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March 02, 2018 by Martin Lawrence
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Since the club started we have had a centralised membership database which has been great to keep control and enabled us to pull out key information we wanted as we needed it.

But, the club has grown and it takes something like up to 10 minutes to register each new member, and since started we have had well over 2,600 people join the club, then each year we have to do renewals and these take 3 to 4 minutes each for the 1,600 members we have, so as you can imagine the time taken is considerable. Anyway we have as a club agreed to move to a new solution.

This will once we have it up and running, provide members with their own log in details so you keep your information up to date, plus payments will be part of the solution, making it much easier to renew, also membership will be fully automated.

However, in the short term we have to convert all the membership information to get it ready, then completed checks and testing before it can be rolled out to all.

So for about the next two weeks we will not be able to process new members or complete renewals, in fact would be best for us rather than submitting them to hold off and use the new solution when we have it available.