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Personal story: Maren Mattmueller – our European runner

July 20, 2016 by Martin Lawrence
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Dear wonderful running club

I was asked to write a review so here it comes.

It is time to say goodbye! After four years in England and one year with Redway Runners I have heavy-heartedly decided to move back to Germany. There are several reasons for that, Brexit being the final straw that breaks the camel’s back (I had to look up this saying). I jokingly said that the vote will be my final omen and take the decision off my shoulders – well who would’ve thought you’d vote out…

I have joined Redway Runners last August, just before my personal life absolutely hit rock bottom. And it doesn’t matter how strong or old or tough you are – when you are alone in a foreign country without your family everything seems so much harder! I have turned up to runs without sleeping or having had any more than a few calories per day. I thought the pain in my belly would distract me from other pains. I was amazed that I could still run but obviously in order to attend club runs regularly I had to start eating properly again. I’ve lost at least 6 kilos (yuhuu) – not the right way (boooh) – but up to today due to running at least 40km per week I maintained that weight in a healthy way.

With so many members that the club has, I have only met a few of you but the ones I have talked to and ran with are absolutely amazing people and I will thoroughly miss this little bit of social regularity. Running has so much become part of my life: When I’m said – I run. When I feel lonely – I run. When I’m angry – I run. When depressions take over – I run. And when I’m happy – hell yeh, of course I run and shout about it! Running is for everyone and Redway Runners demonstrate that by combining so many different runs, groups, events, offers. I’ve probably not even discovered the whole potential of the club.

I’m currently injured which – as you might’ve gathered from the previous paragraph – is a minor disaster for me. I try to cycle but cycling is just the little annoying brother of running.

Once I’ve recovered, I’ll conquer Germany and as my RR membership doesn’t expire until next year, I will be wearing my green t-shirt with pride to run events across the country and send you nice pictures, hoping that you will soon plan a club trip to Hamburg.

I had to discover in shock that Germany was one of the countries not having established a parkrun yet! Can you believe it! I have set myself a goal: set up a parkrun in Hamburg and get the phaenomenon running (sorry). Watch this space and see you next year at Hamburg’s Half marathon with a pre-race parkrun 😉IMG-20160626-WA0003 IMG_20160605_125943


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