Monday Evening runs are moving from 1 August

Our Monday night runs are very popular and, as many people will be aware, we have been experiencing some issues around parking and access to Livingstone Drive at peak periods which has affected both us and others.

To address this, we have been looking for a better home for the Monday night runs. We are really pleased to tell you that from August the evening runs will be starting from the new Decathlon shop in Rooksley (Patriot Drive, MK138PU). This offers free parking in the area, the Costa coffee nearby is open until 19:30.

The meeting point for signing in and announcements will be inside the store which will really help in the cold/dark/wet (Pretty much all year round then!)

Our run leads are busy at the moment scouting out the best routes – making sure we have safe and lit areas with a minimal number of road crossings. As soon as we have these finalised we will let you know

We will be keeping the current format of our Monday runs so to confirm that from the 1 August 2016 the following runs will start from the Decathlon store

At 18:00 we have:

  • Step Up – A 35 minute easy paced step up run

At 19.00 we have 3 runs:

  • Social Run – 4 mile loop back run with a nominated tail runner. Aimed at anyone running 10 minute miles and quicker
  • Club Run – 4 mile set route at your own pace with no loop backs. Suitable for all but people will need to know the route
  • Step Up Run – 3 mile loop back run at an easier pace. Aimed at anyone running 10 minute and 30 second miles and over


For more info on Decathlon and the store address


Decathlon opens in MK

Good to see a few Redway Runners at the Decathlon store opening in Milton Keynes last Thursday evening – despite the storm – great place for all your running and other sports equipment.

Watch this space we have some plans we are working on

Martin Palmieri

Martin Palmieri

I have now been a Redway Runner for a whole month and in some ways, because of the welcome I have had, it feels a lot longer.

I have worked out that I have clocked 68.5 miles in that time (I clearly have too much time on my hands!) and my fitness levels are the highest they have been in a couple of years as a consequence. I started running 5 years ago, but struggled to find a regular running buddy. Within a year, I had run one full marathon (the inaugural rain-drenched MK marathon) and several half-marathons.

During these early running experiences, I began to notice the RR vests wherever I ran and was frequently nagged by Steve Patey to come and join. I resisted for a long time, as I didn’t think I’d be able to fit into a timetable of organised runs. Two years ago, I had a bit of a health scare after the stadium half, so decided to focus on cycling for a while, though always wanted to get back into running at some point. After a few false starts I finally got back into regular running in January. Soon after, my uncle died and chose to enter the stadium half in his memory.

Training was not as smooth as I had been used to, but I got there in the end. On the day, I find myself running with my friend Glynis Wiles for a few miles and all of the support that she was getting wearing her RR vest was what convinced me to join.

In the past month, I have found that running regular timetabled runs has had the opposite effect. I am out of the door and at the meeting place half an hour early. I am creeping closer to my parkrun PB and have had a go at several different runs, getting quicker, fitter and enjoying it immensely.

This is the first time in my 47 years that I have joined a club of any type and I am doing something just for me. Since being in MK, I have met most people through work or through our 3 grown-up kids. Now I am meeting people from all walks of life, as well as running with former pupils and also parents of people I have taught. David Rose, who I have known for several years, has introduced me to lots of new people and Facebook has also played a part in me getting to know the club.

Ros Crawley is another long-standing friend who has helped me and encouraged me. Without her I would not have run 10 miles within 2 weeks of becoming a member. A massive thank you to everyone who has chatted to me on various runs, but especially to all the leaders I have got to know. You give up so much time to help and encourage all of us and I have at no point felt judged for the standard of my running.. All I have had is encouragement.

After I ran the 2012 MK Marathon, I felt I had unfinished business, but I am yet to run another. If I don’t get into London, I will enter MK, because I now know that Redway Runners will get me back to that standard. In the meantime, I look forward to running my first half as a Redway Runner at the NSPCC in September.

The renewed running bug is so serious, I feel frustrated if I miss a run! Thank you and best wishes

Martin Palmieri

Redway Runners Festival of Running 2016

Over the weekend of 4 and 5 June we held the clubs first ever Festival of Running with 4 exclusive races for just Redway Runners members.

We held a Marathon and half Marathon on the Saturday and a 10K and half Marathon on the Sunday.

Many thanks to David ‘Foxy’ Bailey and his team of Karen and Andy from Enigma running for organising the event for the club.

Fantastic well done to Jen, Amanda, Kerry and Stephen for completing all four events that meant 18 laps of the lake and about 60 miles – awesome

Some photos from Andy C at:

Results at (opens as pdf)
We hope to hold the event again next year – but we want your feedback for anything we can do to make it even better

Neville Rowles – his Redway Runner journey

Hi Martin,

Now that I am in my second year of membership of the merry band called Redway runners I thought it was time to pass on my thanks for the help, encouragement and teamwork from all of the members but particularly the inspiration from the leaders.

I was a half decent runner in my youth representing my County as an everpresent in cross country and middle distance from 11 until 19 and could churn out some pretty decent times as I moved through the agegroups, then work happened and it all fell apart. I fell out of love with running and infact pretty much sport in general as a participant. my lifestyle changed and over the years my body shape and general health changed and work stress levels increased.

Without going into too much detail, 2015 and the early part of 2016 has proven to be a life changing year for me in a number of ways, starting out on my own for a career, running a half marathon (or two), losing a bit of weight and trying “hot yoga” 🙂

After finally stopping running at about 21 years old I swore I would never run again as I could never replicate the times of my late teens. Oh how wrong could I be !! Along came Paul Macloskey who I have known for a number of years, who praised and preached about Redway runners like a canvasser for a politician. Following several months of Paul’s cajoling, I eventually joined you for last years Sunday run at Salcey Forest and, despite a few hiccups and general lethargy on my part, I have never looked back !!

Since joining the club I have been made to feel incredibly welcome, I have been actively encouraged, supported and guided and, when I am having a bad day which we all have, I have been cajoled and subtly pushed along to achieve the perceived achievable !! The ethos of encourage and be encouraged that is embedded in the club is amazing.

It’s not been an easy journey, but then nothing worthwhile ever is. The set up at RR’s is amazing and the support network fantastic, the way that the runs are organised are absolutely superb as one can chose how one runs on each occasion. Coming from a formal athletics club background where all runs were extremely competitive even when they were not supposed to be I was hesitant to join initially as I was worried that I would lose face and not be able to keep up, but the way that you and your team have it all laid out is super-fantastic as one chooses the pace and the loop back system works a treat.

I know that as I near the half century that new personal bests on the track are probably not going to happen, well not at 400, 800 and 1500 anyway, but the exciting thing is that as I have grown older and improved in confidence within the group, my ability to run longer has definitely improved !! My personal journey over the last seven months has been a little changeable but the running journey, despite its many challenges, has been extremely fulfilling and very exciting.

The best part of it all however is my overall condition and health where so far this year I have moved from an unhealthy 86.5KG to a more respectable 74.5KG having lost 12KG and am yet to reach my racing weight !! Not to be too much of a stato bore but I looked at my performance versus last years Salcey run and my average heart rate was 20 beats a minute lower and I ran 1.5 miles further on the same run !! Sorry for my usual wordy diatribe but having a moment of reflection made me think that I should drop you a note !!

Martin, thank you to you and the team for what you have created, you should all be proud and as the advert says “If Carlsberg did running clubs”