Runners Guidelines

With the new year also means at the club we get some big numbers on many of our club runs – whilst we want you to have a great run, we also like other people using the open spaces are able to enjoy them as well.

Therefore we would like to remind you about the clubs guidelines for running with the club (you will find them at: Please do take the opportunity to read them

One way to think of a club run is like you are driving a car – keep to the left, if you are overtaking pull into the left, keep looking ahead for other people or any issues or risks

We will be reminding you of this in the club briefings at the start of club runs – we really do not like getting mails from members of the public that we have to respond to

Clubbing Together: Why Being a Member of a Running Club is Awesome

Great blog from Andy from the club on why being a member of Redway Runners is Awesome – hope you agree or understand

Redway Runners

January 2015

Redway Runners

The Redway Runners are an award-winning community running club based in Milton Keynes.  From humble beginnings back in 2011 the club now has over 730 paid up members making it one of the largest running clubs in the UK.   The club are proud to offer activities that exploit the unique and safe running environment that Milton Keynes offers through all seasons of the year.  A wide variety of activities that offer something for all levels of ability take place during the day and in the evenings.  Take a look at the club website for more detailed information.

Annual membership of the Redway Runners costs an incredible £5 – great value in your quest to get fit!   Club members often comment that running together in a group with others of similar ability is far easier and more fun than running on your own.

The Redway Runners distinctive green running shirts and vests offer an identity that has now been spread far and wide.  The club often go on tour by organising extremely popular trips to running events around UK and overseas.  Over the last 2 years locations as diverse as Liverpool, Bournemouth, Budapest, Vilnius and Barcelona have attracted organised club attendance.    Some members have even gone further afield and organised a trip to Mauritius!

The Redway Runners are particularly proud of their Beginner’s Groups.  In 2014 nearly 250 people new to running joined structured beginner sessions and worked hard for a number of weeks to graduate at a 5km Milton Keynes parkrun.  The sense of achievement was a joy to see.  Many of these beginners have now moved on to “Step-Up” and “Club” runs as they get fitter and build friendships together.   For the more advanced runner January sees the start of our popular Sunday morning training sessions for those planning marathons and half marathons.

Above all, the Redway Runners are built on having fun and getting fit in a friendly environment that welcomes all abilities.  2015 promises to be an exciting year for the club.  Come and join us!


January 2015


“Our runners in action”

Training Plans

We now have a page dedicated to training plans on the club website covering 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances. If you can recommend a plan that you’ve followed before or know of any good ones that you would like to be added, please email

Beginners groups – have you registered?

We are getting closer to our next two beginners courses and everyone who has registered should have received the mail below.
However, over Christmas we got some gremlins in the mail system and if you have not had the mail please drop us a message at
If you wish to register then please complete the form at:

Subject: Redway Runners beginners course

Thanks for registering for the Redway Runners beginners group, we look forward to seeing you very soon

• For the evening course starting on the 12 January with Glenn and Hannah, could you please come along to David Lloyd reception at 17:45 the first week, if you have a head torch do bring that along and if you have bright clothing that would be ideal so you will be seen as it is fairly dark out.

• For the daytime course starting on the 19 January with Portia, could you please come along to David Lloyd reception at 9:45 the first week.

Any questions just let us know – but look forward to seeing you.

Do not forget to like the club Facebook page at;