Redway Runners AGM

NOTICE is given that the Redway Runners’ AGM will take place on Wednesday 16 May 2018 at 19.45 at David Lloyd (upstairs).

All paid members of Redway Runners are invited. All paid members will have the opportunity to vote for the club charity for the coming year. If you would like to nominate a charity could you please send an email to with a few details about the charity and why you would like it chosen.

Full information regarding eligibility to nominate a charity can be found on the Club website, click here

New Club Membership Database

We have spent the last few weeks automating the club membership database and have been doing a lot of work with Pay Subs OnLine.

We have launched the first phase of this with renewals, all people who need to renew should have just received an email with a payment request, sent Friday 23 March 2018, please follow the instruction and you can update any personal information as well

Collecting the club membership payments means we incur some transaction fees and have agreed with the committee that the club will include the fee for the membership in the club fees (so the £5 fee stays the same) but if you include England Athletics Affiliation as part of your membership, then as we have to pass on the £15 to England Athletics, then we are adding on this fee to membership, so membership will be:

  • Redway Runners membership = £5.00
  • Redway Runners membership and affiliating with England Athletics £20.45

If you add England Athletics affiliation after you join then you can do this and this cost will be £15.45

Few questions
Not had a mail?
Check spam, junk or promotions folders, then Send us a mail to and we can check we have your e-mail address correct

Not had a membership card?
This will be on your profile page, but check back later as this will be released soon

If I change my details?
Just log into your record and update it

On the run with Caz (Caroline Bray)

Name: Caroline Bray

Joined Redway Runners: 12 January 2017

We go on the run with our members and we find out a bit more about them – which we thought would be great to share, this time it is with Caz

Thanks Caz

17 March 2017



When did you start running and when did you join Redway Runners?

I joined Ros Crawley’s beginners group back in January 2017- on a cold Wednesday evening!

Have you run with other clubs how does Redway Runners Compare?

I’ve never run with another club, I’m not sure I would ever want to, they would have a lot to live up to!

What’s the best thing about being in a running club?

The best thing by far is the undeniable support- support from people you have never met before on a club run, the support from everyone at events cheering you on, the support from running friends you have made as a result- it just cant be beaten!

How much does running with Redway Runners mean to you?

It means a great deal. The safety net of running with the club is huge, sometimes it’s not much fun on your own especially during the winter months. The variety of runs is undoubtedly amazing; to suit all abilities and busy lives. I value being able to run after work at 7pm in a large group, the run leads are running angels!



Tell us about your first time? (with Redway Runners)

I think every beginner feels some nerves- it felt my first day of secondary school all over again! There really was nothing to worry about, everyone was so incredibly friendly and welcoming.


Tell us your history of running?

Zero basically. I did use the treadmill when I was a member of a gym many years previous but not that many times! I avoided PE at school, I genuinely thought I ‘couldn’t run’!

What has been you best running achievement?

Other than completing my 1st parkrun, my best achievement has to be taking part in the Redway Runners Festival of Running last year. I managed to get myself an entry to the 10K the night before- it was my first ever event/race. Although it was tough as I had only covered 7 miles as my furthest distance prior to this, I really dug deep and was elated to cross that line!

What is your running ambition?

My ultimate ambition is to run a marathon. I was due to start training for the MK Marathon at the start of the year, IT band issues have hampered this and still continue to do so. I have since changed my entry to the Half Marathon (this will also be my 1st HM) so this is my new revised goal! With this I want to also promote that anyone can run as I thought I couldn’t be a ‘runner’. Size, age, gender, ability is not a factor.

Why do you run?

I run for fitness, to push myself physically and mentally.

Who have you see while running?

I saw Chris Moyles running round Caldecotte once!

Favourite place to run?

Linford Wood is up there with my favourites! I do love Leigh’s Monday 7pm Summer Step Up route too!!

Tell us about your worst run?

My worst run was a week after I injured myself, I thought I would be able to manage a few miles on one of the social runs- come 2.5 miles, I had to stop and walk back. It was too much. I was so deflated and frustrated.

Best running phrase?

A 12 minute mile is just as far as a 6 minute mile

Caz RR Festival 10KFavourite running photo and why? (please send it as well)

From the Festival- I was so happy with running my 1st 10K event!

Do you always round up?

Always!! It’s the law!

What do you think about when you run?

What I’m having for dinner, what snack can I eat whilst I’m waiting for dinner, why do I run, I want to walk, I don’t want to walk, dinner again, I feel like I’m running faster than what I actually am.

Love or hate loop backs?

It’s a love/hate relationship!



Run to time or distance?

Depends on the circumstances but normally time with a goal in mind.

If you don’t share your run in social media, did it happen? Where do you log your runs and do you stalk others runs?

If its not on Strava, it didn’t happen.



If you could choose anywhere in the world to run, where would it be?

I’d love to run in America.

Favourite parkrun and why?

Linford Wood- the route is lovely, a real mix bag of urban and woodland. My PB stands at Linford.

What’s your one race essential?

Water! I crumble without.

Have you considered joining the cross country team?

I couldn’t cope with the mud!


Feel free to tell us more

Originally I entered to do the MK Marathon in May 2018. Due to injury this has now changed to the Half Marathon. The main reason for me entering this race was the location, Milton Keynes. As my home town it felt fitting complete my 1st major milestone here. The stadium finish is also a reason, I’ve seen the photo’s over the years- it looks amazing! I’ve been envious but this year I won’t be! With the route taking in some of our beautiful scenery, I couldn’t run anywhere else. I was very lucky to achieve an Ambassador role for the event, helping promote running to everyone and the event itself.

I am also raising money for this, again locally based and the Club’s Charity of the Year- MK Hospital Charity. In my mind, I’m running for all those who dream of running but who physically can’t.

I can’t wait to complete my first Half Marathon in Milton Keynes on 7th May 2018 as a Redway Runner, injury or no injury!


Redway Runners Storm Milton Keynes Festival of Running

HD RR group 2


An amazing 319 Redway Runners proudly took part in the MK Festival of Running on 11 March.  There was the usual mix of experienced, social and novice runners who all put a great deal of effort into their preparations.  Among the most notable achievements were:




  • 20 miles – Dan Hippey 24th overall, Jen Sangster 10th lady and Maurice O’Connell 2nd M60.
  • Half marathon – Paul Barnes 63rd overall, Devon Byrne 17th lady, Rachel Edwards 2nd F45 and Ros Crawley 3rd F55.
  • 10k -Ben Fairhall 4th overall, Katie Tucker 2nd lady overall, John Loxley 1st M50, Derek Slann 2nd M60, Caroline Beechey 2nd F55 and Alasdair MacIver 2nd M70.


HD RR groupSpecial mention to novice Redway Runner Becky Shraga who ran for “The Stroke Association” in the 2nd of a target 12 half marathons in 2018.




Congratulations to all who took part!


New members of any ability are more than welcome – for more information.”

HD Maurice Oconnell


New Beginners groups starting

We are pleased to let you know we are starting our next free beginners groups in April 2018 and we have eight (yes 8) courses starting.

Most will be working towards doing the MK Willen Lake free 5K parkrun on Saturday 30 June 2018.  If you want a place you need to act quickly as all these courses have limited spaces.

This time we again have an extended course, we have a Saturday morning course, also daytime morning, daytime lunchtime and most weekday evenings (except Tuesday and Friday), we have courses from David Lloyd at Newlands, Mercedes at Tongwell, Woughton Leisure Centre at Woughton and Tattenhoe Sports Pavillion so plenty of choice depending on your location.

Ideal for those wanting to start running or get back to running.

All the details and how to book are at:

Please do pass on this information to anyone who may be interested.

Club Membership

Since the club started we have had a centralised membership database which has been great to keep control and enabled us to pull out key information we wanted as we needed it.

But, the club has grown and it takes something like up to 10 minutes to register each new member, and since started we have had well over 2,600 people join the club, then each year we have to do renewals and these take 3 to 4 minutes each for the 1,600 members we have, so as you can imagine the time taken is considerable. Anyway we have as a club agreed to move to a new solution.

This will once we have it up and running, provide members with their own log in details so you keep your information up to date, plus payments will be part of the solution, making it much easier to renew, also membership will be fully automated.

However, in the short term we have to convert all the membership information to get it ready, then completed checks and testing before it can be rolled out to all.

So for about the next two weeks we will not be able to process new members or complete renewals, in fact would be best for us rather than submitting them to hold off and use the new solution when we have it available.