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Easter weekend @ Redway Runners

April 13, 2017 by Martin Lawrence
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We have the normal club run from David Lloyd reception at 9.30, this will be a 10 mile run – we will reduce the 9 minute mile pace to about 9 minute 30 seconds a mile pace

The Starter run with Steve Boothby from the car park at the canal in Campbell Park at 10am (parkruns also as usual)

Club run at 9am from Giffard Park Pub, 2 hours 10 minutes, with 75 minute option

Step Up run at 9am Harvester, Willen East Lake– lead Helen Wiggins


Special club quizzical run at 10am, meet outside the entrance to Tescos Wolverton for a run about 1 hour led by Martin. The route is a bit of a secret!, with industrial heritage (Canal, railways old and new), and sport themed (Petanque, Football stadiums and cycling race track) all included not to mention the manor house – this run will be on the format to the Sunday club run.
The run is intended to be a lot of fun and will include a quiz featuring fascinating facts from our ‘historical experts’

Step Up run led by Glenn Dickinson for runners at 10.30 minute miles and above.
Social run, led by Steve Boothby and will cater for runners quicker than 10.30 minute mile pace.

Social run with Neil Goodwin
Step Up group with Debbie Dickinson

Both 6pm & 7pm runs Meet at Mercedes-Benz Training Centre, Delaware Drive, Tongwell, MK15 8BA