Tour of Milton Keynes

Big news for this year’s tour – could you win the new club award!

This year’s tour, the 34th, will start on Sunday 21 August with the Tattenhoe 11km and finish on Friday 26 August with the Willen Lake 6 and has six races over the six days.

This year we will be presenting for the first time THREE awards just for Redway Runner members on the last evening at the presentations

You will need to be a paid Redway Runner member and have ‘Redway Runners’ registered as your club in the entry list.

The awards are for:

  • Fastest Redway Runner male completing all six events
  • Fastest Redway Runner lady completing all six events
  • Most improved Redway Runners in all six events (you will need to have been a Redway Runner last year and this year and completed all six events each year)

You will keep the award for one year and then it will go on to next years winner

All the details of the event and entry forms on the MMKAC website (see link of the left from home page) at:

Monday nights from Decathlon

As you all hopefully know by now, from next week (1 August) the Monday evening runs will be meeting at the Decathlon store on Patriot Drive, MK13 8PU

The stores in the retail park will still be open so be aware that there will be shoppers milling around the area – as always be courteous and considerate to everyone, including your fellow runners 🙂

There is a side car park next to Smyths Toys, extending around the back slightly and it is suggested that we use this to park in as it will be quieter. Parking is free

Our run leads have been working on a number of new routes, some of which were tested on last weeks Sunday Run.

For (at least) the first week we will be combining both the Club and Social Runs along one of the new routes to get people used to it so the club runners know where to go on their own in subsequent weeks

The route is easy to follow (!) and well lit, although slightly longer than the current Club Run at 4.4 miles…….you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also much flatter than the route we tested on the Sunday run recently!

The Step Up run will start on their new route next week – this will be similar in distance to the current route at between 2.5 and 3 miles.

The usual 7pm announcements from Martin will be inside the Decathlon store…..see you all there!

Personal story: Maren Mattmueller – our European runner

Dear wonderful running club

I was asked to write a review so here it comes.

It is time to say goodbye! After four years in England and one year with Redway Runners I have heavy-heartedly decided to move back to Germany. There are several reasons for that, Brexit being the final straw that breaks the camel’s back (I had to look up this saying). I jokingly said that the vote will be my final omen and take the decision off my shoulders – well who would’ve thought you’d vote out…

I have joined Redway Runners last August, just before my personal life absolutely hit rock bottom. And it doesn’t matter how strong or old or tough you are – when you are alone in a foreign country without your family everything seems so much harder! I have turned up to runs without sleeping or having had any more than a few calories per day. I thought the pain in my belly would distract me from other pains. I was amazed that I could still run but obviously in order to attend club runs regularly I had to start eating properly again. I’ve lost at least 6 kilos (yuhuu) – not the right way (boooh) – but up to today due to running at least 40km per week I maintained that weight in a healthy way.

With so many members that the club has, I have only met a few of you but the ones I have talked to and ran with are absolutely amazing people and I will thoroughly miss this little bit of social regularity. Running has so much become part of my life: When I’m said – I run. When I feel lonely – I run. When I’m angry – I run. When depressions take over – I run. And when I’m happy – hell yeh, of course I run and shout about it! Running is for everyone and Redway Runners demonstrate that by combining so many different runs, groups, events, offers. I’ve probably not even discovered the whole potential of the club.

I’m currently injured which – as you might’ve gathered from the previous paragraph – is a minor disaster for me. I try to cycle but cycling is just the little annoying brother of running.

Once I’ve recovered, I’ll conquer Germany and as my RR membership doesn’t expire until next year, I will be wearing my green t-shirt with pride to run events across the country and send you nice pictures, hoping that you will soon plan a club trip to Hamburg.

I had to discover in shock that Germany was one of the countries not having established a parkrun yet! Can you believe it! I have set myself a goal: set up a parkrun in Hamburg and get the phaenomenon running (sorry). Watch this space and see you next year at Hamburg’s Half marathon with a pre-race parkrun 😉IMG-20160626-WA0003 IMG_20160605_125943

Redway Runners take to the pitch

Mike King is organising a charity football match which will include Redway Runners – all the info below:

If you are as ‘sick as a parrot’ when you get a bad parkrun time or with the recent England performance at Euro 2016, then Redway Runners are giving you the opportunity to get this disappointment out of the system.

On Sunday 4 September 13.30 at The Recreation Ground, Hanslope, the inaugural Redway Runners F.C. a.k.a The Green Army, will be taking on the might of AFC Santander (a.k.a. Merchant Banker) in a football match on behalf of Charity of the Year, The Haemophilia Society.

Complementing the dazzling skills on the field (no jokes about tackle) all supporters will be able to purchase a Match day Programme which qualifies them to an array of raffle prizes post match (let us know if you can donate a proze).  The raffle draw and free food will  be supplied in The Cock pub in the centre of the village immediately after the game.

So if you fancy yourself as a whippet of a winger, a rapid right back or simply like kicking people (Sir Douglas of Yabsley) then please contact Mike King at to put your name forward for squad selection. Hanslope FC have kindly supplied the pitch, changing facilities, tea room, kit and match officials all free of charge so a huge green heart emoji to their Committee.

Ladies – Let us know if you are interested and we will see if we can get a women’s match going as well.

It would be amazing if we could rally up a big support on the day and we can make this an annual event for the Charity of the Year. Both teams will not only be playing for pride, but also a Trophy!!!!

New Beginners groups

We are now able to let you know about our new free beginners groups starting in September 2016, we have four 10 week course starting. All working towards doing the MK Willen Lake free 5K parkrun on Saturday 5 November. If you want a place you need to act quickly as all these courses will be limited to 40 places.

The courses are:

  • Tuesday evenings with Annette at 18:00
  • Wednesday evenings with Steve at 19:00
  • Thursday day-times with Richard and Tim at 9:30
  • Workplace group exclusive for Santander staff with Lucinda

All the details and how to book are at:

You may remember we asked our previous beginners to complete a short survey for us we have taken some of the main findings from this and including these into these course with

  • One of the courses starting at a later time slot
  • Limiting the courses to 40 beginners
  • We will also be making improvements how we get runners from the courses into the club runs

Please do pass on this information to anyone you know who wants to start running or return to running

Mercedes Beginners group

On Wednesday evening 13 July 2016 we started the clubs first workplace beginners group with Mercedes, with Helen leading her first group – good night all seemed to enjoy

Can we now say ‘we run and drive Milton Keynes!’

Leyla’s Story

We thought you might like to read Leyla’s story – well done Leyla

Had the best news ever I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes nearly 4 years ago. I weighed 110kg and my blood sugar HBA1C was between 10.5-11%. I was on 4 metformin tablets.

At the check up 18months ago I was told I might have to change to insulin injections, I asked the doc to give me three months to bring my blood sugar down and that is when I started exercising and running within three months I lost some weight and was down to 9% which was still high but no injections then I was accepted to run the London marathon and joined Redway Runners to help me train and I have not looked back since, today I am 85kg and my blood sugar is 6.3%.

I am absolutely over the moon the good control is 7% and I am below that. doctor reduced my tablets to just 2 a day & said that if I keep this up for 6 months I will be on NO tablets
I am so so happy I took up running and this has helped me a lot in my journey to health, thanks to my lovely running club The Redway Runners, and thanks to absolutely outstanding support and encouragements from all my RR friends I might in 6 months be an ex diabetic.

My special thanks goes to my running buddy Jenna for being there for all my races so far we have many more planned for 2016. Thank you all so much I am a very happy lady now specially as I love cakes

Redway Runners Beginners group – Update

Been getting a number of questions about our next beginners groups, so thought would let you know where we are up to with our plans.

We have received the results from the survey that we undertook with beginners; we will let you have more information on these soon. We have taken the learning points and will be carrying that forward to make our next courses even better.

As we want to offer a few courses a number of our run leads have now completed the ‘Leadership in Running Fitness’ course so they can lead beginners groups for the club.

A while ago we put out a request to any workplaces that would like a beginners group, from that a number of companies have come forward and I am pleased to say we working with Mercedes and are launching a beginners group for their staff next week which Helen will be leading – with this you can help

  • if you work for Mercedes can you please help to promote the group
  • If you know anyone who works for Mercedes and wants to start running or return to running let them know
  • if you can support Helen with the group please let her know

Then in September we are working with another two companies to bring them workplace groups – more details on these later.

As well as these we will be having two more courses starting in September in the evenings and hopefully one for daytime’s. We will be releasing details of these courses very soon.

So lots happening and more info to come.

Step Up Sundays

We are always reviewing our running timetable to look at better ways of doing things and to make sure we have the correct number/type of runs for all

From Sunday 14 August we will be trialing a new ‘step up’ run on Sunday mornings at 9am, initially for a 6 week period to test demand

The run will be led by HELEN and it will be a 45 minute session running at an easier pace (11 min miles and above)

The run is aimed at anyone wanting to do the main Sunday club run but currently finds running until the hour drop out challenging.

More details will be coming out nearer the time but the schedule will be:

  • 14 Aug Willen Lake, meet at cafe at mini bowl
  • 21 Aug Caldecotte, Meet on Brickhill Street car park just before level Crossing at Bow Brickhill Station, map click here
  • 28 Aug Furzton
  • 04 Set. Willen Lake
  • 11 Sep Caldecotte
  • 18 Sep Furzton
  •  25 Sep NO RUN NSPCC 10K / Half
  •  2 Oct NO RUN

The normal club Sunday runs are still taking place at 9.00 each week all the details of those click here


Step Up Sunday week 1  on 14 Aug 2016