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Redway Runners Beginners group – Update

July 07, 2016 by Martin Lawrence
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Been getting a number of questions about our next beginners groups, so thought would let you know where we are up to with our plans.

We have received the results from the survey that we undertook with beginners; we will let you have more information on these soon. We have taken the learning points and will be carrying that forward to make our next courses even better.

As we want to offer a few courses a number of our run leads have now completed the ‘Leadership in Running Fitness’ course so they can lead beginners groups for the club.

A while ago we put out a request to any workplaces that would like a beginners group, from that a number of companies have come forward and I am pleased to say we working with Mercedes and are launching a beginners group for their staff next week which Helen will be leading – with this you can help

  • if you work for Mercedes can you please help to promote the group
  • If you know anyone who works for Mercedes and wants to start running or return to running let them know
  • if you can support Helen with the group please let her know

Then in September we are working with another two companies to bring them workplace groups – more details on these later.

As well as these we will be having two more courses starting in September in the evenings and hopefully one for daytime’s. We will be releasing details of these courses very soon.

So lots happening and more info to come.