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Want to take up running??

August 22, 2017 by Martin Lawrence
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As we come towards the end of the summer maybe you are thinking of starting a new challenge, then why not sign up to one of the Redway Runners free beginners groups, many of the courses still have spaces.

It may be the best decision you ever make just look at just a few of the comments from our groups that started in April 2017:

Couldn’t be bettered in my opinion. Absolutely fantastic experience and for me (without trying
to sound too dramatic) life changing. Can’t thank you and Steve enough. One of the best things
I’ve ever done on my life.

Not really it was a fantastic experience and there are lots of opportunities to carry on running through step up classes so thank you for turning me into a runner

Sessions were very good – social, chatty, and enjoyable. We made some good friends

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will keep running with the club. I can not see anything that you would need to improve. Great fun and lovely leaders and helpers.

My experience with the beginners was great. The help advice and encouragement to finish and then continue running with the club has been fantastic. So thank you all

Excellent, everyone has been very welcoming, helpful, encouraging and I will certainly be recommending the beginners course and the club to others. I can’t wait to continue as a member.

Amazing experience buddies made a big difference. Groups on offer after are amazing too. Be good to have some options for 10k, 10 miles half etc within the scope of the runs. Martin was awesome & all the helpers were very enthusiastic helping & asking questions… Thank you

Thoroughly enjoyed the course & felt it pushed on the right amount week by week to achieve the 5k at the end. Thank you!

All the details and how to book are at: