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New Club Membership Database

March 24, 2018 by Martin Lawrence
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We have spent the last few weeks automating the club membership database and have been doing a lot of work with Pay Subs OnLine.

We have launched the first phase of this with renewals, all people who need to renew should have just received an email with a payment request, sent Friday 23 March 2018, please follow the instruction and you can update any personal information as well

Collecting the club membership payments means we incur some transaction fees and have agreed with the committee that the club will include the fee for the membership in the club fees (so the £5 fee stays the same) but if you include England Athletics Affiliation as part of your membership, then as we have to pass on the £15 to England Athletics, then we are adding on this fee to membership, so membership will be:

  • Redway Runners membership = £5.00
  • Redway Runners membership and affiliating with England Athletics £20.45

If you add England Athletics affiliation after you join then you can do this and this cost will be £15.45

Few questions
Not had a mail?
Check spam, junk or promotions folders, then Send us a mail to and we can check we have your e-mail address correct

Not had a membership card?
This will be on your profile page, but check back later as this will be released soon

If I change my details?
Just log into your record and update it