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Monday nights from Decathlon

July 25, 2016 by Martin Lawrence
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As you all hopefully know by now, from next week (1 August) the Monday evening runs will be meeting at the Decathlon store on Patriot Drive, MK13 8PU

The stores in the retail park will still be open so be aware that there will be shoppers milling around the area – as always be courteous and considerate to everyone, including your fellow runners 🙂

There is a side car park next to Smyths Toys, extending around the back slightly and it is suggested that we use this to park in as it will be quieter. Parking is free

Our run leads have been working on a number of new routes, some of which were tested on last weeks Sunday Run.

For (at least) the first week we will be combining both the Club and Social Runs along one of the new routes to get people used to it so the club runners know where to go on their own in subsequent weeks

The route is easy to follow (!) and well lit, although slightly longer than the current Club Run at 4.4 miles…….you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also much flatter than the route we tested on the Sunday run recently!

The Step Up run will start on their new route next week – this will be similar in distance to the current route at between 2.5 and 3 miles.

The usual 7pm announcements from Martin will be inside the Decathlon store…..see you all there!