Club winter Overseas trip

We are now able to announce that the second club overseas trip of the year will be to Ljubljana in Slovenia, with a 10K, half and marathon something for most people.

All the details are at:

So come along get yourself booked and come and enjoy the fun

1000 Members


At Thursday night’s club run (17 March) a major milestone was reached – not so much that Izi joined the club, but she  is our 1,000th current member of Redway Runners – we will be telling you more about Izi in the near future.

A little over five years ago a few of us got together and we decided we would form a running club, we looked into it long and hard and gave it much thought, what name would we call it, how much money would we need, what were the requirements.

Anyway after a bit of time went by we came up with Redway Runners (well initially David Lloyd Redway Runners – we changed it in November 2014). Decided on green as our club colours, we had to use colours not in use by other nearby clubs and we did all the paperwork.

That just left us needing as we had worked out 10 people to pay up and join to make it work, I secretly thought if we could do that and then by some miracle get to about 25 members that would mean we could run the club for two years and would be a reasonable time to see if we could do it!!

Well a lots of miles have been ran since those days at the end of 2010 and the start of 2011 and our 1,000 member has just joined the club – ***YES WE NOW HAVE ONE THOUSAND MEMBERS*** – words really do fail me (OK so I have written a few with this!!)

The journey to get to this milestone has been absolutely amazing, we now do so many things with runs and activities to suit just about every sort of runner with club trips in the UK and overseas, sessions throughout the day and nearly every day, track given sessions, race in the Cross Country league, beginners groups, our Zero to Hero programme, courses to suit runners development. We should also be proud of what  we have given to others with our charity of the year, gift donation and food bank schemes.

We could not have got to where we are now without all the people who have given up time for free to make the club what it is so to all those people 1,000 thanks.

Of course during the journey we have had some ups and downs, guess with the numbers you cannot please all the people – but really believe that we get it right most of the time.

We have since day one kept to our four principles of:

  • Fun
  • social
  • Value for money
  • Benefit of runners

We do not know how we will develop in the future and if we will continue with the amazing growth we have seen but as long as we all enjoy the journey am sure all the hard work put into the club by so many will be appreciated.

Of course we will be marking this milestone how we do best and cakes will be appearing at some of the main club runs as soon as we can get the sorted.


Club AGM

Notice is hereby given that Redway Runners will be holding their AGM on Tuesday 3 May from 7.30-9.00pm at David Lloyd. All paid members are welcome.

We will be electing the committee for the coming year and reporting on activities over the past year along with voting for the club charity of the year.

If you would like to stand on the committee for election then please e-mail Denise the club secretary on by 1 May 2016

Details of the committee are at:

Zero to Hero Programme 2016/17

Redway Runners are proud to announce the continuation of the Z2H project.

Our aim remains unchanged, we want to help “novice” runners become marathon runners.

This will be a simple and flexible programme that will make the most of existing resources within the club. The project will be led by Doug Yabsley & Stuart Woodruff. Additional support will come from Redway Runner Coaches, Run Leads and, most importantly, the many club members that have trodden the same path over the years.

So, have the recent marathons whetted your appetite to pull on those running shoes and work your way up to a marathon? Are you excited by the idea that “it could be you” but not really sure where to start? Is there a special charity in your life that you would love to support through running a marathon? Well, if so, we can help and we want to help!
Everyone has busy lives. However, although this plan will be carefully structured to deliver you to the start line of the MK Marathon in May 2017, it will be flexible enough to fit into your own lifestyle. The Training Schedule will follow these stages:
To prepare you for a successful marathon race day, the plan will include a number of races:

We are now looking for people to join the programme in April. There is no charge for joining. However, participants will be expected to pay for their own equipment (such as trainers, running gear and a GPS watch). There will also be race entry fees – Participants will complete 1 x parkrun, 1 x Club 10K, 1 x Half Marathon, 1 x 20 mile & of course the “Graduation Marathon”.

We’re trying to keep things as simple as possible, and we’re keen to receive a wide range of applications, so we have kept the application criteria to a minimum:

  • You must be available between April 2016 & next years MK Marathon which will be held in May 2017.
  • You must be a “novice” runner. Applications are welcome from inexperienced Redway Runner members or non-members who are prepared to join the Redway Runners (RR).
  • You must be local and available to train regularly as part of the RR club activities.
  • You must be medically fit.
  • You must be happy to be involved in RR and MK Marathon Public Relations & always ready to represent RR favourably.
  • You must be happy to attend progress meetings, happy to interact with other members of your group and of course your mentors.
  • Qualities that we need from you will include:

1.     Determination;
2.     Dedication;
3.     Commitment;
4.     Reliability;
5.     Honesty;
6.     Facebook user;
7.     A sense of humour!
If you are interested in applying please send an e-mail to  by 1tst April 2016 telling us in a couple of paragraphs why you would like to take part in this exciting project. If you have any questions please contact Douglas Yabsley directly either via Facebook or email to the aforementioned –

Easter @ Redway Runners

Easter is fast approaching and plenty of runs available:

Good Friday 25 March
Morning club run – meet at David Lloyd reception at 9.30 we will be doing about 9 minute mile pace and covering about 10 miles – this run will be a bit slower then usual on the Friday run -we have a nice Good Friday route that includes a small section off road

Saturday 26 March
Most parkruns operate as usual

Easter Sunday 27 March
Club run at 9:00 from the MK Dons stadium with 60 minute option or the full 2 hour 30 minutes

Easter Monday 28 March
Morning will be holding one run at 10.00 with the club 4.4 mile handicap run (let us know if you can help with timing) – more on this at:
No Step up of 8 mile out and back runs on this day

Evening – usual club runs at 7pm from near the entrance barriers to David Lloyd

Festival of Running 2016

Sunday 6 March saw the Milton Keynes Festival of Running and a chance for club members to take part in various races with a 5K. 10K, Half Marathon and a 20 mile race

Special thanks to Jenny for leading our fantastic team at the Cross Keys – it really makes a difference when running to know you are coming up and the support you get.

Great turnout showing on the results with lot of finishers with
5K = 10
10K = 102
Half = 46
20miles = 60

So 218 Redway Runners completed events at the festival – fantastic work all

Results at: