Questions, Questions

We get a lot of common questions to the club so thought would try to answer some (and save a few mails/messages/texts etc etc) – any other questions post below and we will try to reply
** Club runs (are they on/what pace/when are they/etc)
We have all the club runs listed on the club website with details about them at:

** Club kit
All items of kit can be ordered at our on-line shore on the club web site under ‘store’. they take 21 days once ordered and when ready the store will contact you direct to arrange pick up (the store is in Newport Pagnell)

** Membership Cards
You can find this on your Redway Runners profile, so sign in and at the top of the page with a link to ‘membership card’

** I have changed by details
If you change address, name, e-mail address please log in to update.

** What is the link to log in to my profile
Link to the member login page:

** When will the next beginners groups start
We start courses in January, after Easter and September, they will be announced on the club Facebook and in the club weekly mail, so best to register for that (see question)

** Not getting/want to get info on club
You can register for our weekly newsletter at:

** Can I stop the weekly club newsletter?
If you want to unsubscribe from our mail, just click un-subscribe at the bottom of the weekly club mail.

** Facebook page
We have a Facebook page please ‘like’ it and watch for news stories or post anything that is of interest to other runners at

** Twitter
Follow us at Twitter on; @redwayrunners

** Redway Runners on Strava
You can join Redway Runners Strava group, users need to search under ‘clubs’ (on the ‘explore’ tab) when you find ‘Redway Runners’ click join.

** Fetch Everyone
Fetch users pick ‘clubs’, find ‘Redway Runners’ and then join

** parkrun
From any e-mail from parkrun, select ‘manage my profile’ then you can update your club to ‘Redway Runners’ and save.

** Garmin Connect
Groups and Find Group

** Are you racing? / I do not appear in the list of those taking part in a race
We do have a page on our web-site ‘who’s racing where’ (under the ‘events’ tab) so if you have entered any events let Simon know at: and you can be added to the list.

** Non David Lloyd Members
For runs from David Lloyd and you are not a David Lloyd member please do not park in the car park, some parking along the road and at the end of the road. Also pay and display car park opposite Gulliver’s land and Willen. A free car park across the canal at the Cricket Pavilion

Running Newport Pagnell

We are pleased to announce that we are starting a number of Redway Runners runs from Body Limits in Newport Pagnell from the week commencing 20 January 2020, these are:


Beginners Group

This will be on a Tuesday evening at 6pm starting on the 21 January 2020, meeting at Body Limits, this is a 10 week course and at the end of it you will complete the Milton Keynes free 5K parkrun on Saturday 28 March 2020 with Martin and Vikki.

The course is free but you just need to be a member, but membership is only £5 for the year to 31 March 2021

For all the details of the course and how to book a place click here


Step Up run

A new run on Monday evenings at 6pm from Body Limits with Emma and Vikki starting on 20 January 2020. Step Up runs are Redway Runners easier paced runs and over a shorter distance, they are aimed at runners with a pace of 10 minute miles and over and usually about 45 minutes but leave an hour free for prep and cool down time.

If you are not a Redway Runners member you are welcome to come and try our runs for two weeks and if you like then join

Details of this run and all Redway Runners runs click here


Body Limits are at: 99 Wolverton Rd, Newport Pagnell MK16 8HX (no parking at Body Limits but plenty of parking at Station Road car park, across from the fire station)

Sunday running

As it is a new year, we are expecting some big January numbers again this year, the main club run will be from the MK Dons, behind McDonalds during January (we will do different routes each week) we are also having an extra club one hour run from different location each week as well. These runs are ideal for people wanting to increase distance for a marathon or half. Sunday run locations click here

We also have a Step up run as well this is based at runners who want a shorter easier run of 45 minutes and a short walk is acceptable (although it does offer an extra 30 minutes at the end) – if you are attending this run and you are often running at the front then it is time to move up to the club run, that way making it a better run for most of the other runners, and better for the run lead to manage

For the club run, we just ask that you can run for the full 1 hour option and for 80% of the full length of the run, especially as the length of the runs increase (we plan them to extend by 10 minutes each week roughly).

During the run, please run like you are on a motorway, keep to the left and overtake on the right, during the loop backs keep left as lots of foot traffic about, please do not run more than two abreast and always be polite to all using the redways, we do not own them, let’s make sure everyone, runners and others out enjoys the great outdoors.

If you are coming to the main club run tomorrow for the first time look out for the yellow hi vis heroes and they will capture some info if you have not joined and help with any questions

More than anything else enjoy your run, let’s start the ‘Class of 2020’ and most importantly stay for coffee afterwards and a chat (other drinks available)

MK City of Sport 2020

2020 marks another milestone for Milton Keynes as in 2020, MK is a ‘City of Sport’ and Redway Runners are involved, we have pledged to deliver 20 beginners groups in 2020, we also have agreement from the City of Sport MK team to produce a special Redway Runners City of Sport green hoodie, they are available on the club store now.

They come in unisex, ladies or kids sizes

A great way to mark Milton Keynes City of Sport

All the details and prices on the club store at:

So get your order in now

We will be doing a lot more under the City of Sport banner, so watch this space