebecca Gilbertson.
Steve Scott said “It was an enormous privilege to receive this award on behalf of Redway Runners. The award is well deserved as the club has grown into one of the leading running clubs in the country. Starting from just 5 members, 7 years ago, it now boasts membership of over 1,250. All the praise must go to our chairman Martin Lawrence, who has worked tirelessly to build the club into what we are today.”
News of the award was announced immediately afterwards to those gathered at the club annual BBQ.
Part of the reason that Redway Runners received this prestigious award was for the many events it organises, including many this year to help celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Milton Keynes. The next big event being the MK50 Treasure Hunt being held on Sunday 1st October 2017 at Willen Lakes.
Steve Scott who is the club event co-ordinator said ” We are pleased to open this event to the people of Milton Keynes.  There will be three Treasure Hunts, one over a distance of a Half Marathon following the Millennium Circular Route, and another over 10 kms following a grid map, both whilst looking for hidden letters which form a word synonymous to Milton Keynes. These two events are suitable to all and can be completed by running, jogging or walking in a team of three. Everyone will receive a special MK50 bespoke medal. The third event is a FREE Treasure Hunt for children and families which involves walking around Willen South Lake, reading information regarding 50 years of Milton Keynes and answering a quiz sheet. Every child will be able to select a special gift from the Treasure Chest. These events will be great fun for all and not to be missed”
The club will be commencing the next beginners courses at the beginning of  next month, where over 300 have already signed up. 
If you want to learn more about the beginners course, the MK50 Treasure Hunts or any other information on Redway Runners visit the club website at

Club of the Year 2017

On Sunday, 27 September,  Stephen Scott, Simon Richards and Ian Stevens went along on behalf of Redway Runners as we had been nominated as club of the year for the East of England – Stephen Scott said:

frameHaving been nominated, we’ve only gone and won the “Club of the Year” at the England Athletics Regional Awards at Bedford International Athletics Stadium today. We are now automatically entered into the national at awards later in the year.

It was a huge honour for me, Simon Richards and Ian Stevens, who nominated the club, to receive the award on behalf of Redway Runners in front of several hundred spectators.

All this would not be possible if not for all those who work hard behind the scenes but mostly due to the tireless work and enthusiasm of our leader, Martin Lawrence.

Many congratulations Martin. This award is for you.

Martin added really pleased the club has won this award from England Athletics, it is all down to the hard work of a lot of people that make the club what it is and all those that come along and run and understand our desire for a fun and social running club





Awards Group

parkrun with Greg

At Saturdays parkruns onthe 19 August Olympic and Paralympic athletes went along to a number of parkruns and doing the tail role, at MK Willen it was Greg Rutherford and at Linford Wood Double Rio 2016 Gold Medalist Chris Clarke.

Video at:

Richard Bazeley also caught a load of Redway Runners on video with Greg Rutherford it is at:

Martin 3 real Greg

Redway Runners with our very own Greg

Martin 2

Group picture before parkrun

Want to take up running??

As we come towards the end of the summer maybe you are thinking of starting a new challenge, then why not sign up to one of the Redway Runners free beginners groups, many of the courses still have spaces.

It may be the best decision you ever make just look at just a few of the comments from our groups that started in April 2017:

Couldn’t be bettered in my opinion. Absolutely fantastic experience and for me (without trying
to sound too dramatic) life changing. Can’t thank you and Steve enough. One of the best things
I’ve ever done on my life.

Not really it was a fantastic experience and there are lots of opportunities to carry on running through step up classes so thank you for turning me into a runner

Sessions were very good – social, chatty, and enjoyable. We made some good friends

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will keep running with the club. I can not see anything that you would need to improve. Great fun and lovely leaders and helpers.

My experience with the beginners was great. The help advice and encouragement to finish and then continue running with the club has been fantastic. So thank you all

Excellent, everyone has been very welcoming, helpful, encouraging and I will certainly be recommending the beginners course and the club to others. I can’t wait to continue as a member.

Amazing experience buddies made a big difference. Groups on offer after are amazing too. Be good to have some options for 10k, 10 miles half etc within the scope of the runs. Martin was awesome & all the helpers were very enthusiastic helping & asking questions… Thank you

Thoroughly enjoyed the course & felt it pushed on the right amount week by week to achieve the 5k at the end. Thank you!

All the details and how to book are at:

Beat the Barge and Charity of the year 2016-17

Stephen Dunham and Jen Sangster were this year’s male and female winners of Beat the Barge; a dash of five miles across multiple terrains. 


The club was pleased to present last year’s Charity of the Year, The Haemophilia Society, with a cheque for £6642.99 at the end of the event.

The Haemophilia Society was nominated by club member Mike King. Here is Mike’s account of the year -long partnership:

“Amazing, faith restoring, humbling and a bright future are a selection of words that summate the Haemophilia Society being the Redway Runners Charity of the Year [2016-17]. The story begins on a cold winter run at the tail end of 2015, when I started talking to Martin [club Chairman] about my then 1 year old son Henry. Henry has the rare bleeding condition of Haemophilia ix, also known as Christmas disease, and at this point in time had been on a drip every 6 hours for about a month following major surgery. I explained to Martin, whilst looping around him [on the run], that Henry was about to embark upon ground breaking treatment for his condition, in fact there would only be three young boys in the world on the same regime. At this point Martin mentioned the annual charity of the year, zip forward 6 months, and I was pitching the Haemophilia Society at the Redway Runners AGM. The amazing part was when [Haemophilia Society] were named Charity of the Year. The faith restoring refers to both the volume of support showed by the whole of the Redway Runners community in participating in the various events which contribute to the Charity of the Year cause and those lovely moments when on my regular Tuesday and Friday daytime runs my new running buddies have asked me all about Henry, Haemophilia and how they can help. The humbling aspect is concerned with the amount of money raised! The Haemophilia Society is a very small charity working to help combat a very big condition and literally every penny is essential. Leading me on to the last part, a bright future. During my pitch at the 2016 AGM, I referred to Henry being my ‘little bleeder’ and how Haemophilia was linked to the Royal Family and how this was apt with a surname like King, but I also cited that the year man was put on the moon the average life expectancy for a boy with my sons condition was 11! The work of the Haemophilia Society in fighting causes such as contaminated blood, lobbying for funding, helping with research, providing support and activities for haemophiliacs and their families and generally educating people about the condition means Henry and others will have a bright future. So thank you Martin [club Chairman] and thank you Redway Runners, you never know what a loop back will lead too.”

Redway Runners are an inclusive running club in Milton Keynes. For more information about Redway Runners, please visit For more information about MK Hospital Charity, email  or call 01908 996220. For more information about the Haemophillia Society visit