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Leyla’s Story

July 13, 2016 by Martin Lawrence
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We thought you might like to read Leyla’s story – well done Leyla

Had the best news ever I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes nearly 4 years ago. I weighed 110kg and my blood sugar HBA1C was between 10.5-11%. I was on 4 metformin tablets.

At the check up 18months ago I was told I might have to change to insulin injections, I asked the doc to give me three months to bring my blood sugar down and that is when I started exercising and running within three months I lost some weight and was down to 9% which was still high but no injections then I was accepted to run the London marathon and joined Redway Runners to help me train and I have not looked back since, today I am 85kg and my blood sugar is 6.3%.

I am absolutely over the moon the good control is 7% and I am below that. doctor reduced my tablets to just 2 a day & said that if I keep this up for 6 months I will be on NO tablets
I am so so happy I took up running and this has helped me a lot in my journey to health, thanks to my lovely running club The Redway Runners, and thanks to absolutely outstanding support and encouragements from all my RR friends I might in 6 months be an ex diabetic.

My special thanks goes to my running buddy Jenna for being there for all my races so far we have many more planned for 2016. Thank you all so much I am a very happy lady now specially as I love cakes