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Monday Evening runs are moving from 1 August

June 29, 2016 by Martin Lawrence
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Our Monday night runs are very popular and, as many people will be aware, we have been experiencing some issues around parking and access to Livingstone Drive at peak periods which has affected both us and others.

To address this, we have been looking for a better home for the Monday night runs. We are really pleased to tell you that from August the evening runs will be starting from the new Decathlon shop in Rooksley (Patriot Drive, MK138PU). This offers free parking in the area, the Costa coffee nearby is open until 19:30.

The meeting point for signing in and announcements will be inside the store which will really help in the cold/dark/wet (Pretty much all year round then!)

Our run leads are busy at the moment scouting out the best routes – making sure we have safe and lit areas with a minimal number of road crossings. As soon as we have these finalised we will let you know

We will be keeping the current format of our Monday runs so to confirm that from the 1 August 2016 the following runs will start from the Decathlon store

At 18:00 we have:

  • Step Up – A 35 minute easy paced step up run

At 19.00 we have 3 runs:

  • Social Run – 4 mile loop back run with a nominated tail runner. Aimed at anyone running 10 minute miles and quicker
  • Club Run – 4 mile set route at your own pace with no loop backs. Suitable for all but people will need to know the route
  • Step Up Run – 3 mile loop back run at an easier pace. Aimed at anyone running 10 minute and 30 second miles and over


For more info on Decathlon and the store address