London Marathon 2020/2021

London Marathon have put out a announcement about London Marathon, you can read it at:

It is an elite race only for 2020 in St James Park.

Everyone with a place in the 2020 event will still have the chance to take part in The 40th Race by running 26.2 miles and receive the a finisher medal and New Balance finisher T-shirt. In addition, all runners and charities will also be able to defer their place to a future London Marathon – in 2021, 2022 or 2023. – but see London Marathon for all the information

The London Marathon 2021, will move from its usual April date to Sunday 3 October to give the best chance for the mass race to return in 2021.

Club Coach

Due to the news of London Marathons postponement we have also postponed our coach booking.

All booking made will also roll over to next year. In the event you won’t require your seat you can Donate your fee to the club charity of the year MK Act or get a refund. For either of these actions please email for a refund with your account number and sort code.

Club London Marathon ballot places

Taken from the London Marathon Website below, please note we will confirm the club marathon ballot for 2021 process soon

I have a place through my running club
You will be able to opt to defer your place to 3 October 2021 or 24 April 2022 or offered a refund when we email you on 1 September. You will find out the year your place has been deferred to by 4 October 2020.
You cannot transfer your place to another member of your running club or anyone else. Any deferral will not affect future Club allocations.

Redway Runners RunGo on run routes

Redway Runners are now a group on the RunGo app, download the App and search in groups for Redway Runners and join it, Run Go provides routes with voice navigation (imagine a sat nav for running) you may be familiar with it if you have been doing the Big Cow 6 pack marathon

We already have a number of routes included with all eight Milton Keynes Boundary run routes, the Hanslope Circular run (more on that soon), plus some nice routes local to Milton Keynes area.

Have you ever fancied running the 5am run with Jen (if 5am does not put you off then 9 miles at 8 minute mile pace on a gentle day including Brickhill hill might) well the route if included for you to have a go at your own time and own pace

We will be adding routes that add value as we develop this opportunity, you can find us at:

About RunGo:
RunGo is the #1 running app for discovering the best routes in the world with turn-by-turn voice navigation. Build your own route, or select one of the 400,000 routes or verified routes worldwide, and follow a voice-guided tour, including every time there’s a turn or a cool landmark, or an encouraging reminder that you’re halfway there.
RunGo also tracks your run stats like time, pace, distance, elevation, and estimated finish time.
We proudly include no ads in the app, and a paid premium upgrade is available for additional features.

Hanslope Circular Run with Redway Runners

A new Challenge to have a go at with the Hanslope Circular run

The total route is about twenty miles and is on mixed terrain that is mainly fields and footpaths that in a few places are a bit overgrown.

You’ll see from the map that the route is very close in both directions just below Hanslope Park which we used as a cross over point to make it into a two day walk:-


Day 1

12 miles and covers the northern part starting and finishing in the same place, we met in Castlethorpe village centre at a closed down pub:-

The Carrington Arms, South Street, Castlethorpe MK19 7EL where there is free parking.

This route is on Run Go app, search groups and ‘Redway Runners’ at:


Day 2

8 miles covers the southern part starting and finishing in the same place, we met at:-

The Black Horse, Great Linford MK14 5AJ

This route is on Run Go app, search groups and ‘Redway Runners’ at:


Thanks to Steve Rose for the information

Getting back to running – next steps

In our last update, we let you know that we had received updated England Athletics guidance and we were waiting further clarification, we are pleased to confirm that we have now received this and following a successful test over the weekend on the new guidance we are increasing the numbers that can attend club runs up to 12 runners as a first step, this will increase for the booked runs from the 1 August 2020. We could go further but feel at this stage this is a wise first step.

In order to make this change we have updated the club COVID risk assessment and to confirm Michelle GB is the clubs COVID officer, runners are still required to social distance and stick to the runners COVID guidelines that are below and runs will be in COVID secure environments
We will be continuing with the current process for booking runs, via events on your Redway Runners Love Admin account (with the exception of Move Up to Marathon group and the Under 18s)

Please ensure that your contact details are up to date on your Redway Runners Love Admin account in case it needs to be used for Test and Trace

More information at:


Redway Runners Guidelines for attending any run in the club:

  • You will follow all Government recommendation, click here
  • Only if you have a booking confirmation can you attend a Redway Runners club run
  • Only paid members for 2020/2021 can book a place on a club run (sorry no trial runs at the moment)
  • You will always maintain social distancing including before, during and at the end of the run
  • You will not attend if you have any COVID symptoms (see cancelling a place)
  • You will not attend if you have been instructed not to attend for any reason including shielding, have tested positive for COVID or have been told to self isolate
  • You will not touch anything where reasonably possible
  • You will not pass anything to other runners or ask anyone to hold anything for you (including the run lead), ie keys, water
  • You must wash your hands before the run and after the run – you must bring hand sanitiser
  • No pushchair (this counts as an extra person)
  • You will not bring anyone else with you who has not booked, the run leads are instructed to turn both them and you away
  • No Under 16s (except under 18s sessions)
  • You will not share the start location before the run in any circumstances
  • No spitting during the session
  • If you cannot make a booked session then email: Move Up to Marathon group (Sean) and Under 18s runs (Doug) contact leads
  • If you do not make a run we will keep a tally and might revoke your ability to book future runs
  • If the club must cancel a run then we will email as soon as we can, but it is safety first so may have to cancel at short notice
  • You will only book up to two places on runs in the club a week
  • If you break these guidelines then we can withdraw your ability to book runs




England Athletics Guidance Update

Following the latest updated guidance from England Athletics the steering group to get the club back up to operations met again on Saturday 18 July 2020 (via Zoom) and have decided that at this stage will not make changes to how club runs currently operate until we get further clarification from England Athletics.

The meeting agreed in principle a number of ways forward on a number of scenarios and updated the clubs Covid risk assessment, which you can see click here (opens pdf)

Since we started with limited runs about 6 weeks ago with the booking process we have held about 100 runs, although this gives us capacity for 600 runners, we still have demand for more opportunities to run, so if you feel you could lead runs for the club, please get in touch with Martin or Michelle GB and if you meet the criteria then we can progress. Michelle GB is the clubs Covid-19 Officer (as well as run lead co-ordinator) please contact her or Martin for further information.

The information on runs in the club is at:

New ‘Performance’ club kit

Our New Balance ‘Performance’ range of club kit is now available to order

This current order window will be until 31 July 2020. The orders will then be collated and sent off.

All the information is on our new club shop page

The standard everyday range of kit will be available as normal at:

Redway Runners

Redway Runners AGM – June 2020

Redway Runners Annual General Meeting held 29 June 2020 as a Zoom meeting due to the COVID pandemic, details of the event click here

To View

  • Detailed copy of the club AGM report click here (opens in a new window as a pdf)
  • Slide presentation from the night click here (opens in a new window as a PowerPoint)
  • MI slides click here
  • Minutes of the meeting click here


Matt Clements and Tina Surti have stood down from the committee and pleased to confirm, David Rose has stood for PR role and Karen Painting for On Line activity, they join those already standing and re-elcted for the next club year

MK Act was voted at Redway Runners Charity of the Year from 1 April 2020 to the 31 March 2021

At the meeting it was agreed for the club committee to review if the charity of the year should cover two years

Copy of the Agenda of the meeting below:



Payment Collections

We told you previously, through our membership system (LoveAdmin), we have been using GoCardless to collect payments from you. GoCardless are increasing their fees so to keep costs low, LoveAdmin have integrated a new payment provider – London & Zurich.

What does this mean for me?
In short, very little. Your direct debits will automatically move from GoCardless to London & Zurich without you needing to take action.

You may receive notification from your bank and you will receive two emails from London & Zurich.
When we collect payments in the future, you will see London & Zurich on your bank statement.

Additionally, until the 30 June 2020, the Activation date we cannot collect payments via Love Admin so if you need to make a payment in the instances below, but we have a short term solution

If you have not renewed then you can make the payment direct to the club bank account (either £5 or £21.45, if you have EA), then mail us so we can update your record as paid, you can still sign in to your Redway Runners Love Admin account and update your information

New Membership
Please mail us

MK24 Virtual run Experience
You can enter the event, but will not be able to continue from the payments page. Once you have done that the payment will be outstanding, please make payment to the club bank account and send us a email to confirm

Anything else just mail us at:

Bank Details
Redway Runners Bank account

  • Sort code 301553 (Lloyds Bank)
  • Number 42390360
  • Name; Redway Runners

Club store is not affected by this change and is open for on-line orders

Redway Runners Big Green Litter Pick

Big thank you to everyone that took part in last weeks Redway Runners Big Green litter pick and helped make Milton Keynes a bit greener

We made a video from it you can view it at:

Fantastic response and watch out for more of these in the future

Additional thanks to The Milton Keynes Parks Trust and Association of Running Clubs (ARC) in supporting us with this activity

AGM 29 June 2020

Normally Redway Runners would have held the clubs AGM during May, but with the unusual circumstances the world is experiencing we decided to leave it to see how the situation developed and it seems clear that we will not be able to hold a Face to Face meeting inside with the numbers in the near future.

Therefore, for this year we are going to conduct the club AGM via a Zoom meeting on Monday 29 June 2020 from 18:30 to 20.00.

This meeting is for paid Redway Runners members, at the meeting we will review the clubs activity and accounts for the year 2019 / 2020 up the 31 March 2020

We will also be voting for the club charity of the year to 31 March 2021

You can book your place now on your Redway Runners Love Admin account by signing in, selecting ‘Events’ then on AGM select ‘more’

Nomination for the club charity should be sent to Denise with the full charity name, charity number and the reasons for nomination. Unfortunately this year personal presentations regarding charity nominations will not be possible. Any information that you would like us to share relating to the nomination should be included with the above. Please note that nominations must be received by 6pm on 26th June 2020.

Any agenda items or questions to be raised please send to the club secretary Denise Browning at:

Club rules for Charity of the tear are at: